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May 23, 2013 12:04 pm

Bill Protecting IDF from Slander Passes First Knesset Reading

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IDF soldiers. Photo: IDF.

People and groups who slander the Israel Defense Forces may find themselves facing lawsuits, according to an amendment to Israel’s libel law that passed a preliminary reading in the Knesset on Wednesday.

MK Yoni Chetboun (Habayit Hayehudi) initiated the bill in response to the film “Jenin Jenin,” which falsely accused the IDF of massacring Palestinians during the 2002 IDF operation at the Jenin refugee camp, Israel Hayom reported.

The bill says Israel’s detractors have felt free to engage in slander “because they are aware that no legal proceedings would be taken against them.” Current Israeli libel law does not allow for slander lawsuits to be filed against “the general public” without first being approved by Israel’s attorney general, but the new proposal would make the IDF “a separate entity from the greater Israeli public, which would allow for the filing of a lawsuit for defamation of the Israel Defense Forces.”

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    This bill is badly needed and is long overdue.

    I was at Jenin. Human rights watch at 1st was honest and then Harvey Roth (?) took over and he directly lied to the press about the number of casualties.

    The Palestinian Authority talked about massacres and mass burials. The UN and the media reported what they said verbatim without any checking on facts that were obvious to any eyewitness.

    The UN condemned Israel as did the US State Department.

    The PA hospital commander and I estimated 60 Palestinian dead. The actual number turned out to be 58.

    An Associated Press photographer volunteered to the Palestinian gunmen exactly what road was open so that they could escape.

    My only criticism of the IDF was that they did not use air power and heavy weapons to blast out the terrorists. Their frontal assault tactics led to many unnecessary Israeli deaths.

    The IDF claims to be the “most humane army in the world.” They are….. and if you notice the world does not give one damn. Unfortunately, neither do the Jewish left-wing NGOs.

    One or more of my officers has had direct contact with Bt’selm. They are challenged each time the Palestinians commit an atrocity agains Jews or against their fellow Palestinians. To date, the left-wing Jewish NGOs are deficient in their stated mission which is to assure civil rights to all on the West Bank.

    We expect the “moderate Muslims” to police and control the Islamists. We should also expect liberal Jews to be honest in their appraisals of the situation.

    Today, one of my division chiefs reported that his division has never been notified of the murder of three Jews by one of the Boston marathon bombers. What further bothered him was that the FBI said that with the killing of the other suspect ( in Fla.) the trail was now cold. He inquired any FBI review of computer contacts, telephone contacts, mosque attendance, etc. etc.

    The statement that the brothers were engaged in a lone wolf attack appears to be premature and misleading. Boston PC Ed Davis has publicly concurred with these concerns on remarks.

  • jerry hersch

    A slope too slippery.
    The military are instruments of the state…Lies about the IDF then are really attacks at some level or the entirety of the Israeli government.
    Militaries are composed of individuals…sometime individuals in the military do we in the US have seen in recent years…out ot prejudice hatred and ignorance.
    We who are closest with every breath ..with every gene… to the Holocaust must weigh every iota of this type of legislation..that creates a separate category for the military..perhaps an immunity.