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April 30, 2013 1:19 pm

BBC Falsely Claims Attacks on Israelis in Judea & Samaria are “Rare”

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Early on the morning of Tuesday, April 30th, thirty-two year-old Evyatar Borovsky from Yitzhar (the father of five children) was murdered by a Palestinian terrorist whilst standing at a bus stop at the Tapuach junction in Samaria.

An article on the subject titled “Israeli settler killed in West Bank“ appeared in the Middle East section of the BBC News website shortly afterwards.

The article, which has been amended several times since its initial publication, opens:

“An Israeli settler has been killed by a Palestinian at a bus stop in the northern West Bank, police say.”

Interestingly, the BBC writer found it necessary to describe the Israeli man as a “settler” both in the headline and the article, although audiences would have understood the sentence perfectly well without that political addition. The use of the word “killed” does not reflect the fact that the assailant was in prior possession of a knife and stabbed his victim from behind. In the UK, that would most likely be described as murder.

The article goes on:

“The attack took place at Tapuah Junction, near the city of Nablus, police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld said.”

Tapuach Junction is of course actually near Kfar Tapuach and is closer to Ariel than to Nablus (Schem).

The report continues: [emphasis added]

“Reports say the Palestinian stabbed the man before grabbing his gun and shooting him. The attacker was shot and wounded by security forces, police say.

Palestinians and Israeli troops have clashed recently in the West Bank, but attacks on settlers there are rare.”

That, of course, is a complete BBC fabrication.

The article also expands that theme later on:

“Tuesday’s attack is the first time a settler has been killed by a Palestinian in the West Bank since 2011.”

Indeed, since September 2011 there have, fortunately, been no fatalities as a result of terror attacks in Judea and Samaria, but that is not through want of trying, as the family of Adele Biton – who is still fighting for her life after the stone-throwing attack on her mother’s car in March – is only too aware.

In March 2013 the Israel Security Agency reported 101 terror attacks in Judea and Samaria. In February, 100 attacks – 84 of those fire-bombings. January 2013 saw 56 terror attacks in Judea and Samaria, including thestabbing of a teenager at the same Tapuach Junction. In December 2012 eighty-one terror attacks took place in Judea and Samaria and in November 2012 there were 122 attacks.

That means that in the one hundred and fifty-one days from the beginning of November 2012 until the end of March 2013, four hundred and sixty terror attacks took place in Judea and Samaria. That is an average of over three a day.

An Israeli baby injured last week during a violent Palestinian riot.

Judea and Samaria are 125 kilometers in length and between 25 and 50 kilometers wide, with a total area of 5,860 km2, and with the areas under the control of the Palestinian Authority off limit to Israelis. The English county of Cumbria is 907 km2 larger than the whole of Judea and Samaria. If the residents of Cumbria were to suffer an average of three daily terrorist stabbings, shootings, fire-bombings, IED attacks or attempted murder with rocks thrown at moving vehicles, we can be pretty confident that the BBC would not describe such attacks as “rare” – even if they did not end in fatalities.

Not only is this latest attempt by the BBC to downplay and whitewash Palestinian terror against Israeli civilians living in Judea and Samaria a gross breach of BBC Editorial Guidelines on accuracy and impartiality, it is also quite frankly repugnant.

Update: It appears that approving messages of support for the murderer have been posted on the official Facebook page of Fatah – PA president Mahmoud Abbas’ own party. We will of course await the ensuing BBC update to its report.

Update 2: BBC News Online’s Middle East desk  has now slightly revised this report and paragraph four now reads: [emphasis added]

“Palestinians and Israeli troops have clashed recently in the West Bank, but fatal attacks on settlers are rare.”

Whilst the amendment is welcome, it contributes nothing towards accurately informing BBC audiences of the scale of terrorism against Israeli civilians in Judea and Samaria and still airbrushes the intentions of those perpetrating the daily attacks out of the picture. “Fatal attacks” – i.e. murder – may not be a quotidian event, but attempted murder certainly is and the BBC’s whitewashing of that fact continues to compromise its reputation for accuracy and impartiality.

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  • Some facts, that I don’t see in this discussions which are very relevant when using terms like ‘settler’ and ‘settlement’ (in the negative way) and ‘illegal’:
    * Israel has not illegally invaded territory nor put claims on it.
    * Israel has over and over again, under pressure of others (‘friends’?), like USA, Europe etc. given in to their demands to give up territory, which did not bring peace at all, but many more attacks with rockets.
    * These demands, that Israel unjustly gave in to, were against the Word of JHWH, the eternal God of creation and of the Bible.
    * Their enemies (islamatic terrorist groups) do not intend to accept Israel as their neighbor, let alone to live in peace with her.
    * When Jordan occupied this territory (obvious illegal), there was not any claim or effort to proclaim a ‘Palestine state’. But after Israel, through many miracles, liberated this occupied territory – inluding her ancient capital Yerushalayim, suddenly this desire to create this new muslim arabic state came forward.
    * Israel is the only state in the world, that has the oldest so well defined borders (including the now discussed area) from very ancient times. At the moment she only posesses a minimal part of it.
    The problem is, that not only BBC, but the majority of the world, is considering JHWH as not relevant anymore and so lost the source or real Truth, now willing to believe any lie, when brought to us by all kinds of media and when enough repeated.
    The fact is, that probably no people in the world is so longing for peace and making so many efforts to acquire it. But for Israel goes as well: the real peace will only come through JWHW and in His Word we find the answers and the Way. Until now many prophesies, recorded in the Bible (TaNaCh) are fulfilled even today.
    Better read His Word and know at what time we are living and make the right choices.

  • Pam Williams

    I suppose I shouldn’t be suprised to find that this site has no comments by anyone who isn’t pro-Jewish or pro-settler. Here in the U.K., there has been a petition demanding that the BBC news from Palestine be LESS pro-Israeli! Regardless of what comments are made, the fact remains that Israeli settlements are being built on Palestinian land illegally. That the settler that was killed had 5 children is hardly something to boast about. This is pretty much a disgrace in today’s world where population increase is contributing to problems we (or our children) will all have to face soon. The fact that he carried a gun is also rather telling. There’s plenty of film footage, for those of you who care to view it, of settlers threatening and terrorising Palestinians (adults and children alike) while being protected by the IDF. Perhaps settlers feel vulnerable. This is justifiable, given their incredibly arrogant behaviour towards the people whose land they trespass on. The nearest MOST Palestinians get to having a weapon is a stone or a rock. I believe that most U.S. or Israeli citizens would be outraged if anyone came and evicted them from their home, burnt the source of their livlihood and prevented them from accessing their land. Think about it….

    • John

      Amazing! You condemn an Israeli for having 5 children on the grounds that the world is becoming overpopulated. So do you also condemn those in the UK or anywhere else in the world who have more than a couple of children or is it just Israelis you don’t like for having large families?

      You then claim that most Palestinians never see a real weapon despite the fact that we’ve recently seen how Hamas are training 15-17 year old boys in the use of AK47s and explosives. As for the idea that rocks and stones aren’t real weapons I wonder how you would react to being pelted with them while driving by with your children on the back seat.

      There are recent clips from Palestinian TV showing indoctrinated Palestinian children reciting songs and oaths in which they state their hope and pride at the prospect of dying a martyr while killing Jews.

      Israel is not the enemy of the Palestinians. Hamas and the rest of the Islamist morons are. Without them peace and lasting settlement would be in reach, but while the Islamists refuse to even acknowledge Israel’s right to exist the pain goes on for everyone.

    • Eve

      Maybe if Ms Williams was at least semi-conscious (which she is clearly not), she would know that 1) valid international law that states that land acquired in a defensive war may be kept by the victim of aggression – in this case Israel was the victim, so settlements are NOT illegal (I realize that Ms Williams considers herself an international law expert, but she’s not) and 2) the murder vistim never drew his gun. And those poor Paletinians with their primitive weapons – so little harm, right? Like that poor baby who has been in a coma since March. And, oh yes, that young father of 5. But no big deal – he had too many kids anyway. I hate to say it – but Ms Williams – you’re too ignorant.
      As for the too pro-Israel BBC – Al-Jazeera by any other name…

      • Pam Williams

        Well, Eve, I’m quite suprised that your rather personal comments weren’t moderated out..perhaps yet another example of the biased nature of this website. I certainly don’t pretend to be an expert on interntional law. However, I don’t need to be. Almost every other country in the world regards the settlements in Occupied Palestine as illegal.
        In respect of the Palestinian who murdered a settler, he was arrested, yet still other settlers thought it would be a good idea to take revenge by burning olive trees and generally running amok, no doubt under the protection of the IDF. This is how the “law” operates on behalf of settlers in Palestine.
        Have you ever visited Palestine or are all your comments written in the comfort of your own U.S. home….you should go there and see for yourself.
        Your last remark is that I am ignorant..perhaps you’re right but better ignorant than bigotted.

  • Sarah

    Excellent deconstruct of BBC lies…but Algemeiner should also be aware that the picture of the baby is not from Palestinian riots last year; I first saw it attributed to the Tel Aviv bus bombing during the last war with Gaza, so it’s at least a year old.

    • John

      Yes, people should take care not to fall into the trap of using emotive images that belong to a different story.

      We saw a BBC reporter doing the same with a picture of a grieving father carrying his dead child. The story suggested the child had died in an Israeli airstrike.

      The truth was that the child died when a Hamas rocket misfired and landed in Gaza.

      The BBC never apologised for the mistake nor corrected the story.

  • K.B. Lum

    It’s a bloody shame the way the BBC is reporting about Israel and Jews. But…… time will change!!!!

  • Sonia Willats

    Perhaps Israel is punch-drunk and does not report these incidents sufficiently, and is it possible that Israel is under-reacting, under international pressure, to these “incidents” that are, in fact, often attempted murder?

    It is an absolute shame. Israel must look to her G-d to justify her; not the international community. The liberal politicians of the world should come and hitch-hike at Tapuach junction.

  • Most media like BBC, AP, Reuters all have a very liberal agenda which essentially translates to anti-Israel, anti-US in general. These news organizations need to be ashamed of themselves for distorting news and presenting such biased reports.

  • Fred

    The BBC has become the Arab tool. It has lost its moral fibre, it spouts antisemitism which compares well with Hitlers propaganda of the 30th. Very selective bias regarding Israel. None is to blind who does not want to see. Impartiality, facts & credibility has been locked away in BBC’s safe not to be used. One should view its current scandals. Where has the BBC’s integrity gone, where is it????

  • J Lee

    Excellent report. This needs to be done each time the BBC uses fabrication to mask its bias. Thanks for a well-presented and factual article.

  • Most of the people who work for the BBC deny the Holocaust. They are continually upset that they were not born early in the last century in Germany so that they could have “reported” for Der Sturmer.

  • Ali

    I feel sorry for the poor man who was killed. This is not Islamic, it is nationalistic. I condemn the Murder.

    But at the same time, BBC also rarely covers the expulsion of thousands of Palestinians… But then again that was 60 years ago so forget about that, right?

    This whole thing is a facade. Both sides are dying for false causes. The Jews are not being persecuted in Britain or America, the Palestinians are openly welcomed in their neighboring Arab states. So WTF is this problem???

  • Isaac

    The BBC has sunk so low, both in its reporting standards and its internal scandals, that nothing it does is surprising anymore.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if the BBC claimed that the world is flat.