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November 8, 2012 7:44 am

Despite Romney Loss, Republicans Tout Success in Jewish Vote Results

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Presidential candidate Mitt Romney debates President Obama. Photo: Screenshot.

Their candidate lost the U.S. presidential election, but Jewish Republicans—according to their own calculations—still had something to cheer about the next day.

On Nov. 7, the Republican Jewish Coalition (RJC) released the results of a national exit poll of 1,000 Jewish voters, in addition to 600 Jewish voters in Florida and 600 in Ohio, that had President Barack Obama garnering 69 percent of the total Jewish vote, down nine percentage points from 2008. The RJC results mirrored the exit poll numbers for Jewish voters produced by CNN on the night of the election.

Additionally, RJC said in a press release that from 2008 to 2012, “The Republican share of the Jewish vote jumped nationally from 22 percent to 32 percent.” The 10-point increase marked the largest Republican gain among Jews since 1972, according to RJC, whose polling was conducted by Arthur J. Finkelstein & Associates.

“The results demonstrate that President Barack Obama and the Democrats saw a significant erosion of support from 2008, while Republicans continued their trend of the last several decades of making inroads in the Jewish community,” RJC Executive Director Matt Brooks said in a statement.

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  • elliot j. stamler

    Had the economy recovered more robustly Pres. Obama’s Jewish electoral support would have been the traditional Democratic percentage. The nine point slippage is due to those Jews accepting the Republican economic argument plus a small number of super-duper zionists who have convinced themselves that the president is anti-zionist or anti-semitic. The latter group also includes the American haredim/hasidim whose social views are the same as the religious right Christian evangelicals. Republicans will never do really well among Jews for the simple reason that what they stand for is anathema to the vast majority of American Jews. Only if the Democrats were to somehow nominate a Jimmy Carter type could the Republicans expect to do well…and that, dear Republican Jews, is never going to happen.

  • Jerry Hersch

    Jews seemingly don’t recognize subtle anti-Semitism anymore.
    As when Palin was asked about her opinion of jews-She answered “I love Israel” That was NOT the question.
    Everyone now has an opinion about Islam-Ever ask a non-Jew about his opnion of Jews or Judaism is ?? Don’t take “Ilove Israel” for an answer it was not your question.
    Again I’ll post this
    Over the past few years Jews have placed more and more of Israel’s security into the hands od Evangelical Christian supporters of Israel. But one has to remember the case of Joe Straus
    Joe Straus a Texas Republican Jew was elected Speaker of the Texas House of Representatives. Evangelical Christian Republican legislators were against having a Jew in this position.Far more were against Straus than the final tally. All those against Straus because he is Jewish were also outspoken supporters of Israel

    These Evangelical Christians sure as heck can tell the difference between Israel and JEWS.
    I ,living in rural Georgia,love to hear Jews expound on how they are now loved by the people their parents feared.These Jews who never venture into the real Deep South ..away from the few cities..Who never get o the Nebraska beyond Omaha..if even there? Have never been across the Dakotas ,except for a brief stop at Mount Rushmore..And never have ventured into the real South outside of a few commercial hubs..But nevertheless it is in this vast region -probably 2million square miles of the contiguous 48 States that Jews are placing there trust in Republicans.The Republicans who dominate the Party come from this vast region..not from Eastern suburbia.
    It is here that Jews are not thought of as part of the White community but as…something else again..Other.
    And still they pontificate about their new found acceptance—never having really been among..

  • Robert Paul

    Too little, too late! The majority of our fellow Jews still have their heads buried in the sand. Their voting philosophy is that a (d) after a politician’s name is all that is needed to garner their support.

    • Bonnie

      Robert you are 100% correct, But I have to tell you… that the only way we are going to get any real change is to keep the information flowing…out there and showing the the truth. Obama won on lies…. he made it about social issues and fooled a bunch of people. His actions must be called out and since the Liberal media is still working for him – people must keep reaching out to people and spreading the truth – even if it’s just one Jew at a time – one person at a time. 9 points swing in 4 years is better than 9 points in the other direction.