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October 11, 2012 9:47 am

French Minister Warns of “Hundreds” of Homegrown Islamist Terrorists

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Naouri market in Sarcelles. Photo: Anachinfos.com.

Following the arrest of a terror cell responsible for planning and executing a grenade attack on a Jewish store in Sarcelles, France, earlier this year, the country’s interior minister has spoken out regarding the threat that homegrown Islamist terrorists pose to all French citizens and French Jews in particular.

“We know that there are dozens, even hundreds of individuals who are capable of organising themselves like the group that has just been dismantled,” Interior Minister Manuel Valls said.  “Several other similar groups are being watched. There’s a real threat. Radical Islamism…thrives on fantasies, on hatred towards our country and towards French Jews.”

The comments come just days after police raids across France to arrest members of the terror cell responsible for an attack on a kosher grocery store in September.  A man named Jeremie Félix Louis-Sidney, who was a French national and converted to Salafist Islam, and is believed to be the man who carried out the September attack, was killed during the raid on his Paris apartment after he opened fire on police.

An explosives lab, nearly 30,000 Euros, and a list of Jewish organizations in France were among the finds in police raids that took place from Cannes to Torcy.

French President Francois Hollande met with members of the Jewish community this past Sunday to reassure them that security standards would remain high.

“The government will work harder to fight terror…nothing should be tolerated, nothing should be permitted,” he said, in the struggle to combat “racism and antisemitism.”

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  • ruth housman

    Little Rock and Ft Hood: It seems these war cries are so empty, and yet they fill the atmosphere and pollute it, with hate. There are big rocks and little rocks, and what insurance does anyone have, these days, that this is going to stop, that it won’t happen again? It seems everyone wants, a piece of, the Rock, and to use rocks as weapons is just the wrong way to go about living. Those who live this way, are already dead. Hood is both for a brand of ice cream, milk products, and I Scream. What is so hidden, behind he hood, is the hidden face of G_d. I think after all these years, it’s got to be a new chapter on a very old and tiring, story. The Book of Life should now open to a new page, and refresh.

    Throw the stones of positivity into the world, and the ripples they create go out a long long way, and I believe we each can make a difference. We count. If you look at the symbol for positive, strangely, it does contain the mathematical symbol, for negative, but positive has to be stronger, as seen also symbolically. I think real strength comes from a conviction that those who are saying evil things about others, doing evil deeds, are already convicted. Their battle is lost before it begins. It’s the yetzer in the mouths of people. Don’t allow those who bully to feel they have, the power, because that power is meaningless.

    Bullies do it, because they are empty. Because they need to fill with something, and somehow hatred fits the “bill”. I truly don’t believe that hatred, words of genocide, words that are about terrible atrocity, and words that do incite to commit such acts, are anything but empty. Sure, these acts happen, but ultimately, “they” who do these things, and often under the name of religious and spiritual causes, are doomed to failure. There is an ethical morality of truth, and that truth IS beauty.

  • You have described how they create terrorists in Europe. We’ve just made a film about how this happens in America.

    It’s a true story of how a black Christian boy converted to Islam and then tried to kill rabbis in Little Rock, Ark., and then killed a US Army recruiter.

    take a look.

  • ruth housman

    How do we combat terrorism, as terror is the weapon of choice and people are made to walk in fear. How hard it is, to never know, when something is going to blow up in your face, and worse still, affect young innocents, our children? People who live in such circumstances deserve medals for heroism, because there is nothing worse, in my view, as wondering, every single time one says good-bye in the morning or afternoons or evenings of our days, whether it’s going to be, the last time. How precious then is every meeting, every hug, every kiss, every greeting!

    The error in terror is that it accomplishes nothing but hate, enmity, and worse, terrible ongoing sorrow and loss. There is no gain in terror, and thos who think they are gaining in strength are losers, because humanity stands at the crossroads in such acts of brutality, of inhumanity, which are soul less, empty acts, that ultimately do nothing for the perpetrators and that void, seems to need, another “hit”.

    How do you change people whose issues seem to require that they “hate”. It provides solidarity. It provides a community, the strength in numbers. But emptines is the lot, it feeds on, and ever will.

  • Pryaers for the safety of the Jews of France.

    • Dr. Charles Jacobs is correct about the extent of homegrown Islamic terrorism in the US. Whether it was the unfortunate killing of the Army Pvt. at a Little Rock, Arkansas mall recruiting center that the US Department of Justice refused to prosecute because of insufficient evidence and dismissed as a street crime. Then we have Army psychaitrist Maj. Nidal Hasan whose court martial for the murder of 13 soldiers at a Fort Hood, Texas deployment center is stymied in litigation over whether his Shariah compliant beard has to be shaved off. Way this against hand wringing of the US Army Chief of Staff who wrings his hands publicly decrying the loss of life as a workplace violence incident a threat to ‘diversity’. In both the Little Rock and Ft. Hood events the perpetrators shouted, “allahu akbar”, the war cry of Jihad.