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April 30, 2013 3:15 pm

Iranian Leader, Website Claim Jews Use Sorcery to Control Iran

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Caption: Flag of Iran. A new resolution passed in the Senate calling on the U.S. to help Israel if the Jewish state must act militarily against Iran in its own defense. Photo: Wikimedia Commons.

An Iranian think tank leader with close ties to Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei called Jews sorcerers that are using their powers to subjugate Iran in a speech to religious students in April. This view was already propagated in a March article on the Iranian website

“The Jews are currently subjecting us to an unprecedented trial. As you read in the Koran, [King] Solomon ruled the world… and God ordered a group of sorcerers to come out against him. The Jews have the greatest powers of sorcery, and they make use of this tool,” said Mehdi Taeb as translated by the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI).

“All the measures that have been brought against us originate with the Zionists. The U.S. is a tool in their hands. So far, they have not used the full [scope of] their sorcery against us. Sorcery was the final means to which they resorted during the Ahmadinejad era, but they were defeated. This ability of the Jews was eliminated by Iran. Five years ago they tried to oust Ahmadinejad [by this means].”

The article speculated that Jewish mysticism traditions are being used for wield power over the world. “The Jews have always tended to resort to divination, [a practice] that has its roots in astronomy, astrology and sorcery, [which they picked up] when they consorted with various peoples in the course of history…The [Jewish] people think that ruling over man, nature, and divine traditions can be achieved only by means of sorcery. They believe that it is possible to conquer nature and control the world, and even to control God’s decisions, by using sorcery methods.”

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  • Karsten Bannier

    After being accused of controlling the world’s finances & media,it’s nice to know that we control Iran too !!!
    And who says we not a blessed people ???

  • jerry hersch

    That’s right…blame it all on Harry

  • GAON

    First they claim that “this ability of the Jews was eliminated by Iran”, i.e. sorcery to control the world, man nature, and divine tradition.

    But then they posit that “the Jews have always tended to resort to divination (a practice) that has its roots in astronomy, astrology and sorcery (WHICH THEY PICKED UP) emphasis mine, when they consorted with “various peoples” in the course of history. Ponder why those other people did not use this sorcery to take control of the world.

    So, let us parse this logic. Our supernatural powers of sorcery were taken away from us by Iran, i.e. we no longer have them, “various other peoples in the course of history taught us these powers, the aforementioned unnamed nations did not use this supernatural power to control the world, nor did we when we had the power, but no longer do.,
    But we held back, and did not use the full source of the power.
    How altruistic of the Jews. So, even though the Iranians took away our power, we still have it, and plan to used it. We plan to use the residual power that they ostensibly did not manage to take away from us, to control nature, the world and EVEN G-d’s decisions, and we are waiting because it is a trial of some sort. WOW.

    Halevai on some of that to defend Medinat Yisrael. Halevai. . There is a plethora of psychoses in the Middle East. They do not explain why we are waiting, and when we will do it, take over G-d’s decisions. Oh yes, they claim we are subjecting them to some “trial”. Thorazine in the water system of all Moslem countries. Call it biological warfare, or psychopharmacology.

    After this, I think many of us, should ease up on the super Charedi OCD micheguyis. No contest.

    Very very rational. Maybe they will find some theological rationale to commit mass suicide. I think I’ve heard of that concept someplace in recent days.