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April 25, 2013 12:33 pm

UK Politician Claims Jews Engineered Holocaust to Guilt World Into Establishing Israel

avatar by Zach Pontz

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UKIP candidate Anna-Marie Crampton. Photo: Facebook.

A UK politician has claimed that  Jews deliberately murdered each other in the Holocaust as part of a master plan to create Israel.

Anna-Marie Crampton posted the claims on a conspiracy theory website called “Secrets of The Fed.”

According to the website, Crampton wrote:

“Holocaust means a sacrifice by fire. Only the Zionists could sacrifice their own in the gas chambers.

“The Second World Wide War was engineered by the Zionist jews and financed by the banksters to make the general public all over the world to feel so guilty and outraged by the Holocaust that a treaty would be signed to create the State of Israel as we know it today.”

SWNS found other comments on her Facebook page from several months ago that also offer a not-so-subtle view into Cramptom’s noxious mindset.

“The Rothschilds are Zionists..there is a difference between Jews and Zionists. These Psychopaths hide behind and use the Jews.

“It was thanks to them that 6 million Jews were murdered in the War (along with 26 million Russians!),” Crampton wrote.

Another comment says: “I am anti Zionist, not antisemit (sic). I love the true Israel and the Jews.”

Mrs Crampton is standing for the UK’s Independent Party in next week’s county council elections in the traditionally Conservative ward of Crowborough in East Sussex.

A spokesman told SWNS: “We need to chase her down. These comments are really way out there and really hard-core anti-Zionism.”

Anti-racist groups said UKIP had to drop Mrs. Crampton as a matter of urgency.

Sam Westrop, director of Stand for Peace, a leading Jewish-Muslim interfaith organization, said: “Time after time, conspiracy and anti-Zionist sentiment is revealed to be nothing more than thinly-veiled anti-Semitism.

“UKIP, to its credit, has expelled extremist and bigoted members in the past.

“They must also expel Anna-Marie Crampton. Such hatred must be fought at all times.”

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  • Bandara

    She speaks truth.

    I am from sri lanka and our culture is not touched by Jewish culture, finance…or related things. In our language, “Jew” is called as “Yudewwa” which means “liker – war”. I was shocked thinking about how my ancestors had that knowledge and deep understanding about such a remote community living in the other part of the world.

    If you read the world history for some years, if you like or not, you will admit that its true. They are not cultured or developed group. Despite of the fact that the Islamic world looks little stupid, Jewish culture in the other hand promoted inhumanity and greediness of mankind at best throughout the world history.

  • Howard Hill

    According to my atheist philosophy she is not far off the mark, only she has no idea what the real nature of the issue is that she is commenting upon, anymore than anyone else does who complains about antisemitism. The question is what is Judaism, what is religion, what are human beings ? As long as we live in a world where religion exists we will never have the freedom to answer these questions honestly and so this kind of conflict over what is true will persist. It is not that Jews engage in a conspiracy to rule the world, it is that nature has created humans to form a social body that must have an identity and the Jews are it. So the Jews are the ‘master race’ by virtue of the biological forces that created the human world. I was delighted to hear her suggestion on Channel Four News tonight because it is correct, after a fashion.

  • Kate Wisperette

    Luckily, our TRUE history will not be preserved by her and those that think like her. How twisted can one possibly be?

  • E Simon

    What’s most amazing, and what makes this politician even more of a joke, is that the photo and website (Facebook) she uses to promote herself is the brainchild and operation of a young Jewish man named Mark Zuckerberg.

    Hey Crampton, if Jews are always plotting to take over the world, it’s a good thing you’re piggy-backing off of their creations. If only such entitled and self-important gentiles as yourself weren’t so busy doing nothing important, then maybe you’d have invented your own Facebook with which to reach the unenlightened masses.

    Logically speaking, her ravings are their own plea for getting banned from the site.

  • Am Yisarael CHAI

    The sad part of all this ,

    is that there will be a concerted effort to “open her Eyes “,

    and she will be treated for an expense paid VIP trip to Israel, to visit Yad vashem and then maybe a stopover in Aushwitz,
    Totally Disgusted

    • harry mills

      Or perhaps we can concentrate on Belsen, a camp that was claimed to have housed `gas chambers` , a claim used during the Nuremberg Trials to hang the National Socialist hierarchy- only to be reclassified post trial as having no such buildings…..

  • jim morris

    She has a right to say whatever she thinks. Why are people so frightened of an opinion?

    • Edd

      …and other people have a right to tell this woman that her opinion is totally sickening and that they do not think she is fit for public office in a democratic society.

  • Pinchos Woolstone

    some sicknesses never go away,this woman is pathetic, however the UK is a civil society, where the provision of free speech, allows lies and evil to be spoken

    • Edd

      You are certainly right. However, the public also has a right to challenge the views of people like this who decide to express such views publicly, especially if they want to be in a position of power.

  • Roeh ben Abraham

    This woman is totally drunk!!!!

  • Edwin Vogt

    ..another looney bird on the loose!

  • Edwin Vogt

    Demonism at its highest level!This is the kind of trash speech that comes from the bowels of Hell..and she will surely be judged for it!Her very utterances are laced with bitter haterd! Truth is as foreign to her as snowballs in Hades!

  • Alfred Biegel

    OK Ms Crampton, Why not admit that you are wearing an SS Uniform under your dress. Moreover, in your anti-semitic rantings you just blatantly insulted the tombstones of all your countrymen who so bravely sacrificed their lives to enable you to have the freedom if not gaul to demonstrate that their collective sacrifice was merely in vain. May you wear the mark of shame as long as your hatred of the Jews remains the most prominent aspect of your visibility. Look in th mirror and you will see What an abysmal shame you really are!

  • Reinaert Thomasson

    @ Simcha, Susan and Arnold. Simcha has a point. Nobody, except of Jabotinsky, had taken seriously the possibility of a Holocaust. There were in the ’30 enough signs of what should or could happen; but nobody cared. With nobody, I mean especially Jews who could help!. The Jewish population in mandatory Palestine had no financial means to organize escape routes. But, they had had, aided the ones who could reach the country. For example: the German Jews and ‘michlings’ who had arrived during the ’30. Not all Jews could be saved. But there was a good possibility for saving youths and young adults; especially from Germany, Austria and Czechoslovakia. Saving them could mean changing the course of history and make Israel ten times stronger than the country is today. Among these young people was a hugh reservoir of brilliant brains. It could mean more scientists, more engineers, more thinkers and more start ups. Take for example Uzi Gal whose real name was Gotthold Glass. With his Uzi gun had Israel succeeded to win the war in 1956 and not been just wiped out from the earth. In the October War of 1973 a general of Jewish German origin Albert Mendler had stopped the invasion of the Egyptian Army. He had paid for the victory with his life.

    Israelis do not have to pay attention to what people, like Anna Marie Crampton, have to say. The only important issue is: how strong we are to keep enemies from our doorstep. This is the only fact that matters in our Darwinistic world

  • Mrs. is a sick lady on the same way as a voters who voted for her.In the interest of her party she mast contact psychiatric as soon as possible and go to the hospital
    Regards Joseph

  • Joe

    The problem is not that these loonies have been around since the beginning of times but that it seems that nowadays they feel that the environment is such that they can freely express their insanity without any impunity and with even a silent approval from many quarters.

  • Arnold

    At times like this my mind goes wild. I want to have this person in my grasps not to hurt her but to berate her for all I’ve got. She is a waste of skin and bone.

  • Steve

    “Get it all on record now – get the films – get the witnesses – because somewhere down the road of history some bastard will get up and say that this never happened.”

    General Dwight David Eisenhower

  • no b.s.

    more sewage blaming the victim. the only thing more
    ridiculous than these statements is that there are lefty-looney jews who believe them! may Heaven help bring all israel back to the emes.

    hopefully, we can develop a sense of humor about this craziness while at the same time being sober about the
    extent that jew hate extends.

  • FreyaB

    Is there no political party in the UK immune from this “foot in mouth” antisemitism virus?

    I’m particularly peeved because UKIP seemed until now to be the best bet to get the UK out of the multi culti inspired mess it is in!

  • There have been people like this since the beginning of time. Let her rant; let her demean herself. Let her alone, and watch: she digs her own grave with her mouth.This person is simply another example of a cheap politician who is an embarrassment to her country, her party, and the people who elected her. Now they know they have to get rid of her. Another one who has missed her chance to do her country some good. She’s muffed it!!

    • Rosina M

      Well said, I applaud your comment

  • Isabella Overington

    I am appalled by this woman’s views.

  • Bella Ceruza

    My inclination for such loonies – females especially – is to make them happy by sending them to some Judenrein place – eg Syria, Saudi Arabia.

  • Simcha

    Unfortunately, there is some truth to what she says.

    Read Perfidy by Ben Hecht.

    Hecht, the famous American Jewish playwright, documents how Weizmann told the Brits in 37 that there is no room in ‘Falasteen’ for the Jews of Europe. They shall perish like the dust.’ He also continued that they should hope for Moshiach so that they can be reborn.

    Then Ben Gurion’s guy, Kastner, saved his buddies from Auschwitz but told the million Jews of Hungary to get on the trains to Auschwitz. He made that deal with Eichmann.

    Kastner actually walked around Auschwitz with Eichmann making this deal.

    The Germans certainly did the murdering, but Ben Gurion’s group didn’t do much to help, and hindered Jabotinsky’s attempts to rescue the Jews of Europe.

    The question is “why”?

    • FreyaB

      There’s always one, isn’t there…?

      You have a strange name for such a shrivelled soul.

    • Susan

      The deal that Kastner wanted “trucks for Jews” fell through because the United States would not help the German war effort by giving them military supplies which would help them win the war. Hitler felt he could do anything he wanted to the Jews because the rest of the world did not care. There is much literature on this subject and I suggest you read more.
      And Israel did not have the means to save the Jews of Europe.

    • Arnold

      I will not say that I am fully educated into the Kastner story. From what I did comprehend he made a deal for the upper echelon of Hungarian Jewry to be saved while turning his eyes away from the majority of Hungarian Jews. So that my dear Simcha is something to be analyzed. But how dare you to give this woman a sounding board. Were there Kastners allowing this to happen during the Crusades , the Inquistions , the pogroms, the blame game massacres of the Black Death , or all the “Passion Plays”.

  • Reinaert Thomasson

    Did Anna-Marie Crampton know that the Jews are aliens, related to the ‘Grays’? They are kind of Clingons who came down to earth by UFO’s from planet Jupiter and deliberately put the Holocaust in scene? You can find all the evidents in the program ‘Ancient Aliens’ of Channel ‘History HD’ Auschwitz and Treblinka were a UFO sites like Macho Picchu, Area 51 or Roswell. Rudolf Hoss and Hans Frank were the commanders of Starship Enterprise and Jozef Mengele was at the time the Hollow Deck doctor.

    A pitty to any parleament that is harbouring a stupid bitch like this one!.

  • Fred

    I think she should have been certified before joining Parliament. Schizophrenic without a doubt. Yet unfortunately a mad voice that takes pride in abysmal ignorance to voice her brand of hatred. The Zionists and the Jews are the same people, hatred is one of unabashed anti Semitism in both instances. Wonder how and who elected her in this mad, mad world.

  • Elwood

    I once heard a nut proclaim that fluoridation was a Jewish plot to poison the water supply. I think Crampton topped that one.

  • Avi

    This is one sick, demented British cretin.

  • Modestos Glykis

    Perhaps, this idiot has not enough attention in life and is trying to demonstrate the degree of insanity she has to get the attention she is missing…!!!

  • Leon

    She appears to be quite insane with her logic, is this typical of the new breed of polical figures ?

  • Leon

    She is insane, a British politician.. What height of intelligencia.

  • Moshe

    Someone should ask her (and I use “her” diplomatically), if she likes the burka; because through her hate-filled propaganda and the endangering of the Jewish people, she’ll be wearing one soon. Racist pig!

  • John W. Rosen.

    May Crampton live long enough to see her family and loved ones starved, beaten, persecuted, belittled, ridiculed, de-humanized,worked to death, and when of no use to anyone, stripped naked and burned to death in the crematorium.
    Then she may begin to understand what the innocent Jews, Men Women And Children, suffered at the hands of Nazi psychopaths.
    6 million Jews, about 1/3 of all the worlds Jews, together with the millions of Russians, Catholic priests, homo-sexuals, Gypsies, and others who did not fit into the “Aryan Race”
    All because the innocent people were Jews.

  • This lady claims to like Jews but hate Zionist, Christianity has its roots firmly grounded from zionism, a political body founded on piece and love that will begin its mild reign in the near future, It is because of events such as the Holocaust that makes Gods word believable, why and how are not that important but what is is a record a living Testimony that Israel/Jews would continue to pay a high price for rejecting there God.
    This teaches us all that Gods words are to be taken Seriously and what he says will come to pass, this lady would do well to find out what lays ahead for her own path, If she ever has the courage to examine Gods word and fully understands its implication I doubt very much she would be making such statements she should consider the words of Christ that states toughs that are not for me are againts me,The fact that Israel is now back in the the land is another living testimony to Gods word, it took six millon poor lives but the Nazis can take some credit for them going back on mass. The Truth hurts but it can not be denied. Would be good for her to consider what is ment by the Times of the Gentiles fulfilled.

  • I would like to refer this woman to the imbd listed documentary of the camps. The title is: “Nazi Concentration Camps”, just in case the link doesn’t go through.

  • A UKIP candidate swindled me out of £750 a couple of years ago, he promised to build me a website then disappeared into the ether and I have been unable to trace him. That is the kind of person UKIP uses. This Crampton woman is seriously mentally ill and needs to be treated as such.

  • Stella Rubin

    Miss Anna-Marie Crampton, you are so mentally anguished by your guilt, that you are pathetic. You should be locked in a mental institution, and i believe there is NO hope for poor you.

  • Greg

    Please someone in UK: send the idiot in question for vacation in Syria. She will be happy coddling with the pig vomits who share her passions

  • Liz Litts

    I felt like I was in a time warp when I read this–Has Dr.Who been to Nazi Germany lately? Maybe this sorry creature stowed sway on the TARDIS and got out before the Dr noticed.

  • Sylvia Epstein

    As a child of holocaust survivors this is painfully offensive and deranged thinking. She is a hateful antisemite. She presents a dangerous influence on small minded, prejudiced people who just need any excuse to act on their despicable thoughts against the Jewish people. Sickening indeed.

  • Megha Shyam

    It seems like we have a new generation of Holocost deniers peddling their hateful message. Will this ever end?

  • David S. Most

    Deranged people like her draw other deranged nuts like iron filings to a magnet. What kinds of deep holes do folks like her climb out of? If I were an ordinary Brit I would be so embarrassed by this Crampton person I might have to emigrate to a rational society.

    Shame on her and praise to the pubs that drop her like the total nutcase she is!

  • Rabbi Pinchos Woolstone

    a waste of space the sick lady.
    lets not waste time on her.

  • Doesn’t anyone have a sharp stick to place appropriately?

  • JSterman

    What a sure fire way to get international attention as an ignorant antisemite. Idiot…

  • Luigi Rosolin

    Anna-Marie Crampton, is in title to think what she like, everyone can make big mistake.
    The issue is that she is not thinking! She had not title to eastern and wrong idea on a subject proved historically as genocide as suicide.
    I hope that the college and the English citizen will ask her to get more inform with an apology.

  • Bob From Milwaukee

    Crying “Fire” in a theater is outlawed – Such deraanged
    thinking should be too. There are those on the fringe – not many but some who believe it cause they read it.
    We have to figure out how to clean up “free-Speach” laws
    so such coments published would be illeagal.

  • jerry hersch

    Most of the ‘independence’ parties in the UK are xenophobic and anti-Semitic.The British National Party,Plaid Cymru,and perhaps the worst the Scottish National party.
    The BNP gives lip service to ‘equality’ -but native ancestry UK are superior…”All animals are created equal but some are more equal than others”-Orwell.
    Plaid Cymru xeno-anti-British..even during WWII they ere for neutrality..As for the Scottish national Party and its followers there is enough online.
    The major parties too are permeated by the same endemic prejudices that reflect a good share of thinking in the nation…and that also has made news lately.

  • That’s all we need, this deranged kind of thinking and talk. I don’t understand why these kinds of people don’t go after the real dangers of Islamic radicalization.

    • Luigi Rosolin

      Agree, with you. Also Anna-Marie Crampton that posted such theory must lack any knowledge of fact and Hitler insane demagogically. We know that Muslim are indoctrinate that the Bible is contain misleading assertion, just the opposite as is the Koran the false copy used by satan to deceive the mind of people.
      Many Muslim had been reach out by Jesus appearing to them and had transform their life and thinking.
      This is witness by many converted and evangelical missionary.
      All the lies that people believed are trucking the root from satan, G-D is turning thing around, where church had fail.

  • Sonia Willats

    Absolutely incredible! By her logic, if someone murdered her family she will have engineered it to make the murderer feel guilty?
    And the people that Stalin murdered also engineered it etc…? That is her way of rationalising?
    Except this is x millions. I am speechless that such an un-well person made it as a political candidate. Trust she has truly been suspended and furthermore will be given some kind of therapy.

  • Ron

    Crampton has been suspended? From what? The end of a rope at the Tower of London?

  • Have the Shin Bet visit this sorry bitch.

    • Eitan D. R.

      To be honest, you sound like a white supremacist posing as a Jew. Please just go away.

    • Moshe

      Ha! Love it h.s.!

  • Charles13850

    Picture this; A huge bunch of successful assimilated European Jews gathered in Germany in the early 1930’s and concluded that they were much to happy and it would be a good idea to get this madman Hitler to kill us all, steal our homes, our wealth. Then a small sickly emaciated remnant who survived would get this rich Jew named Rothschild to finance their settlement in their historical home out of Europe where they would have to become farmers turning the desert and swamps with their bare hands in Palestine.

    You can’t picture that? Well Anna-Marie Crampton can.

  • Henry

    Who thinks of these insane ideas! Sadly, it’s nothing new and many people actually believe it’s true.

  • eitan d r

    Uh, she claims her account was hacked, we should wait for the full story. A lot of the spelling seems suspect, see “I am anti Zionist, not antisemit (sic). I love the true Israel and the Jews.” Sounds like something some 4chan hackers would do.

  • GAON

    This calls for a straight jacket, a padded cell, and a ton of thorazine.

    • Moshe


  • Pushkina

    if the community makes a point of driving her out, she becomes a martyr. better to find a way to educate the constituency quietly; surely they themselves will drive her out.

  • Typical Anglo-Saxon WASP Comment! YUK!

  • Eric R.

    The UKIP’s leader, Nigel Farage, is a strong supporter of Israel, and the party tends to be right-leaning, anti-EU and more sympathetic to Israel than the three major parties.

    This woman is an outlier. It is just like the occasional nut in the Republican party – the Party itself is generally pro-Israel, but has its isolationists (Ron Paul), paleocons (Buchanan and Hagel) and Islamists (Norquist).

  • BH in Iowa

    Shouldn’t this creature be pulling a farmer’s plow somewhere?

  • Amanda Owens

    It’s living birth defects like this woman that make me just a little bit more misanthropic every day.

    • Moshe

      Nice Amanda!

  • Bathsheva Gladstone

    What a degenerate, psychotic cow! She’s obviously covering up for her ancestry, and can’t handle the guilt.

  • Zyx

    She learned this crap from Abbas’ “dissertation” called:
    The Other Side: The Secret Relationship Between Nazism and Zionism
    Insanity is evenly shared among antisemites.

  • Mariana

    She is nothing but an antisemit in disguise among many others, what I don’t understand is, does she represent the party’s ideas, she is brainless, but her party, are they deaf and blind ? at the same time? all together? shame on you

    • Luigi Rosolin

      Like your comment Mariana.

  • COOL

    UK’s Independent Party HUMAN DIRT

    • eitan d r

      “Human dirt” this lady sounds mentally unwell, wou know who else called people “Human dirt”? please go away.

  • I am truly sad that you really either believe what you are saying that then makes you sick or you just a liar which i am not sure which one is worse i know for a fact that you are wrong because you think if you can say it didnt happened or now since that out the window because it did take place now we will say the Zion Jew murdered their own and recurited Adolph Hitler really if thats was true which is not then you must be a part of plan get it i don t think so

  • richard sherman

    Her views are no different than the foundational. antisemitism of the Koran

    • eitan d r

      go away

      • ivan

        u need to go away! Lowlife!

    • Luigi Rosolin

      Yes the Koran and extremist Islamic had blatantly distorted all history and fact for the purpose of destroy all different form of faith and idea.
      The result can been see every where.
      Western country especially had and are ignoring the danger of the war carry out by them.

  • Marcelo


  • Mike B

    Crampton has been suspended.