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May 3, 2013 3:04 pm

Canada’s Israel Support Draws Ire From Arab Nations at UN

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World headquarters of the International Civil Aviation Organization in Montreal, Canada. Photo: Wikimedia Commons.

Some Arab nations are making an effort to isolate Canada at the United Nations in retaliation for the Canadian government’s pro-Israel stance.

Qatar is working to gather votes from 115 countries to relocate the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), which determines global rules for airplane transportation, from Montreal to the Middle East by 2016. In addition, Arab UN ambassadors met in New York on April 23 to discuss Palestinian issues, and discussed ways to rally support against the Canadian government among international organizations.

Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s government is known for his staunch support of Israel and maintains a close relationship with the Israeli government. In April, Canadian Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird stoked Arab anger by meeting Israeli Justice Minister Tzipi Livni in eastern Jerusalem, an area where the Palestinians dispute Israeli jurisdiction.

Joseph Lavoie, a spokesman for Baird, said Canada will “fight tooth and nail” to keep the ICAO in Monteral. “Canada will not apologize for promoting a principled foreign policy,” Lavoie said, according to the Daily Globe and Mail.

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  • Harper is a man who understands the Arab Muslim mind. It is not peace that the Arab colition wand it is confortation. The UN has become a Muslim forum, and the U.S., and Canada should withdraw. It is a lame duck.
    Prime Minister Harper is my new hero.

  • E.S.Lombard

    If these bullying tactics increase as they have, most of the civilized countries will simply leave the UN altogether. My car’s vanity plates were UNESCO at one time, but it wasn’t long before I was so ashamed that I got rid of them. Bullying is a sign of a very immature society and invite hostility from others. Keep it up!!,

  • Way to go, Prime Minister Harper!

    If only we had LtCol Allen West as President instead of Barack Obama here in the USA!

    • AM Grunberg

      D S Dunlap I fully support your view.

  • Walter

    The BIBLE states that any country that supports Israel will receive GOD”S blessings. I thank GOD every day that I live in this country called Canada.
    When JESUS comes for his bride “the church” “might even be this September, Feast of Trumpets” Canada will then turn against GOD’S people and the tribulation of the world will begin shortly after.

  • Steven

    All of this begs the question – what is this “Arab Peace Plan” – that supposedly has every Arab country “recognizing” Israel worth, if all the Arabs do is make every effort to try and punish anyone who dare cultivate a relationship with the Jewish state? Seems to me, its a worthless scrap of paper and nothing else

  • artcohn

    THe Government of Canada is outstanding, while the government of Qatar is awful.That Qatar has more influence in the UN shows how attrocious the UN has become. The Un was organized in 1945 by the victorious Allied Nations. I remember Canadian troops having an important role in rhe D-Day Normandie invasion. I don’t remember Qatar hving any role at all in the defeat of the Nazis.

    • They didn’t.

      Troops from what are now Nigeria, Kenya, Tanzania, South Africa, Cameroun, Mali, Ghana, Senegal, Sierra Leone, Liberia, and Congo had more of a role in the defeat of the Nazis than Qatar or any other Mohammedan nation.

      • Carl

        In fact, the Arabs were fully complicit with the Nazi war effort. The Grand Mufti of Jerusalem provided an Islamic SS brigade and helped Htler plan the “final solution”. Claiming innocence now is totally disingenuous and their current behavior on the world stage is no less vile.

  • llene

    I so wish we could kick the entire bunch — i.e., the UN — out of New York once and fora ll.

  • David S. Most

    Just another example of the strong-arm, muscle techniques that the Arabs of the ME employ instead of acceptable diplomacy.

    There is a never-ending level of anger and hatred towards the West that nourishes the Arab lust for blood!

  • Oren

    Also interesting to note, that the Liberal Party and people on the Left in Canada, use Canada’s new isolation from the UN as a way of scoring points – instead of applauding Harper for sticking up for Israel. Canadians have always been proud of their UN status, and a threat to it is playing into the opposition’s hands. All the more to congratulate Stephen Harper. There are even some Canadian news commentators who say Harper only allies himself with Israel to get the Jewish vote. (How many Jews are there in Canada? And how many votes is he losing by doing so????) … A lot more.

  • THANK YOU CANADA!…What a difference when you get rid of the jihadists!

    • Ray

      We should stop importing Saudi oil. We should cut them off without a trace. But we should vow to leave the UN and stop support for UNESCO if the ICAO is moved to the middle east, unless it moves to Israel I also strongly agree with Mel. “The enemies of Western Civilization have not earned the right to enjoy its benefits.”

    • However please send all the jihadists working for the Toronto Police Dept directly to the caves of Pakistan where they will obviously be more comfortable.

  • Mel

    The United Nations headquarters and its overfed diplomats have earned deportation to the Middle East.

    The enemies of Western Civilization have not earned the right to enjoy its benefits.

    New York and Montreal are too good for them.

    Let’s find out how they like eating and swimming in sand!