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October 17, 2012 12:17 pm

Romney Campaign Adviser Mulls Knesset Run

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Political Consultant Jonny Daniels.

Jonny Daniels, who is currently acting as an adviser to Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign on issues involving Israel, has been asked to run for a seat in The Knesset, Israel’s Parliament, and is strongly considering the option The Algemeiner has learned.

A source with knowledge of the matter told The Algemeiner that Likud party officials and mayors approached Daniels about running for the reserved ‘safe seat for a new immigrant’ on the Likud Knesset list.

Daniels, who arrived in Israel eight years ago from his native England, has worked in the office of Knesset member Danny Danon,  as well as for Glenn Beck and Herman Cain during the latter’s failed attempt to secure the Republican nomination for president. Approached by members of Romney’s staff following Cain’s failed campaign, he has been travelling the United States trying to gather support for the Republican presidential nominee. So far, he told The Algemeiner the response has been overwhelming. “I’ve been all over the country and everywhere I go people are highly supportive of Israel,” he says. “The vast majority of the people understand we have a problem with the current president in terms of Israel. They might not be able to vote for Romney because they disagree with him on everything else, but they understand he’s good for Israel. “

Daniels, who is only 26, says that not being an American actually has its advantages in campaigning for a presidential nominee. “Not being a citizen of The United States I can’t vote. There’s one issue that concerns me and that’s the future of my country, the state of Israel. There’s a president now who has a very clear bias against the state of Israel. We need to say hold on, we’re losing a very close ally, and that’s not reflective of the people.'” He continued, “Do we want another four years of overwhelming pressure from the President. Or four years of friendship with President Romney?”

As for his possible run for a seat in the Knesset, Daniels says he’s still mulling it over. “I’m strongly deliberating. I need to decide if I can do more for the state of Israel and the Jewish people from inside the Knesset or outside of it. I’m going to go home tonight, talk with my wife—she’ll probably try to persuade me against it—and then we’ll make up our minds.”

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  • Paul Rock

    Our group has had many meetings with Mr. Daniels and find him to be extremely well connected and deserving of this seat. We hope to continue the support if such rising stars.

    Unfortunate some comments on here, but politics in any country seems to be a game of chess.

    Congratulations and best of luck!

    Paul Rock


  • Aaron Cohen

    I have known Jonny for several years. I am friendly and have been a supporter of Danny Danon for years. Jonny is smart, smart, charismatic,and poised. I was very impressed and excited by his decision. Likud needs some blood like his. I understand that people find it offensive that Jonny has tried to promote himself, but find me a jew who doesn’t try to promote himself. If he is running and doesn’t have a chance to win the seat, I still wish him well on this endeavor and look forward to cheering on his success. That’s the good part of our people.

  • Barney Turner


    I find all the negative comments a little suspect.

    I have met Mr Daniels several times and he has always impressed me as an individual.
    He is clearly very well connected within Israeli politics and as a consultant abroad too.

    Therefore my only conclusion is that those of you on here writing negative comments have obviously got an agenda, and it doesn’t smell good…

    As for a non-American ‘telling Americans who to vote for’ – this is an inaccurate comment as Mr Daniels has not said above who to vote for. He merely asks the question – as an Israeli.

    As a US voter I find it disturbing how many Jews seem not to he concerned with the potential negative effect the outcome of the upcoming election could have on Israel.

  • Phil Bloch

    I know Jonny well. I was with him last week at an event in Miami.

    You have my support brother!

  • Elizabeth Levy

    I am on the Executive Board of Republicans Abroad Israel (RAI) and a member of the Likud. I don’t know who this guy is.

    As an American voter, I find it offensive that a non-American is telling US voters who to vote for.
    As an Israeli, I am puzzled as to how this newbie thinks he can crack Israeli politics.

    Sounds to me like a political want-a-be!

    • I too, have never heard of Jonny Daniels. And I eat news, Israeli politics and have been supporting Romney all out.
      Does not mean that he is not involved. He appears to be connected on low fire as a volunteer. But he is a friend of mine on LinkedIn.com, speaks to the media as a “consultant” and is helping Romney. Romney needs young, Jewish professionals to get the word out. As such, Jonny – keep a low profile, gain experience, continue to make positive noise for Danon and Romney. You have my support and I ask all to give this new star a chance! ;>

      IsraelPr.com / Jews4MittRomney.com / DigitalPrConsultant.com

  • laura sipe

    Seriously? the new-immigrant seat is not realistic at all, its way down on the list and in a parliamentary system that is sure death. Also the spot is almost always taken by the first russian to get in, often a name recognized and placing very high, thus negating any more ‘new immigrants’. third, there is a formidable call for another country to be represented, with a serious contender from france and others as well. So dont hold your breath.

    As for the republican angle, as far as has been said by the party or anyone official, this is not a rep in any way, so his opinions are his own, which is also a fine thing.

    good luck!



  • I have met Mr. Daniels, although young in years, I was very impressed with his poise & knowledge. I am a big supporter of Israel & I encourage Mr. Daniels to please run for the Knesset. We the lovers of Israel will be happy to have him. May GOD bless him