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April 17, 2013 6:47 pm

Hamas Bans Fishing Off Coast of Gaza for “Security Reasons”

avatar by Zach Pontz

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A bustling beach in Gaza. Photo: Gus.

Hamas security forces in Gaza have banned fishermen from working since Monday, a human rights center said Wednesday, Ma’an News Agency reports.

Naval security forces imposed a ban on fishing early Monday morning for “security reasons,” according to Al-Mezan center for human rights.

Sources in Gaza told Ma’an that it is likely the ban was imposed after three prisoners escaped from jail on Monday.

Anonymous blogger Elder of Ziyon pointedly notes “the possible reason for the ban implies that people can sneak into and out of Gaza via boat. If so, Hamas’ ‘security reasons’ for the ban is far less compelling than Israel’s security reasons to limit the zone where boats can sail.”

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  • shloime

    the use of an “anonymous blogger” in this supposed news story undermines its credibility.


    The UN, UNRWA, and all the NGOs in the entire world, have no interest whatsoever in peace – with or without the JEWS. Jewish existence through thousands of years of strife, wars, degradation, mass murder, is itself, a miracle – defying any rational explanation or understanding…proof, if one is needed, that a God – far beyond the comprehension of any human being, surely and certainly exists.

    There is no other logical, comprehensible explanation.

    It must drive anti-Semites of the world right straight outa their minds!! Well, they better get used to it! If they haven’t figured it out by this time, from ancient Egypt’s Pharoahs-imposed slavery to Germany’s Hitler and the present day wave of Anti-Israel/and anti-Semitism, a God in Heaven protects and preserves the Jews…6 MILLION DEATHS AT THE HANDS OF GERMANY, TO THE CONTRARY NOTWITHSTANDING!!!

    A few decades ago, I was a performing musician -(I’m now retired and in my 80’s) having begun my studies at the tender age of four. In my thirties I performed a lengthy series in Canada: playing in many of its fine cities, smaller towns, and even a few genuine outposts of civilization in Canada’s northern territories.

    In one such area, an elderly gentleman came up to me after a performance and asked: “Are you Jewish?”. I answered “YES”..”I thought so”, he went on. “So am I”, he said smiling, “You never know where you’re going to find one!”

    And there, far from other than a few dozen people, no synagogue, rabbi, and little else, was this Jew, living in this wilderness!


  • David

    I humbly suggest you SHOCK the world and call for open PEACE TALKS with the NEW Israeli government . I’m sure this will ensure you stay in power as I am sure that every Palestinian would prefer PEACE with ECONOMIC and academic growth taking your nation forward instead of falling behind !!

  • Gee

    It’s that collective punishment? A war crime from Hamas, and here we have been told it is Israel that is committing them.

    Where is the UN? UNRWA? NGOs, EU? Anybody?