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April 24, 2013 7:16 pm

Jewish 100: Barack Obama – Government

avatar by Algemeiner Staff

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U.S. President Barack Obama addresses Israelis in Jerusalem March 21, 2013. Photo: Youtube

Barack Obama

U.S. President

Whether you agree or disagree with his attitude towards Israel, as leader and commander-in-chief of the country considered Israel’s closest ally and one providing Israel with over $3 billion in aid annually, Barack Obama has overseen the extension of defense support for Israel through the year 2027. His recent visit to Israel was aimed at winning over an Israeli public that has been skeptical of his commitment to Israel’s security.

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  • charlie johnson

    He is a good friend of golfing equipment manufactures and salesmen. I have not noticed any made in Israel labels on those products.If you desire his visits you might want to consider a golf course and a palace nearby.You first need to get those homeless Jews off the streets as they clutter up his image as a man of the people.

  • No Algemeiner editorial decisions can be taken seriously going forward after its selection of President Obama to the top 100 list of people having positive effect on Israel in 2013. If the criterion was that the person be among the most consequential, an argument can be made. But this honor is beyond absurd.

  • Arlene S.

    What makes you think that he is a friend of Israel and the Jewish people. Look at his administration and policies,. He has Israel’s back. Oh really!!! How about arming the Moslem Brotherhood, and the Saudi’s with sophisticated weaponry. He will not utter the words Moslem terrorist together in any statements. He has our back with a knife in it. Am Yisrael Chai.

    • Curt

      Dear Arlene,

      It is remarks like yours that keep pushing many of us, such as myself, ever so incrementally away from Israel in its current policies. I am trying very hard to maintaim the admiration for and support of Israel I have had over the past 50 years. But the kind of blind animosity and rejection of the reality check Israel needs if it is going to survive, and that President Obama is trying to provide, is making it harder to stay hopeful. Please reconsider your rejectionist views. Curt, from Wisconsin

  • ed

    The Algemeiner Staff should say they are sorry to the Jewish people for the putting bho on list and promise not to drink the stupidity water anymore

  • ed

    Algemeiner Staff must be islamic jihad lovers to put that muslim bho on the 100 list

  • thk

    Are you kidding?? Did you mean to put BHO on the 100 Enemies of the Jewish People and Israel list?? You’ve just lost all credibility as far as I’m concerned.

  • If he is such a good friend of Israel why doesn’t the LA TIMES release the audio tape of his toast to Rashid Khalidi……Obama’s very good friend who used to work for the PLO – whose Charter calls for the murder of six million Jews…That tape shows the true Obama vis-a-vis the Jews which is why his syncophants at the LA TIMES will not release it.