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November 7, 2012 12:36 pm

Historian: Norway is West’s Most Anti-Semitic and Anti-Israel Country

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Norwegian Foreign Minister Jonas Gahr Store was met with Israel Boycott demands when he visited the Island of Utoya in 2011. Photo: Reuters.

A major Norwegian historian and diplomat accused her own country of being “the most anti-Semitic country in the West” and attacked it for “biased support for only the Palestinian views” at a Jerusalem event on Tuesday.

“The degree of anti-Israelism in Norway today on the state level, in the media, in the trade unions and at the universities, colleges and schools is unprecedented in modern Norwegian history. The powerful individuals that have pushed for these negative and biased attitudes in Norway are today responsible for creating a politically-correct hatred towards Israel that today portrays my country internationally as the most anti-Semitic country in the West,” Hanne Nabintu Herland said during a panel discussion.

Two thousand Jews live in Norway today. Herland also quoted several studies showing that “Jew” is the most often used curse word in Oslo schools, that a third of Jewish children feel they are being continuously harassed for being Jewish, and that 12 percent of Norwegians feel “strong anti-Jewish prejudices” and view Israel’s treatment of Palestinians as “analogous to Nazi actions against Jews.”

Deputy Head of Mission Vebjørn Dysvik, who represents the Norwegian Embassy in Tel Aviv, rejected Herland’s claim of anti-Semitism and said Norway does not tolerate the phenomenon. Nevertheless, he said “the occupation of the Palestinians is the defining factor in the relationship between Norway and Israel.”

“This is precisely what we protest about Norwegian politicians and diplomats—that they make it a one-issue relationship, one-dimensional, and define it in what we think are unfair terms,” said Israeli Foreign Ministry spokesman Yigal Palmor, according to the Times of Israel.

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  • Norway is an athiestic element of the lowest hypocritical existance that I can ever imagine. Isreal has the correct order of establishment, and all those that are athiestic are also anti God and anti Ireal….The norwegian society are a demented and perverted uncivilized outrage of the human race…The most iclined to be placed in the catagory and classified with twisted minded and foul of a mouthed race.Remember………………AN ATHIEST WILL LAUGH AT REPENT…..IN HELL HE WILL WISH TO HEART IT.ONE MORE TIME….

  • MBenFaivol

    Dear Quisling (Gus.) Johnson, have you ever heard the saying if the shoe fits, wear it. If you don’t like your reality, then do something about it for the good, but first start by getting the facts from both sides, visit Israel and the PA’s areas and then have your own informed opinion. Otherwise, keep writing this kind of nauseating ignorant dribble clearly recognized by everyone with any experience and thought as a product from hateful propaganda

  • Bart

    I notice that Uriis and Gus.Johnson do not counter the allegations; they simply throw comments of attack and anger at the person giving the news, mixed with classic paranoia about some “World-Wide” Jewish plot (“propaganda machine”), or name calling (“classic far-right Israeli propaganda”). Hanne Stine Nabintu didn’t make up the data she presented; the article clearly states that she was making this public from researchers! Having never heard of Hanne Stine Nabintu, I looked at Wikipedia. I read her as an interesting gadfly. Correct, no University job, but articulate and likely pretty smart. People like her are needed in every culture, to help people check if they are unconsciously influenced by popular trends. We have a lot of that in the States, on the left and the right, since the 1960s. That’s ok.
    As I noted, Uriis and Gus.Johnson didn’t offer any counter to her information, so they try to get the reader to ignore HER.

  • Michele

    When will we realize that the Jews only belong in Israel? We need to stop apologizing for our existence and let the world see that tiny Israel is not giving in to anymore LYING MEDIA PROPOAGANDA

  • Uriis

    This nonsense is just typical of the far-right Israeli propaganda. Nabintu is neither a “major historian” (hardly a historian at all) nor a “diplomat”. She’s a nobody with no academic credentials to speak of and no academic publications. She has never held an academic or proper job. She’s regarded as a clown in Norway and not taken seriously by anyone.

    • AvO

      I live in Norway and notice a strong prejudiced both by politicians and by the media. All part of the Islamization of Norway.

  • Gus. Johnson

    WOW!!! One Norwegian’s point of view stain’s that nation’s people forever… Just like that other one; Mr. Quisling, who apparently made ALL Norwegians a bunch of racists.

    With the help and support of someone like Hanne Stine Nabintu Herland-Iversen or Hanne Stine Nabintu Kristiansen or Hanne Stine Nabintu Herland or whatever she fancies her name to be today (like they say; “what’s in a name?”, PLENTY!), the WWJPM (World Wide Jewish Propaganda Machinery) must be delighted.