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April 16, 2013 11:20 am

Israeli Opera Singer Attacked With Stink Bombs in South Africa

avatar by Zach Pontz

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A flyer of the event.

An Israeli opera singer says he was attacked with stink bombs during a performance Monday night in South Africa to celebrate Israel’s Independence.

Yaniv D’Or wrote on his Facebook page that he “felt the venom of hatred”:

“During a performance in Johannesburg a group or (sic) protestors stormed the Lyric Theatre and shouted some strong pro palestinians slogans as I was singing the wonderful melody of Eli Eli which is written by Hannah Senesh at the time of the holocaust.

“They hated me for the wrong reasons. I am a proud Israeli and British citizen and very much supporting freedom for Palestine…

“I continued singing as if nothing happened in hope it was a one off incident. I was so wrong. After the break without any particular reason another protestor (female) stormed the stage as I was singing and started shouting again pro palestinian slogans, this time also exploding stinky bombs on stage.”

D’Or proceeded to lead the woman off stage, where security personnel took over. It was unclear who the perpetrators were, but anonymous blogger Elder of Ziyon noted that an anti-Israel tweeter tweeted that two white females were apprehended–and later released.

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  • Salomon

    “They hated me for the wrong reasons. I am a proud Israeli and British citizen and very much supporting freedom for Palestine…

    Oy vey! It´s amazing how Israel can produce such naive persons.
    Did Yaniv really believed that the arabs, leftists, muslims et caterva would treat him the same as they woyld treat an Austrian catholic citizen?

    ” very much supporting freedom for Palestine…?” This kind of declaration would fit in the mouth of a Martian just landing on Earth…

  • Straightshooter

    This, unfortunately, is the reality of the “new” South Africa: anti-semitic and heavily influenced by Islamo-fascists, some of whom occupy important government posts. The irony is that a number of the most committed (and influencial) anti-apartheid campaigners were Jewish South Africans, who paid a high price for their convictions, but that inconvenient fact has been long forgotten by the current generation.

  • Bernard Ross

    “They hated me for the wrong reasons. I am a proud Israeli and British citizen and very much supporting freedom for Palestine…”
    Sour Grapes? Chickens? HOme? Roost?
    When you are a part of libels and lies, when you support the bad guys for self interest, it blows back in your face. No sympathy here. These are the people you support. They hated you for being a Jews.

  • Esther Sarah Evans

    Artists and other visitors there should refuse to appear there in public without being guaranteed proper security – at least as we know it here in Israel.
    Meanwhile, our observance of Mitzvot should remind the world of the sovereignty of G-d, remind them that it is HE, HASHEM, who runs the show. HE who will then protect our borders will also guarantee our immunity everywhere we go.

  • Gavin

    I laugh, at those that say they are pro palestine and express surprise when they are insulted.

    People need to learn from history, in nazi Germany, Jew of dubious descent, married to a German (i.e. fully assimilated) would have been gassed!

    One cannot infer that support for the “palestinians” will exempt you from anti semitism.

    The “palestinian cause” is a (legitimate) smokescreen for antisemitism and the agenda for the destruction of Israel.

    Anybody who cannot see that, is stupid!

  • Afrikaner

    Israelies will feel what we went through as “white SOuth Africans”. People did not know us personally, yet felt obliged to be openly racist towards us, not seeing the hypocrisy in their actions.

    Get ready for lies, half truths and lie after lie to vilify you. Maybe even some of you are guilty to have fallen for that propaganda….

  • Karsten Bannier

    This lack of security is a total disgrace & the orginisers of this event should be held accountable. We have one of the lowest amounts of antisemitism in the world but I guess there will always be some idiot trying to make a statement.We have so many other problems in S.Africa & we certainly do not need antisemitic scum in our country !!!

  • aall55

    To their eyes , there is absolutely no difference if you support or not the freedom of Palestine .They don’t understand such sophisticate feelings.Your broad , liberal mind will be not rewarded , ever.

  • BethesdaDog

    Why were they released? Were they charged? Why did he have to lead them off himself, wasn’t there some secuity?

    Is this the new South Africa?

  • Mel

    Yaniv is wrong. Muslims don’t want a Palestnian state. They want the entire world exclusively Muslim. The day Israel disappears will be the day Palestine disappears. At Muslim hands.

  • serena oliveira

    what do you think?that being propalestine are you free of antisemitism?So naif,you will be seen as one of us not one of them,no matter what you do.

  • Steven


  • Judy

    it just goes to show you, no matter what your political affiliation is, if you are an israeli or a Jew they will hurt you. They have no respect for anything, not cultural, not religious. As for you Mr D’or maybe you should rethink your political affiliations…..

  • Michael Dar

    It am glad it did him no good to be a fool “suppoting freedom of Palestine”…

  • H. Stein

    we thank you for BDS. Since it began exports from Israel have increased by 32%. Investments have increased by almost
    60% including companies like Altec, Microsoft, Apple, many
    pharmaceutical labs have opened and many more who admire the
    technical advancement of Israel. BDS can fool the ignorant,

    but it seems Israel has more supporters of worth. Keep it
    up! They need the business.