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October 19, 2012 11:52 am

Israel Home Front Defense Minister: The Muslim Brotherhood Wants to Take Over Middle East

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Israel Home Front Defense Minister Avi Dichter.

In a wide ranging interview with Israel Hayom Israel’s Home Front Defense Minister Avi Dichter reinforced his position that Israel needs American assistance to confront Iran and also criticized The Muslim Brotherhood for its unbending agenda of regional domination.

Dichter, the former head of the Shin Bet who was only recently named to his current position in August, announced his intentions this week to run for a seat in the Knesset. He said of the need to not unilaterally attack Iran that, “Iran is a regional Muslim power from both a military standpoint as well as from the standpoint of its scientific and technological capabilities. Iran’s development capabilities are not insignificant.”

When questioned about The Muslim Brotherhood’s rise in the region he had this to say: “The Muslim Brotherhood worldview is devoid of states and borders. Their worldview revolves around one large Islamic caliphate that encompasses all of the Arab countries in the area. I wouldn’t be surprised if they identify the opportunity and exploit it to take control of Syria. They are beginning to solidify their base of power in Saudi Arabia, and they want to take over the wealthy states in the Persian Gulf.”

Dichter, who has been a close friend of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s since serving in the army together, told the Israeli publication Arutz Sheva in February that Israel is not a world superpower. “We cannot lead the world offensive against Iran. We have to participate, we have to give all kinds of information and intelligence that we have. We need to prepare, just in case nobody plans to do anything, but to lead it will be a total mistake by the State of Israel.”

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  • Mel

    D-UH-H-H! Really?? This is news to you?

    Wasn’t Muhammad, the Prophet, a great warrior?

    Hasn’t world domination under a Caliphate been its goal?

    Isn’t “Peace through Submission” [to Allah] its endgame?

    Terrorizing ‘voluntary converts’ is amonf its tactics.

    Slaughtering ‘involuntary converts’ are another.

    Deceiving one’s enemies is found in its Holy Books.

    Barack Hussein Obama claims to be a Christian:

    How often has he (and his family) attended church?

    Caliph Hussein (A.D. 629? to 680) son of Ali and Fatima, brother of Hasan, followed Muhammad (A.D. 570 to 632).

    How many Christians name their sons ‘Hussein’?

    How many Muslims name their sons ‘Hussein’?
    Will liberal Jews & Christians reelect our Muslim Master?

    Will American dummies start naming their sons ‘Insane’?


    • Mel

      Attention Moderator:

      Sleepy-time misprints:

      On Line 5, ‘amonf’ should read ‘among’

      On Line 6, ‘are’ should read ‘is’

    • rashid Zaidi

      Sir, your comments are rabid about the Muslims, how about yourselves? What on earth have you not done to the Palestinians, except gas them. A great people like yours who endured the holocaust should be more cognizant of the facts. Greatness comes from being self critical. Arrogance brings destruction to people and nations.

  • We already know that Obama will not help Israel and it is reported that his administration has been in contact with Ahadmenijad to make a deal

  • But we already know that Obama has no intention of helping Israel and in fact his administration has ben in contact with Ahadminejad to make a deal.