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May 3, 2013 9:12 am

New York College Jewish Students Target of Vicious Anti-Semitic Attack

avatar by Zach Pontz

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A freshman dorm door defaced with anti-Semitic graffiti at Ithaca college in New York. Photo: Jacob Greenberg/The Ithacan.

Two Ithaca college students were the the target of a shocking anti-Semitic attack recently. Freshmen Ross Sugarman and Josh Bond–both Jewish –awoke April 21st to find “Heil Hitler,” “666”and a swastika in dripping red paint defacing their door.

Both students are members of  Alpha Epsilon Pi, an international Jewish fraternity, and though both were disappointed, neither said they felt particularly threatened.

“I do think it’s singling us out,” Sugarman told the school’s newspaper, The Ithacan. “I don’t really feel threatened by it.”

Terri Stewart, director of the Office of Public Safety and emergency management, said an investigation into the case is ongoing.

“Everyone here cannot imagine the incredible amount of resources that has gone into this investigation to the extent that we have put a couple officers on this full time and brought them in on off time to find out who’s responsible,” Stewart said.

The college chose not to publicize the incident through a Public Safety Alert, which disturbed some students. “It’s concerning to me that anti-Semitic acts occurred on campus, but the community hasn’t been alerted,” Freshman Daniel Bender told The Ithacan.

Another freshmen echoed Bender’s concern. “If they send out messages about broken elevators and ruined ground lounges, I think they should send a message about this,” Peter Boyle, a neighbor of Sugarman and Bond, said. “This is more important. This isn’t only an act of vandalism — it’s an act of hatred, and it’s threatening.”

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  • jerry hersch

    Alyia Bettman Of the Student Alliance for Israel at Ithaca College rote this background letter to Lisa Wexler, a radio talk show host,on the Cox network.

  • Fred

    Obama sees no evil, hears no evil, and is silent on evil.
    He just blamed the USA the for the mess in Mexico.
    He does not know Jihad, Boston bombing cant be blamed on Islamic ‘Terrorist. He cant be resolute to protect his own people , Arab propaganda keeps him silent.

  • jerry hersch

    Interestigly in the ADL archives speaks about the uniqueness of Ithaca College…I wonder what the continueing history has been

    Paid advertisements denying the Holocaust were again submitted to and printed by several college newspapers in 1995. Ads were printed in student newspapers at SUNY-Binghamton (NY), Northeastern University (MA), Oberlin College (OH), Radford University (VA), Sacred Heart University (CT), and Wittenberg University (OH).

    Additionally, the newspaper at Ithaca College (NY) ran the ad as an unpaid Op-Ed piece.

    Holocaust-denial ads were rejected at Washburn University (KS), the University of Massachusetts, North Essex Community College (MA), SUNY-Albany (NY), SUNY-Stony Brook (NY), and Williams College (MA).1

  • Alan Goldman

    This is a vicious anti-semitic attack?
    Please become familiar with the English language.
    This is a coward spraying anti-semitic graffiti.
    The word vicious should be used for extreme examples of anti Jew behavior, lest we be accused of “crying wolf”. I have been beaten for being a Jew, denied a job because of my Jewishness and been excluded from organizations that were restricted, that is vicious. This minor expression of anti-semitism is disgusting, makes me angry and should be punished but it isn’t vicious. Words are important, what has been done is bad enough, but it doesn’t have to be exaggerated.

  • Avi

    A pacifist or a plain idiot, that preffers sticking his thick head, in the sand.
    My guess, it is both of the above.

  • BethesdaDog

    Where’s the ADL?

    Somebody please wake up Abe! I know he said something about the murder by the Palestinian (as he should) but where is he on this?

    • Hilda

      That’s because he is a coward like other American Jews. They are so afraid of saying anything. They believe if you are quiet it may go away.

  • Telrayes

    Still waiting for the vicious part…

    • BethesdaDog

      It was plenty vicious. Get out of here, you’re an antisemite.

    • Clue

      I agree, while the act is deplorable, the adjectives used to describe it were too strong. I was relieved to read there was no physical attack.

      As far as the victims’ reactions, I’m glad they did not feel scared or threatened. That’s what these kind of perps want. It’s probably one jerk, and I’m sure he was disappointed in the Jewish students’ response. It seems the school is taking the incident very seriously, and that’s good.

  • Sandman

    This is disturbing, but what is also disturbing is the victims’ reaction (or should I say non-reaction). This type of indifference (real or perceived) and lack of any response is exactly why incidents like these continue to happen. Put simply, there are no consequences to attacking a Jew (outside of Israel).

    • dawnvickye

      This is accurate. To feign indifference is to encourage future such acts. A prime example is the feckless obnoxiousness of the US president, who continuously ignores massive anti-American provocations, acts of sabotage, and most recently, extraordinary acts of terrorism, even on our own ground. He has thus made it more and more likely that such acts recur. Reagan did not grovel to [foreign] [anti-American?] collegians(Mexico today), or acts of horror–he stood his ground and gave as good as was needed at the time. Ubuma is incapable of decent affect, a warped psychosomatic matrix deflecting all decent human reaction to evil. Kim Jong-Un has discerned that and threatened us in a vile manner, and Ubuma has said nothing. Iran has dangled nuclearization for 5 years over the unfathomably horrible president, and the Ubuma has been unable to rise to the occasion even once in a meaningful way. Drones won’t do the trick. The latest Boston outrage copies his supine subdelta nonresponse in drawing nothing from him except his typically droning and sleep-inducing rhetoric. Syria has drawn no ire whatsoever from the formulaic radical leftist fraud president. Benghazi has been a lesson in what not to do: How many more soldiers and service-people and ambassadors must die before this childish failure finds his spine? The Jewish students must stand up to the potential bullying and show they are not intimidated, else all Jews may feel many more such unwarranted intrusions into peaceful school and community life.

  • Hi, I’m all for you spreading awareness but please don’t so blatantly plagiarize so much of my story without even referencing me for anything besides the photo!

    • Kerri Feldman

      Good story Jacob Greenberg.