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April 25, 2013 10:19 pm

Dustin Hoffman Slammed for Agreeing to Present Award for Anti-Israel Film

avatar by Zach Pontz

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Dustin Hoffman. Photo: wiki commons.

Dustin Hoffman is taking heat from the Jewish community, and for good reason. The actor has agreed to present a media award for an anti-Israel film at the Muslim Public Affairs Council’s 22nd Annual Media Awards on April 27 in Los Angeles.

MPAC has a history of making anti-Israel statements and is headed by Salam al-Marayati, who has called for Israel’s destruction, and has said that Israel may be responsible for the 9/11 attacks.

The Zionist Organization of America criticized Hoffman for his double standard, noting that in July 2010 he backed out of attending the annual Jerusalem Film Festival. ZOA National President Morton A. Klein released a statement that criticized Hoffman for his decision:

“Muslim extremist organizations that endanger America become much harder to combat if celebrities legitimize them. Dustin Hoffman should admit he has made a mistake and withdraw from this event.

“Those who care about decency, human rights, truth, justice and Israel should consider never seeing another Dustin Hoffman film.”

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  • Moshe

    As a Jew, I also support Dustin Hoffman. Judaism is peace not hate, Israel is built by migrants for migrants.

  • John Kelly

    That’s a kick in the teeth for Zionism.

  • Thomas

    Disgusting. He should be ashamed! Hollyweird is getting weirder.

  • Zyx

    Maybe Dustin is just turning senile.

    • John Kelly

      No. He is well aware of what a fascist regime is capable of. Germany 1933-45.

      • Geofrey

        You need to understand a little about Israel, before describing it as fascist. It is easy to use such language, but in Israel, everyone whether Jew, Arab,Christian or whatever other religion you can think of, is free to express themselves, to worship when, where and how they chose, vote in elections, become a High Court judge (some of them are Muslims) and work for a living. In Israel, every place of worship is protected, including mosques. Compare that with Islamic countries from which almost one million Jews were expelled, with only the clothes on their backs. Now that is what I call fascist. Compare that with Islamic countries, Syria is an example, where Muslims are busy killing each other. Another example is Hamas in Gaza who,when they took power murdered Fatah supporters. Take a look at Saudi Arabia to see how women are oppressed. I suggest that you now invest in a dictionary so that you can learn the meaning of the words you use and also a decent history book or two. You might discover, assuming you are capable of reading, that Israel is the only democracy in the Middle East

        • judy

          I don’t know how I came across this article but well said.

  • marty…you may be a zionist but you do not know history…from 1948-1967 every night the muslims went in from the ” so called occupied territory” and killed jews. The PLO was formed in.1964: its charter calls for the murder of every jew in Israel…Abbas supports Fatah whose foundation is the PLO Charter…Don’t be naive..The muslims had 19 years to prove jew killing is not in their nature…They failed the test.

    • John Brusher

      If indeed you are not lying and the Natives killed people, they killed unlawful occupiers of their land. Any people who are occupied have the right to defend their native land. Stop making it about Muslims and Jews, you fail. This is about the Zionists Robbing the Palestinian land with the help of Britain and the US. It has nothing to do with Jewish and Muslims. Everyone with any intellect knows Muslims and Jews lived in peace and harmony for hundreds of years in Palestine before the hordes of Eastern Europeans arrived.

  • Moshe

    So what can you expect from a pompas Hollywood lefty, who forgets his roots. Shameful! He should go the the Middle East and proclaim his “faith” out loud, whatever is left of it, and then see where his support/sympathies gets him. Insensitive, uncaring scab. It’s self-hating “Jews” like him that allow the enemies of Israel to get stronger as they use him in their propaganda. If they came for this “Jew”, Israel would still forgive.

    • Mikel

      Well said, Moshe.
      Our biggers enemies are the self hating Jews. They don’t learn from history. Some German Jews thought that the Nazis wont touch them because they were more Germans than Jews.

  • Marty Kuper

    I am a zionist and a shomer shabbas jew .. I beg you to watch “5 broken cameras” in last weeks parshe we read “Thou shalt not oppress your neighbor” Vayikra 19-13. Read the torah and you will learn that the occupation is a sin.

    • A Zionist

      “Occupation”? Do you mean China’s “Occupation” of Tibet? Or perhaps you mean the UK’s “Occupation” of Gibraltar and the Falkland Islands? Or even Turkey’s “Occupation” of North Cyprus? China, the UK and Turkey have NO legitmate claim other than colonialism. Turning the Jewish people into “colonialists” is an anti-semitic actwhich allows anti-semites to get rid of their guilt by turning the victims into perpetrators. As a religious Jew, you cannot be agreeing with such a depraved act?

      You cannot be referring to Israel because as a Shomer Shabat Jew, you are aware that G-d gave all the land to the Jewish People. For good measure, the League of Nations, following the Treaty of San Remo and the Mandate for Palestine which, by the way, as I am sure you know, sets out clearly the right of Jews to live in Judea and Samaria. As I am sure you also know, that is why we are called “Jews” . . from JUDEA! Nothing has nullified the Mandate for Palestine and it was the British who took 78.5% of the land returned, or as used in the Mandate for Palestine “RECONSTITUTED” to the Jewish people to illegally created the Emirate of Trans-Jordan which became the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. 70% of the population of Jordan are “Palestinians” because Jordan is Palestine. Yet, 8 people (the Hashemites” control Jordan and the Palestinians have little representation. Perhaps you are saying that it is a sin for the Hashemites (a Saudi clan) to control Jordan-Palestine?

      Jews have had a continuous history for over 3,000 years in Eretz Yisrael. We were driven out by anti-semites, such as the Babylonians, Greeks, Romans, Christians and Moslems. In fact, the Arab pograms against the Jews are deliberately kept silent. Today, we not only have anti-semitic attacks on Jews and Jewish communities, which include murder, we have attacks on the “Jew-Among-The-Nations” ie Israel.

      For Jews to call other Jews “occupiers” IS a sin.

      Shabbat shalom!

      • Inda Iancu

        Well said!!

      • Geofrey

        Dead right! Let the Muslims talk peace instead of their intended murder of the jews and the destruction of Israel. They know only to kill and destroy, but what have they ever created that is of real value? No medical advances. No scientific advances. No technological advances. Israel is one of the most successful countries in the entire world in these and many other fields. Islam is still in the 14th century; backward, evil and murderous.

    • Zyx

      “thou should not oppress your neighbor”? This is a good one. You should start by teaching Muslims about it. Oppressing their neighbors is what they do best.

    • John Kelly


    • Judith Levine

      Amen, Marty. Amen, v’ameen. And this is why a Jewish perspective from diaspora is so important.

  • richard sherman

    Obviously when Dustin Hoffman was doing TOOTSIE he was actually living out the role of Gertrude Stein whose antisemitism he completely supports…just another antisemitic Hollywood jew….

  • Hartsdale Granny

    Withdraw, Dustin, Withdraw!

  • Tish

    Muslims will behead Mr Hoffman with a dull knife for being an infidel whether he presents the award or not. This just shows how stupid and ignorant he is if he thinks he is immune to the murderous cult of islam.

  • Dustin Hofman is a typical Holywood actor, debased Jews who’s world views are fashioned by shallow, pseudo intercultural dramas,where reality and fiction are indistinguishable. Their impaired and lopsided morals are a necessity for marketing themselves to the biased masses of the world.

    • John Kelly

      “The primary symptom of a controller is denial, that is I can’t see its symptoms in myself”.
      Keith Miller

  • pinchas

    one more shnook hollywood jew with no backbone and certainly no shred of yiddishkeit.

  • Isaac

    As a self hating Jew, why doesn’t Hoffman convert to Islam?

    The Jewish people would be much better without the likes of Dustin Hoffman.

    • John Kelly

      Judaism is a religion, not a political movement like Zionism.