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March 7, 2013 11:41 am

Jewish Groups Concerned About Venezuelan Jewry’s Future After Chavez Death

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Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez. Photo: wiki commons.

In the wake of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez’s death Tuesday, Jewish groups have expressed concern for the future of Venezuela’s Jewish community.

“The passing of Chavez brings Venezuela to a crossroads,” Anti-Defamation League National Director Abraham Foxman told The Jerusalem Post. “Will the country continue with the Chavista policies of repression, political manipulation and alliances with Iran, or will there be a new openness and true participatory democracy for the people of Venezuela?”

The Venezuelan Jewish community under Chavez “was a target of anti-Semitism, permitted and even encouraged by the Chavez regime and its supporters,” Foxman added.

“Intimidation of the Jewish community was commonplace and Jewish religious and communal institutions were desecrated, vandalized and even investigated by the police without justification. Chavez would use the conflict between Israel and the Palestinians to accuse the Venezuelan Jewish community of disloyalty to Venezuela if they did not denounce Israel,” he said.

According to Claudio Epelman, executive director of the Latin American Jewish Congress, “Jewish communities worldwide have two main concerns with the Venezuelan government: One, more symbolic, is the reestablishment of diplomatic relations with the State of Israel, something the Jews from Venezuela see as very meaningful. The second one, more essential, is its relationship with Iran.”

“For the Jewish world, President Chavez leaves a mixed legacy. He broke off diplomatic relations with Israel and fostered close ties with the Iranian regime,” said Latin American Jewish Congress and World Jewish Congress presidents Jack Terpins and Ronald Lauder, who expressed hope that the Venezuelan leadership “would continue its dialogue with the Jewish community in order to improve the difficult situation of Jews in the country and internationally.”

B’nai B’rith International told that it “hopes for a positive democratic outcome and for peace for the people of Venezuela in the wake of the death of Hugo Chavez.”

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  • Jerry Hersch

    Back in the mid 1960s I befriended a group of Jewish Venezuelan college kids who were attending an NYU program (not my school.
    Oh how they praised living in Venezuela…50 years ago

  • This:
    is an ‘Open Source Intelligence Site’ devoted to the critical examination of Antisemitism, and the spread of global jihad in the Western Hemisphere. Specifically, this FB page remains fixed on Ven., and more specifically, the ARCHITECT of Hugo Chavez’ Antisemitic programs:

    Professor James Petras, PhD, SUNY Binghamton, Binghamton, NY

    A report has been submitted to the NY State Atty. General’s Office regarding Petras’ overseas activities, and a careful examination of the enclosed contents of PWUSA will reveal a mountain of incriminating evidence against this malicious Antisemite.


    Chavez’ planned successor, is as rabid a bigot as Chavez was. Other Bolivarian hacks pen Antisemitic scripts worthy of a Latino Julius Streicher Award. The hatred of Jews in Ven. is ethno-religious, ecclesiastically-infused, backed by Iran (with a co-mingling FARC/IRG/Hezb. presence), and primed to blow again if left unchecked.

    Foxman is a windbag, as is David Harris from the AJC. Both blab about the ‘1930’s- like atmosphere’ in that jungle nation, yet do fundamentally nothing about it. Jews in Ven are isolated, marginalized, and under siege–regardless of the fact that Red Ape is dead.


    and put Nicholas Maduro in the limelight. Drive home the notion that Chavez wasn’t merely a ‘renegade’, who ‘liked to taunt the US, and acted like a half-literate buffoon in global venues. Language has incalculable value as it pertains to historical realities, and permitting the Chavez legacy, and the plight of Ven. Jews, to carry on absent a very, very serious discussion of the institutional brutalities and barbarism of Catholic Jew hatred (which is what it is, when one reads between the neo-Protocols dialogues, interwoven with Nazi heiroglyphics) would smack of a level of ignorance typically reserved for Manhattan socialites, and their fundraising machine spokes-models.

    Your publication is superior, and we are grateful for the opportunity to post here. Unedited for now, but hope that some semblance of a message got out.


  • rashid Zaidi

    It is better for the Jews world over, wherever they live to be less hostile to the people they reside with. In the middle east especially. Perhaps then people will be more friendly with Jews in other countries. France, Hungary, Venezuela, Argentina, how can so many diverse people be all wrong. Hundred years of Zionism has hurt Jews more than it’s helped them. Israel lives armed to its teeth ready to destroy its neighbors and annihilate Iran, how long you do that for. It would be much better to make friends. Like Jordan and Egypt, not lose friends like Turkey, by being insulting.Why this arrogance? Calm down take a deep breath
    being hostile all the time does not help. Need to have people with courage like Mr. Rabin,
    Mr.Peres. who did the right thing.

  • The Jewish community must leave Venezuela.There is no future for them there.

    • Sadly, Hesh, you’re correct. Ask any Venezuelan Oleh Chadash in Jerusalem why they left.

    • indujoshi

      jewish people are great.need not be afraid anything. they survived and will survive and faace any attempt to curb / crush the spirit of jewish people.

  • Lawrence kulak

    And G-d gave him a cancer in his side and he is now dead at 58. Just think if he lived as long as Castro. Let that be a lesson to all those heads of State who do bad to Jews. By the way, how is Alan Gross doing?