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April 14, 2013 1:23 pm

Jewish Actress Emmy Rossum Slams Justin Bieber for Anne Frank Remark

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Justin Bieber at the Sentul International Convention Center in West Java, Indonesia. Photo: wiki commons.

At least one celebrity has taken umbrage with Justin Bieber’s recent declaration that, had Anne Frank not died in a concentration camp in 1945, he would have hoped to count her among his fans.

Emmy Rossum, a Jewish actress and singer, tweeted: “Anne Frank suffered WW2 and Justin Bieber hopes she would have been a fan? I have no words.”

Bieber, 19, an international singing sensation, visited the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam Friday and wrote in the guestbook: “Truly inspiring to be able to come here. Anne was a great girl. Hopefully she would have been a belieber.”

The comments had Anne Frank as a top trending topic on Twitter Sunday, with thousands of users of the micro-blogging site weighing in on the matter. Some simply responded with disbelief and others used it as an opportunity to poke fun at Bieber and the controversy that has erupted. One twitter user wrote: “Oh dear God. Justin Bieber seems to be increasingly insane. Someone please save him from himself” While another wrote in jest: “One can only hope that Anne Frank indeed would’ve been a Belieber. It’s top of mind for many.”

Others expressed their confusion about why the issue had become a big deal in the first place. One Twitter user wrote: “I really don’t get why it’s a big deal that Justin wrote that he hope (sic) Anne Frank would be a belieber, though.” And another was simply confused by the controversy. “Why have I seen more than one tweet about Justin Bieber and Anne Frank?”

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  • Stanley Gornish

    Beiber is a spoiled little brat.

    • Jonathan Reston

      All Justin said was that if Anne Frank did not perish in the Holocaust that he would like to have her as a fan.

      What’s so bad about that? He clearly identifies with Anne and admires her and simply wants her to admire him as well. I saw his comment as complimentary and do not believe anything negative was intended.

      Perhaps he could have worded the message more sensitively, but he’s young. He will certainly learn to be very sensitive when speaking about such hallowed people.

      Let’s cut Justin a break on this one.

      Ps. Emmy, I’m Jewish too and I appreciate your vigilance.

      • EG

        Still cutting Bieber a break?

  • Prof Gene

    If reminds of the fuss when the Beatles arrived in America and one of them said they were bigger than Jesus. Does it really matter that much what celebrities say? They are paid to sing or act or play games not for their beliefs.

    • frosty7530

      Prof. Gene: I remember “bettlemania” & the controversy re the Popularity of Jesus/Beatles well. I was 16. It seems their comment disappeared from front pages rather quickly. U R correct about the business of entertainers being to sing/dance/act/put-on-a-show, etc. Unfortunately our Pop Culture has a HUGE effect upon the values of our young ones, and older ones as well.

      Lately, we’ve been hearing from Cher in re to tolerating/respecting her daughter, who had sex-change surgery. Warren Beatty also has a daughter going through with trans-sexual surgery. Like Cher, he hopes his daughter will be accepted as a man. Then we have Angelena Jolie, named as a visiting member of the UN. She knows less about foreign policy than most of the people coming here. Angelina and her partner Brad Pitt, seem to thrive on all the publicity their little kids bring in and expose them to Paparazi on a daily basis. Angelina’s beautiful little girl named Shiloh likes being a Tomboy. Angelina goes over the top, with Shiloh, encouraging her daughter to be her son, instead. Angelina takes to the Press Conferences to announce the importance of supporting trans-sexuality. she has her daughters hair cropped short like a little boy, and also has her swimming in public, wearing just boy’s swimming trunks!

  • GABY

    This comment simply reflects the me-culture of our time. Can you expect Justin Beiber to be anything else but a narcissist?

  • Curt F. Stetson

    Justin’s comment did not mean any harm but he should be more sensitive especially as he has or had a orthodox Jewish manager. Sorry, but Anne Frank was too intellectual, insightful and sensitive to have been a teenybopper and preoccupied with being a fan of a celebrity.


  • rochel

    he is an uneducated idiot.

  • Gony Halevi

    Enough already with the paranoia and self pity ! The greatness of Ann Frank was her seeing herself as a regular girl, a lovely authentic teen ager – NOT a victim!!!
    Who knows, may be she would have been a fan?
    She didn’t want to be a martyr. Please respect her wishes and respect her. Stop using her as a weapon in your groundless battles. It is appalling !

    • Isahiah62

      I like this comment- I was going to type a similar- if you read her diaries- the teen longed to have a normal life- and normal may have included loving a pop star

  • Janice Kenner

    I don’t think the remark was so terrible. Too much fuss is being made over this.

  • Ron Levin

    Justin Bieber is a self absorbed overpaid,under educated idiot.
    A 19 year old that is ignorant
    However,I don’t believe he intended any harm from his comments

    • Fraide

      I agree with Ron Levin. Justin Bieber is all about HIM Bieber! He needs to go back to school and/or read more books. Howver, I don’t believe he intended any harm from his comments.

  • Justin Bieber: Anne Frank as a ‘belieber’.

    Anne Frank: Who is Justin Bieber?

    The tragedy is the poor little belieber probably doesn’t even understand what the protest is about? True!

    • Elke Blinick

      At Walsingham. That about sums it up very nicely. Not every Justin has Bieber or Trudeau as last name.

  • the fuss is wrong – a self absorbed 19 year old who has been perhaps a little too successful too soon…but essentially a 19 year old self-absorbed young man- a carelessly expressed thought does not constitute an international scandal. The fuss is giving him too much oxygen.

    • bklyngalinla

      My sentiments exactly. A single minded teenager relating to a girl his own age . Is it an international crime to acknowledge that Anne was a real girl before she was an icon?

  • richard sherman

    beiber has moved into first place as the greatest narcissist in human history.

  • Bathsheva Gladstone

    He is just one in a long line of many, who luck into fabulous wealth, without a foundational core being instilled in them. It is clear he buys into his own hype. It’s hard to feel sorry for someone like that, because he lacks the wherewithal to even begin to understand how vapid he is. He’s young, he’ll change. Maybe the lessons he’ll learn along the way won’t entail self-destruction and pain, but if they do, at least he’s got a great big pile of cash to sit on while he eats his great big helping of humble pie.

  • Rebecca

    Ms Rossum, there’s no need to add to the fire. If you read the rest of the comment, it’s pretty sweet.

    It’s a teenage comment made by a teenager. I am surprised adults are paying it this much attention. Traffic much?