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May 1, 2013 11:15 am

New York City Council Members Rip Brooklyn College BDS Report

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BDS protestors in Melbourne, Australia. Photo: wiki commons.

New York City Councilman Lew Fidler has sent a letter to CUNY, ripping into an investigation it conducted of a February BDS (boycott, divestment and sanctions) event aimed at Israel on Brooklyn College’s campus.

Fidler, a Brooklyn Democrat, and colleagues from both sides of the aisle — including Council GOP Leader James Oddo, challenge the intent of the investigation and call into question CUNY’s conclusion that there was no concrete proof that religion had anything to do with why four students, two of whom wore yarmulkes, were wrongfully evicted from the February event.

“The report comes to the conclusion that the four Jewish students who were removed were not removed for discriminatory reasons. The reasoning for this conclusion is sophomoric: because not all obviously Jewish students were removed, the four who were removed were removed for reasons other than their obvious religious background. This is ridiculous. You cannot possibly believe that unless all from a group are discriminatorily targeted that it is not possible to target some from that group. The conclusion defies logic.”

While the report rejected anti-Semitism as the root cause of the four students’ dismissal, it did say that a “plausible inference can be drawn that the removal of the four students was motivated by their political viewpoint.”

Fidler also criticizes the University for not addressing what it refers to as a “core issue”—why Brooklyn College allowed the Political Science Department to sponsor the event in the first place and what the sponsorship actually means. “Given the long standing practice of Brooklyn College’s Political Science Department in sponsoring only one side’s views on Middle East questions, we would have thought that this would have been the essential question.”

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  • allanr

    having grown up in brooklyn and attended brooklyn college, it is particularly gauling to me to see our university being used for propaganda purposes. why the faculity and administration of our city universities allow this to go on, is beyond me. and why the mayor, allows it, while taxpayer money is used to fund these universities is a travesty of justice.

  • Richard Diamond

    College academia appear to be infected with an ego-driven quest that is fueled by taking anti-Israel positions and are acting as the pawns of the Islamic Brotherhood organizations including BDS. Perhaps they are corrupted by the attention and celebrity status given to them by the Islamic student organizations, the speaking engagements received as well as financial incentives. The Brooklyn College BDS experience is not unique; similar ones can be seen at UC Berkeley, UC Davis and San Francisco State. That students act in unacceptable manners is unfortunate, but when the faculty and administration follow suit, that is intolerable and unacceptable. It’s time to stand up stop overt racism and prejudice in our universities!

  • Michael Goldstein

    What Brave men to stand up in the face of Political Correctness. Brooklyn College is a disgrace to the City Of New York. From the top down all should be forced to resign.
    Councilman Fidler, Councilman Greenfield and Councilman Oddo used the new HATE speech in the Academic World-they spoke the TRUTH to political correctness and evil.
    Our Mayor bowed down before hate, intolerance and evil in the name of “free speech”? But for who? Only for Jihadists, De-legitimizers, Leftist Professors, Morally Relativist Administrators and those who wish to see Israel destroyed. Only these Councilmen stood up for three Jews who wore Yarlmukes that identified them as Jews. Three Righteous Men stood up to the Nazis at Brooklyn College.

  • Lone Star

    These self-hating clowns love everything Jewish except Jewish success. Israel is now being wooed by Qatar who is sending one of its prince over to look over the high-tech market in Israel. Apartheid in South Africa was total isolation of it Black population. No Black sat in the South African parliament because they were disenfranchised. In Israel, Arabs have seats in the Knesset and in municipal government and are free to travel anywhere, even to states that do not recognize Israel. As C. Wright Mills pointed out in his book, The Leftists, liberals confuse a total lack of moral criteria with open-mindedness and tolerance.

  • Michael

    While it is good Fidler brings cuny to task for obviously discriminatory practices I reject the report’s conclusion that this was not anti Semitic. Bds is infested with violent anti Semitic hatred and this group is no different. It is time for all of good will to plainly speak the truth even if it’s not pc.

  • Brooklyn officials are terrified of the anti-Israel and antisemitic activists, the Hispanics. In every country it is the ethnic groups who perceive themselves to be discriminated against who are the first to attack Israel and Jews, in France, for example, it is the North Africans and their descendants (who in every other way have no affinity at all with the Palestinians, not even religion as most are not religious) in the USA it is the Hispanics and a certain section of the Black community. The persecution of the Jews has shifted from the “master race” to the ethnic minorities.

  • Mel

    Like one Laurel and Hardy comedy provided its stars, if officials at City University of New York and its Brooklyn College campus need concrete proof, it can be provided.

    Stan and Ollie got into hot water when a gang of bad guys held their feet in hemispheric tubs, added Redi-Mix concrete and hot water, and stirred. Once the mixture hardened, the boys were rolled over to the East River for a very long swim.

    Doesn’t anyone remember Olde New York’s ‘Wooden Stocks’ and ‘Tar & Feathers’ for irresponsible officials?

  • Bravo, Fidler! for not being silent, as silence is assent.
    Brooklyn College’s officials must be challenged and brought to task for their persistence in permitting anti-semitic
    meetings to take place. There is no place for spewing hatred–especially hatred of Jews–in the colleges of New York. It’s a slippery slope that, the last century, reveals to be much too dangerous to be allowed without fierce opposition.

  • Carol

    Good! It’s about time! There ought to be some sort of penalty for the Political Science Department and the people who were responsible for evicting the four Jewish students.

  • Beverly

    Shameful! CUNY is supported by tax dollars many of which are paid by New York Jews…time for heads to roll and a political science department to have fresh blood that understands that education calls for two sides of an issue. Time for Tax dollars to be withdrawn.

  • Roberta E. Dzubow

    Isn’t it amazing that the most democratic, religiously and Gay tolerant, pluralistic, medically advanced, humanitarian, charitable, tech-brilliant,etc. country in the Middle East – and basically most of the world- gets denounced and smeared while its very opposite gets Leftist support?

    Brooklyn College Leftist believe they are standing up for “truth” but they are Useful Idiots, embracing Jew-hatred lies.

    The BDS campaign is built on brazen lies. Israel, an Apartheid state? Tell that to the 16,800 Israeli Arabs attending Israeli universities (including BDS” Marwan Barghouti), tell that to the 50,000 Africans receiving sanctuary in Tel Aviv. Tell that to the Arab Knesset members, Supreme Court Judge, Arab doctors, lawyers, shop owners, etc. Tell that to Miss Israel, born in Ethiopia. This list can go on and on… but truth doesn’t count when hatred is present.

  • BROOKLYN COLLEGE and its political science dept are a group of dhimmis who do whatever the large group of pro al queda faculty and students demand.

  • Steven

    Dismiss the entire administration. Shameful display of unacceptable behavior especially in a NYC tax payer funded school

  • susan prince

    This “university” is a disgrace to it’s name. It’s about time their policies are challenged! A racist, hate filled agenda, it should not be eligible for any funding!

  • E Pluribus Beagle

    All this is well and good but you can’t shame the shameless and if you’re not going to do much of anything other than a finger wag, then who cares? Brooklyn didn’t do this accidentally they did it knowing how people felt about it. They did it BECAUSE it was insulting. They’re proud of it. People should vote by not enrolling or not working for that disreputable organization, just like people should not be enrolling at Columbia, never saw a fascist Jew hater they couldn’t love. But they won’t. No one ever does anything.

    • Irene

      Why are not heads rolling? Where is the criticism of the President Karen Gould? Why hasn’t Milga Morales been fired? It is interesting that Matthew Goldstein,the chancellor is stepping down at this time.
      Perhaps Mr Chancellor it would behoove you to speak out and admit the stranglehold that the anti Israel,anti semitic union has on the taxpayers of this state. Perhaps Mr Fidler the next brave thing would be to call out and investigate this union. The problem of course is as long as this union keeps using its dues for political purposes,nothing will change and BDS and apartheid movements will continue to grow on other CUNY campuses Speaking out is the first step Mr Fidler. What are you now going to do about it so it doesn’t happen again?