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May 10, 2013 11:11 am

Poll: 79% of Palestinian Arabs View the United States Unfavorably

avatar by Zach Pontz

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Prime Minister Netanyahu shaking hands with PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas as President Obama looks on.

Israelis and Palestinian Arabs have vastly different views of the U.S., but share the hope that President Barack Obama will undertake a larger role in fostering peace.

According to a new Pew Poll, 79% of Palestinian Arabs view the United States unfavorably, versus only 16% of Israelis. Only 15% of Palestinians believe that the Palestinian Authority has a good relationship with the U.S. Administration, compared to 94% of Israelis who believe their government does.

The contrasts remain considerable throughout the poll except where the U.S. President’s role in the conflict is concerned. Israelis (49%) and Palestinians (41%) believe he should have an increased role.

According to the poll, 61% of Palestinians believe that there are no prospects for Palestinian statehood compared to 38% of Israelis who share the same belief.

Israelis, on balance, believe a way can be found for an independent Palestinian state to coexist peacefully with their country. Palestinians, on the other hand, overwhelmingly do not think this is possible, and a plurality believes violence rather than negotiations or nonviolent protest is the best way to achieve statehood.

Also of note was the response of Israelis to settlement activity. A large portion of respondents, 42%, said that they believe building Jewish communities in the West Bank poses a security risk.

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  • Vivienne Leijonhufvud

    JHC….t, the more I read about Palestinians the more I become disillusioned! How is anyone going to deal with a terrorist mob appearing to look suited up and reasonable?

    I’m a nobody, who just watches and reads the news on a daily basis. I have seen nor read anything that encourages me to take Muslim Arab’s side, or Palestinian for that matter. Abbas is taking payoffs from Hamas, the US. If this is about Oil I don’t see it. Palestine has no market economy, no infrastructure, she’s just a sham with a lot of noise around.

    Does the US really think they will be able to keep the price of oil stable, pumping for export to the US? Have they forgotten how Hussein blew up Oil refineries in Kuwait? The US is very short sighted. Iran will stop at nothing. Iraq is still at war (civil) Syria is a complete shambles, Egypt, Libya, Mali, Somalia Sudan are all unstable not too mention Afghanistan, Uzebekistan, Tajikstan.

    The US needs to get a grip, you cannot reason with any of the nations mentioned above, seems China is just as dumb. Oil is irrelevant to the main strategy of the troubled Middle East and Israel is stuck right in the middle every nation around her wants her wiped out. Why? You might well ask? The world is dealing with, I would go as far as too say Psychopathic/Sociopathic leaders in the Middle East. Hitler was of the same type and it has taken the rest of the world over fifty years to figure it, just because you run a country doesn’t make mentally stable? Middle Eastern nations are on a course to dominate Europe, already Muslims are in Asia and causing problems there, Bali 2005, India, Phillipines. Sharia Law world wide, as for oil once we have all been suppressed oil will be used to keep us under control.

  • The arabs have same view as al queda…No matter how much money obama and his far left friends give them…they hate us…They celebrated after 9/11 in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn and Patterson NJ and Dearborn Michigan…
    Gratitude is not part of their DNA!