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October 21, 2012 1:44 am

Day 6: The Algemeiner’s Daily IBD/TIPP Jewish Vote Tracking Poll – Obama: 56.9% Romney 39.5%

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Yarmalkah's embossed with the logos of the 2012 Presidential candidates. Photo: NJ Jewish News.

Both President Obama and Republican rival Mitt Romney inched up in today’s Algemeiner IBD/TIPP Daily Jewish Vote Aggregate Average Tracking Poll. Obama added 2.6 points to reach 56.9%, and Romney’s Jewish support grew by 0.2% to 39.5%. The undecided figure dropped for the 5th day running, now reaching 3.5%, as  it appears voter choice continues to solidify as election day nears.

The effects of Obama’s latest debate performance, which was widely considered to be a substantial improvement on his previous debate, may have impacted the latest figures.

Today’s Algemeiner poll is an average of aggregated Jewish vote figures provided in the daily IBD/TIPP tracking poll over the last 10 days, and is gleaned from an approximate total sampling of 200-240 Jewish respondents. Assuming a U.S. Jewish population of 6,588,065 the confidence level of this poll is 95% with a margin of error of between 6.3% and 6.9% depending on the precise sample size.

These numbers mark the lowest level of support for a Democratic candidate since Jimmy Carter who received only 45% of the Jewish vote running against Ronald Reagan in 1980, and the greatest amount of Jewish support for a Republican candidate since 1956 when Eisenhower attracted 40%.

In 2008, the IBD/TIPP Poll was crowned the most accurate.

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  • Krystal10

    Remember HUMA ABEDIN (Muslim Brotherhood Deputy Chief of Staff of Hillary Clinton)and Obama’s overthrow of Mubarak?

    EGYPTIAN President Mohamed Morsi participates in prayer service that calls for the destruction of the Jews


    Let me to share with you why I am worried (and why I , a lifelong left of center liberal Democrat, am so concerned with the Democratic Party and with this administration).

    My views come from meetings that have personally attended , from official government reports and reports from RAND, Brookings,CSIS etc.,and from Ali Abunimah, Rashid Khalidi,Robert Malley, and Aaron David Miller. All of these are established Obama administration advisors on the Middle East. None of my views are secondhand. None of my views have been obtained from any “right-wing sources”

    Tuesday, October 16, 2012 , From an intelligence discussion at a think tank: ” . In discussing the latest Iran-Israel dynamics, you can’t get away from red lines. President Obama has thus far held back from spelling out what stage of Iranian nuclear development would trigger U.S. military action (e.g., certain levels of enriched uranium that allows Iran to have the capability to produce nuclear weapons, as Netanyahu outlined at the UN, or evidence of actual nuclear weapons development). Just 26 percent of respondents said that if Obama is re-elected, he will fulfill his vow not to allow Iran to produce a nuclear weapon, and 65 percent are skeptical.”

    I’m concerned that Pres. Obama willingly joined into the toast “death to Israel” at the Rashid Khalidi farewell dinner in Chicago (as agreed to by several of the attendees). This concerns me much more than “folders full of women” which illustrated that Gov. Romney appointed more women to high-level positions than any other governor had done up until that time.