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May 13, 2013 5:37 am

Stephen Hawking Rejects the Zionism of Einstein

avatar by Shmuley Boteach

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Stephen Hawking and Shmuley Boteach.

Has Stephen Hawking really left the company of Albert Einstein, an avowed Zionist who worked to create the State of Israel, and replaced him with the august company of Elvis Costello and other Israel boycotters?

I hosted Hawking for a lecture at Oxford in 1998 where I introduced him to 1000 Oxford students. He could not have been more humble and approachable. Aside from his lecture, delivered through his voice synthesizer, on string theory – little of which I understood but which my students assured me was ‘brilliant’ – I remember his love of babies and practical jokes. Our daughter Rochel Leah had just been born and Hawking and his wife asked us if he could hold her. I can still picture in my mind how his wife took the baby, placed her on his lap, and then wrapped his enfeebled arms around the baby, which he stared at with a huge grin for minutes. He was enraptured.

After the lecture was over and as we walked Hawking to his car, he suddenly raced off in his wheelchair to Haagen-Dazs where we consumed in ice cream. His wife chuckled that he loved giving his hosts the slip as he indulged his childlike spirit.

All who heard and met him were deeply impressed with his humility and accessibility.

And now this, digging a knife publicly into Israel’s back.

Why would one of the world’s leading academic minds condemn the only democracy in the Middle East? Why would he attack a country, situated in a region of such deep misogyny, that celebrates women succeeding in every area of academic, professional, and political life? Why would Hawking pounce on a nation who, with neighbors like Hamas that routinely murder gays on false accusations of collaboration, grants homosexuals every equal right? And why would he condemn a country whose Arab citizens are the freest and least afraid in the entire Middle East?

Could it be because Israel has still not settled the status of the West Bank?

But if that is the case, surely Hawking knows that Israel has seen thousands of its citizens slaughtered in gruesome terror attacks ever since it granted autonomy to the Palestinian authority to control 97% of the Palestinian population?

Could it be because Israel has yet to facilitate the creation of a Palestinian state?

But then Hawking is a highly educated man and he knows that after Israel withdrew fully from Gaza – dismantling its communities and forcibly removing its settlers – that it lead to tens of thousands of rockets being fired at Israeli hospitals and schools. And besides, Israel has practically begged the Palestinians to come back to the negotiating table without any pre-conditions to discuss just that, the creation of a two-state solution, but the Palestinians have refused.

Perhaps its because Hawking believes the demonstrably false lie that Israel is an apartheid state. But then a scientist like Hawking would check facts before he would embrace such fraudulence and could easily discover that Arabs serve in the Israel Knesset – where they freely and regularly disagree with Israel – as well as the Israeli Supreme Court, the civil service, and every other area of Israeli life.

No, one must conclude that for all his academic brilliance Hawking might just be lacking in simple common sense.

In his statement embracing the boycott of the Jewish state, Hawking said, “I have received a number of emails from Palestinian academics. They are unanimous that I should respect the boycott. In view of this I must withdraw from the conference.”

One would think that Hawking’s response to these academics might be a call to, say, Hamas to start using the billions channeled to the Palestinians as the world’s largest per capita recipients of international foreign aid into building universities rather than buying bombs, or educating women rather than tacitly allowing the honor killings of young Palestinian women whose only crime is to have a boyfriend. No, Hawking decided instead to condemn the country whose scholars have won ten Nobel prizes, from a population of six million, while the entire Arab world, numbering in the hundreds of millions, have won two, outside the peace prize (another four).

Clearly, a knowledge of physics is no guarantor of a knowledge of foreign affairs.

Since Hawking is so often called the Einstein of his generation, it is worth reminding him that Einstein was a committed Zionist who traveled around the United States with Chain Weizmann to raise money for the creation of Hebrew University in Jerusalem, an institution that Hawking now refuses to even visit. In a 1921 letter to his friend Friedrich Zangger, Einstein wrote, “On Saturday I’m off to America – not to speak at universities (though there will probably be that, too, on the side) but rather to help in the founding of the Jewish University in Jerusalem. I feel an intense need to do something for this cause.”

Separately, in a letter to Maurice Solovine Einstein wrote, “I am not at all eager to go to America but am doing it only in the interests of the Zionists, who must beg for dollars to build educational institutions in Jerusalem and for whom I act as high priest and  decoy… I do what I can to help those in my tribe who are treated so badly everywhere.”

And when in 1948 President Harry Truman recognized the new Jewish State of Israel, Einstein declared it “the fulfillment of our dream.”

How unfortunate that a man as visionary as Stephen Hawking can peer so deeply into the Universe but it is so myopic as to fail to see the righteousness of Israel’s cause even as it stares him right in the face.

Shmuley Boteach, whom The Washington Post calls ‘the most famous Rabbi in America,’ served as Rabbi to the students of Oxford University for 11 years where he created the Oxford L’Chaim Society,which hosted world leaders lecturing on values-based leadership. He has just published The Fed-Up Man of Faith: Challenging God in the Face of Tragedy and Suffering. Follow him on Twitter @RabbiShmuley.

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  • In my half-century (+) on this earth I have come to view the Jewish people with guarded skepticism and a dash of admiration. No outright contempt (yet). One Zionist once stated, ” … I do what I can to help those in my tribe who are treated so badly everywhere.” Yet nobody seems very intent on studying why Jews are “treated so badly.” To best do this, you really need to learn from outsiders like myself. So here are my top five reasons for distrusting Jews on the average – I will try to keep them chronological:

    1) Theodore Hall (aka Theodore Holtzberg) – A traitor to be sure, of country and the Jewish people (by abandoning his Jewish surname). This fool actually thought he had the right to tip the balance of world power by leaking U.S. nuclear secrets to the Soviets; thought it was too dangerous for “just one country to have the ‘bomb.'” Not his call to make. Certainly locks him in as #1 on my “Crabs on the Testicles of Society” list. And still allowed to live out a leisurely free life in England. Yet today Israel remains the sole power in the Middle East to have nuclear capabilities … compliments of the U.S. government, of course.

    2) De Beers (Diamond) Companies – A fine example of another globally-controlled, Jewish-dominated industrial monopoly.

    3) The Walt Disney Company – Walt Disney was a great animator and an unparalleled entertainment visionary, but getting there required travelling many bumpy roads … most of them owned by Jews. So it was no wonder he too was leery of them, yet the Jews broadly painted him an anti-Semite. But with Jews making up only two-tenths of one percent of the world, it makes one wonder how on earth the last three presidents in a row of Disney have been Jewish. Payback?

    4) The Ford Motor Company – For years the Jews squawked and screamed about how anti-Semitic Henry Ford was (and he was, very!), but I find it quite curious how today a Jew has managed to claw his way to the top and now has more control of the Ford company than anyone else except William C. himself. Payback?

    5) Bernie Madoff – ‘Nuff said!

  • PermReader

    The great cult figure of disabled genius of popular science.Though, the scientist of modest scale in the past ,this mainstream person has to have the mainstream political prejudices of the mob,British mob, anti-semitic to the bone.All of his views are mainstream, corrected by British elitarian leftist mainstream.

  • Adam Abdul Rahman

    Much like everybody, I don’t have intimate knowledge of the issues regarding Palestine and Israelis, however, as a regular human, it’s safe to say anybody can boycott whatever they wish, and if somebody has an opinion for or against it, that’s okay too…

    What the issue is, is that Zionists and other people amongst the Jewish faith take personal offense, which also isn’t bad but if you take THAT MUCH offense, then maybe you shouldn’t comment from the same land where this “enemy” is commenting from. Meaning if you are Jewish in America you should respect his freedom of speech, however if you are Jewish in Occupied Palestine then maybe you have more of a right to be upset because he’s boycotting where you call home.

    It’s hypocrisy to secretly hold dual nationality and pick and choose the perks you want. I don’t hate any human but if your country supports what your faith opposes and you side with your country, that’s hypocrisy, and man I have a strong dislike towards hypocrits.

    In the end though Zionists amongst other pro-Israel Jews in Palestine have every right to be upset. They worked so hard to establish a state for themselves and promote a peaceful liberal, yet identifiable Jewish homeland but nobody believes them except themselves and other people who want a piece of their immense wealth.


  • Martin Attroski

    Freedom of speech: Hawking has it.
    Freedom of choice: Hawking got it.
    Anyone has the right to critisize anything, except Jews. Jews promote homosexuality, feminism, equality by discrimination, liberalism, communism, and facism (on the right). Who cares if Israel is exposed for their actions. Truth is greater than propoganda. Anyone who cares to look will find that Einstein is a plagarist who contributed little to nothing in the way of science. Like all things Jewish, he is given a free pass for his mis-deeds (lies). I must admit that I’ve never found hawking all that brilliant either with his top-down approach to physics. However, it is amazing the level of vapid degeneracy among Israels defenders, apparently no-one has the right to critisize Israel without being called racist anti-semitism ( Ironic considering that Arabs are semites).

  • Hawking has been bought with Arab money. If he wa told to jump through a hoop by the Saudi’s he would. So much for Mr. Hawking.

  • Stephen Hawking is not alone with his bi-polar intelligence. Here in Canada we have an abundance of people who are extremely intelligent when it comes to their profession, but at the same time, total idiots when it comes to social issues. We call them liberals.

  • The fact remains that Albert Einstein was offered the presidency of the new state of Israel but refused because he thought it was tantamount to a racist state, by definition.
    On another point I heard that professor Hawking visited Iran with a friend in 1962, and Alan Dershowitz, the perennial goyim hater, used this trip in his abominable recent comments.

  • Noel Herasfield

    One of the first things Hitlerdidwasto boycott Jewish Professionals.This is dejavu all over again.

  • As the author states scientific creativity does not include common sense,and I would add, or even humanity. Consider the actions of Hitler’s scientists and their inhuman actions. Perhaps Hawking has forgotten. His apparent loss of memory can be restored by his reading more historical accounts of Hitler’s genocidal actions against Jews and many others, the Exodus, and founding of Israel as a modern nation. Needless to say peace must be established for all in the Mideast to survive.

  • Dafna Yee

    I think enough fuss has been made over Hawking’s decision to boycott Israel’s scientific convention. Yes, he has given Israel’s enemies a political boost and yes his despicable decision is fodder for the propaganda war against Israel, but I think that continuing to keep Hawking in the limelight is only going hurt Israel. The “good guys” have responded with the truth and given plenty of ammunition for the pro-Israel side to use to try and limit the damage that has been done but I don’t think that anyone who supports Hawking’s decision is going to change their mind at this point. Giving more free publicity to Israel’s enemies is a mistake and doing so is allowing other, more pertinent actions such as Netanyahu’s going bank on his word and halting the building of apartments in Judea, Samaria, and Jerusalem or the latest “peace” plan to share Information about Israel’s defenses with Israel’s sworn enemies to slip under the wire and gain momentum. Let Israel and her advocates stop wasting more time and resources on Hawking and work on issues that can still be altered.

  • Isaac

    My biggest concern is not that Stephen Hawking decided to boycott the conference in Israel.

    The bigger problem that Israel needs to ask itself is why her side is not being heard, even by very bright persons.

    Israelis still have not realized that in today’s world, it is not enough to win on the battlefield. It also needs to invest heavily in winning the war for public opinion.

    If the Israelis start to analyze this incident and reach the proper conclusions, then Hawking’s boycott can turn out to be a blessing in disguise.

  • Just brilliantly stupid, like so many other JUIs (Jewish
    Useful Idiots). Alas, alack . .

  • Mel

    Hawking earned the right to quietly rot. Rotten he is! Mind-altering drug users reportedly have expanded vision.
    Until Washington’s Great Impostor, did we follow them? When Joe McCarthy decimated Hollywood and Broadway, he targeted the impressionable young victims of Leftist professors hidden behind America’s ivy-covered walls. They have now poisoned the minds of many generations.

  • BethesdaDog

    I ask the question again I’ve been asking time after time: is Hawking really all that brilliant and special, or is he just adored for the novelty of it all, a profoundly disabled man who slowly produces great insights on physics?

    Would he be so celebrated and adored if he were not disabled? Or, would he be just another world-class physicist, most of whom are unknown to the general public?

    By the way, I am a very strong supporter and advocate of the disabled. I’m just curious as to how much of this celebrity of Hawking is because of his disability.

  • Andrea

    Brilliance in physics, as you say, has no bearing on other forms of intelligence. He has apparently been brainwashed like most of the world into this utterly irrational anti-Israel stance. Israel may not be perfect, show me a country that is. That’s why I find these positions to be anti-Semitic at their core, sometimes held by people who would never imagine themselves to be anti-Semitic. Tragic for us.

  • Carol

    Thanks for those insights. One other reason MIGHT be that the “Palestinian Academics” might have physically or in some way intimidated him or someone(s)close to him, which would certainly be nothing new for Palestinians. Perhaps one day he’ll ‘fess up.

    Otherwise it’s nothing short of disgusting and weaselly.

  • Hawking has now made clear that he represents the pure evil of antisemitism just as Heidigger and Gertrude Stein do….All three of them prove that the pure evil of antisemitism trumps intellect every time.

  • Irving D.Cohen

    To refer to Hawking in the same breath as Einstein is like comparing horse manure to gold. I don’t care how great a scholar he may be considered to be; the jerk simply does not use that enormous intelligence and education to understand what is going on in the middle east.

  • Yoni

    Plz stop making a fuz about him in the media I bet most of your readers are like me…never heard of a contused nut genius who doesn’t know where he should stand politically until you brought him into the pic.

  • Raymond in DC

    How curious that a number of Palestinians will be present at Peres’ Presidential Conference, but out of deference to some Palestinian colleagues (and reportedly Noam Chomsky – hardly a colleague), he won’t be.