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May 17, 2013 1:39 pm

UNRWA Claims Director Didn’t Pose With Map That Erases Israel, Despite Evidence to the Contrary

avatar by Zach Pontz

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Ann Dismorr, Director of UNRWA Affairs in Lebanon, with a map that shows all of Israel as "Palestine." Photo: Palestinian Media Watch.

In a continuing tete-a-tete, The UNRWA has rejected claims made earlier this week by Palestinian Media Watch (PMW) that one of its Middle East directors posed with a map that removed Israel, instead claiming the map was of the region prior to the creation of the Jewish state.

Ann Dismorr, Director of UNRWA Affairs in Lebanon, posed with the map earlier this month during the  launch of an UNRWA project to improve the water supply network and rehabilitate shelters in the Rashidieh Camp.

UNRWA spokesperson Christopher Gunness, responding on UNRWA’s website, rejected PMW’s report.

“UNRWA categorically rejects accusations in the media that the Agency is ‘erasing Israel from the map’ because its officials and stakeholders stood next to a map which does not show Israel. The map in question is an embroidery depicting a pre-1948 map and therefore ante-dates the creation of the state of Israel. The allegations are therefore completely false,” claimed Gunness.

PMW however, took issue with this version of events, noting: “UNRWA spokesperson Gunness’ justification that the map ‘depict[s] a pre-1948 map’ is baseless, as the map includes the PLO-PA flag and not a British flag. That exact map erasing Israel, especially when accompanied by the PA flag, is one of the many ways the PA expresses its rejection of Israel’s existence and right to exist.”

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  • DSharon

    UNRWA officials are dirty liars.

    They claim that this is a pre-1948 map.

    This claim is EASILY refuted — not merely by its use of the post-1964 PLO flag…

    But by its labeling Jordan as Jordan (Urdun) and not TRANSJORDAN (Emarat Sharq al-Urdun) as it was known from 1921 to 1948.

    It only became “Jordan” AFTER the creation of Israel and AFTER the Arab War of Aggression against Israel when TRANSJORDAN attacked, conquered, occupied and ethnically cleansed the “West Bank” of Jews and THEN renamed itself JORDAN.

    DEFUND that horrible misfit of an organization NOW!!!

  • Krishnan Ganesh

    The Israel Museum in Jerusalem has been publicising a map of the Middle East without Israel being shown. See the following link.

    Does this discussion group believe this makes the Israel Museum anti-Israel and perhaps anti-Semitic?


  • Krishnan Ganesh

    The Smithsonian Institution in Washington has on its website maps of the Middle East which have “erased Israel”. The Smithsonian made an editorial decision to publish these old maps. Are they anti-Semitic, anti-Israel? Very interested in the group’s comments. KG

  • Krishnan Ganesh

    Meanwhile, the Israeli Ministry of Tourism website continues to include tourist maps that erase most of UN observer state Palestine from the map altogether. See this link.

    What does this discussion group think about that? I’d be very interested. KG

  • Krishnan Ganesh

    Dear Dave4321,

    The flag dates from 1916 so don’t forget that at that stage Tel Aviv would have been tiny, even though it was established on 7 Palestinian villages: Shaykh Muwannis, Summayl, Jammasin al-Gharbi, al-Manshyyah, Salama, Abu Kabir, Fishermen Village, and Irsheed. This is something which all those Tel Aviv liberal and Nakba deniers don’t like to admit.


  • Krishnan Ganesh

    Dear Pfannschmidt,

    UNRWA teaches half a million children in the states and territories around Israel including nearly a quarter of a million in Gaza. Do you reallly think it would be good for Israel and the wider interests of peace to have UNRWA defunded and hundreds of thousands of children on the streets at a time of the “Arab Spring”? When you find yourself in a hole, stop digging!


  • Krishnan Ganesh

    The Patrick Martin article was total nonsense and his own paper was forced to retract his story. See below

    UNRWA Welcomes Retraction of Damaging Articles

    Tags: Gaza | Jabalia

    2 April 2009

    East Jerusalem

    The Toronto Globe and Mail and the Australian Newspaper have published retractions and corrections to articles in which they accused UNRWA officials of publishing inaccurate information about Israeli attacks around the UN school in Jabalia during the recent war in Gaza. In its clarification, the Toronto Globe and Mail admitted that “John Ging, the Director of operations of the United Nations Relief and Works Agency in Gaza was mistakenly quoted in a January 29 news story”. The paper made clear that “in fact, Mr Ging was referring to a different attack, at Asma, Gaza, on the same day as the jabalia attack”, in which three people were killed inside the UNRWA school compound. The articles claimed that UNRWA had not only published incorrect data, but that its officials had spread allegations against Israel based on this information. These misleading articles were quoted in subsequent media reports. UNRWA welcomes the retractions, but regrets the damaging impression left by the original articles. The Agency stands by the information it made public during the fighting in Gaza in December and January.

    – Ends –

  • Luigi Rosolin

    UNRWA cannot been justify to appear in a map where Israel territory had been not represented,is a clear favoring the Palestinian state that is not admissible from a UN agencies. Especially as in this situation where Israel still not recognize by then.

  • A Zionist

    In 2009, Chris Gunness spoke on Arab and English TV, including the BBC, excoriating Israel for shelling a school in the UN compound killing 40 and injuring many more during Operation Cast Lead.

    Patrick Martin, a journalist for the Toronto Mail and Globe (who is not a pro-Israel supporter) confirmed that there was no physical evidence that the school had been shelled. There had been a fight between the IDF and terrorists in an adjacent street. When approached by Martin, Gunness admitted that he and his colleague, John Ging, knew that Israel had not shelled the school, but justified his anti-Israel position.

    Chris Gunness knew that the Palestinians lied when reporting to Reuters. The lies led to the open letter in which Chinkin, Pillay, Goldstone and Travers were “shocked to the core” (while remaining silent when Israeli children and civilians were targeted by thousands of Hamas missiles from Gaza, despite Israel’s unilateral disengagement). The lies and Hamas-driven enquiry led to the now discredited and infamous Goldstone Report supported by the equally perverse and morally bankrupt UNHRC. It was telling that even Mary Robinson refused to take part on the grounds that this was political and not humanitarian.

    Gunness is a liar and has shown to be a liar. Therefore his response above is an understandable lie given his amoral position.

  • All the evidence points towards a deliberate act by Ann Dismorr on behalf of UNRWA to pose in front of a map with Israel wiped off it. Such actions just increase tensions in the region and the explanation given by Christopher Gunness is less than convincing.

  • Krishnan Ganesh

    The Palestinian flag dates back to 1916, decades before the creation of the state of Israel.

  • Fred

    Why should one be surprised by the Tower of Babel( United Nations) branches. Who revel in falsehood bringing the organisation into disrepute as untrustworthy because of false representation.

  • Ethan

    Actually this is very suspicious. Any pre 48 Map of the region would include area east of the Jordan River. Also the Palestinian Flag (PLO) didn’t exist at that time. It looks like Israel with Judea and Samaria (West Bank) minus the Golan. They are lying through their teeth.

  • When Al Queda says jump UNRWA says “How high?”….

  • Mel

    UNRWA’s next attempt to obscure the undeniable will be a claim a rogue imposed its presence into the picture. Close-ups of staff will accentuate many crossed fingers and long, Pinocchio-inspired noses.

  • gregg solomon

    First, UNRWA rationale is nonsense

    Second, And why would they pose with a pre-1948 map?

    Third, “depicting a pre-1948 map and therefore ante-dates the creation of the state of Israel.” And therefore that same map ante-dates the creation of the Palestinian State (which had never ever before even existed).

  • How stupid can the UNWRA be? Not even a shred of historical nor chronological knowledge of the region, and when put on the spot not even the right and honest reaction… Shows how biased and crooked these people are. Cut its funds and leave it in the cold, what would it change anyway?

  • Many question are being raised by the article, some of those being:
    – why is our ‘friend’ Germany funding UNRWA projects, when it was known for ages that although a UN organism, UNRWA is deeply anti-Israel?
    – why is the Palestinian Media Watch making valid points (PMW rarely does such a thing), which actually show the world how biased are some UN organizations?

  • Maybe it’s the PA’s way of expressing its own wishful thinking.

  • Diogenes

    A tête-à-tête (French for “head to head”) is a private conversation between two persons. Do you mean tit for tat?

  • Dave4321

    I’m pretty sure Tel Aviv existed before 1948. Is that on the map?

  • what do you expect from these moral degenerates