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May 23, 2013 10:07 am

Top 10 Warning Signs You May be a ‘Guardian Left’ Anti-Semite

avatar by Adam Levick

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The Guardian offices.

H/T Harry Steel

The Guardian’s associate editor Seumas Milne – who, when working for the communist publication ‘Straight Left’ earlier in his career, used the name “Harry Steel” as his nom de plume in homage of the party’s Stalin-era General Secretary – was kind enough to Tweet a link to a piece in Foreign Policy Magazine by Stephen Walt.

The piece is titled ‘Top 10 warning signs you are a liberal imperialist‘.

The essay itself, written by the co-author of a book widely condemned for its shoddy scholarship and for arguing that Jews wield too much power in Washington, D.C., is unintentionally quite comical – a kind of ‘Western Guilt-Driven Guide to the Universe for Dummies’ – and includes, as #1, the following:

You frequently find yourself advocating that the United States send troops, drones, weapons, Special Forces, or combat air patrols to some country that you have never visited, whose language(s) you don’t speak, and that you never paid much attention to until bad things started happening there.

Whilst I don’t speak fluent academic-ese like the esteemed Harvard professor, I have become adept at deciphering an even more obscure dialect – the language of the Guardian Left.

So, in the spirit of Walt’s mockery of those who ‘unknowingly’ are compromised by a deep-seeded imperialism lurking in their subconscious, here is my own ‘Top 10 warning signs you may be a Guardian Left anti-Semite – a list, per the links below, inspired by real life Guardianistas!)

1. You claim the mantle of human rights yet find yourself running interference for anti-Semitic world leaders and helping to spread the propaganda of Islamist extremists – and even terrorist leaders who openly call for the murder of Jews.

2.  You claim to condemn racism at every opportunity yet are strangely silent or seriously downplay even the most egregious examples of antisemitic violence.

3. You claim to be a champion of progressive politics yet often use terms and advance tropes indistinguishable from classic right wing Judeophobia such as the argument that Jews are too powerful, use their money to control politics, and are not loyal citizens.

4. You support nationalism, and don’t have a problem with the existence of more than 50 Muslim states, yet you oppose the existence of the only Jewish state in the world.

5. Even when putatively condemning antisemitism you can’t help but blame the Jews for causing antisemitism.

6. You condemn the Holocaust yet also obsessively condemn living Jews for their alleged ‘inhumanity’ and even argue that Jews haven’t learned the proper lessons from the attempt to annihilate their co-religionists from the planet.

7. You not only support Palestinian rights, but support their “right” to launch deadly terrorist attacks on Israeli Jews, under the mantle of anti-imperialist “resistance”.

8. You characterize extremist reactionary Islamist movements as “progressive“.

9. You accuse Jews of cynically misusing the charge of antisemitism to “stifledebate about the Jewish state.

10. You champion diversity and multiculturalism of all kinds, yet suggest that Jewish particularism represents an inherently tribal, ethnocentric and racist identity.

I’m sure there are more than ten – so please feel free to add to our list in the comment section below.

Adam Levick is the managing editor of CiF Watch, an affiliate of the Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting in America (CAMERA)

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  • Joe Wallack
  • Lone Star

    You claim to love everything Jewish, except when it comes to Jewish success.

  • AJ-Raalte

    11. You are quick to call any factual pro-Israel comment “hasbara lies”.

  • Fredric M. London

    You howl at the slightest hint of prejudice towards women unless…you are dealing with an Islamist regime.

    You take to task anyone who uses what you describe as pejorative language, yet are very comfortable uttering hate speech at Jews and Israel

    You are up in arms at the slightest hint that Israel may have misbehaved, and are amazingly silent when you are proved wrong.

    You extol the most extreme and hateful jihadists but mock and call into disrepute any Muslim who disagrees.

    You hide your subscription to Aryan Brotherhood magazine.

  • Mario

    That was a great “exposure” of the “true picture” of a Guardian Left anti – semitic spirit. You have used your “CAMERA” well, Adam. Such exposure helps us people confused by what is true and what is a lie being peddled around by the media. Thanks again for your able “Watch.”

  • Otto Schiff

    Antisemitism is irrational. Antisemites are irrational.
    In German: Gegen Dummheit kaempften Goetter selbst
    vergebens. (Even the Gods have fought stupidity
    in vain.

  • Leon Poddebsky

    Actually “the left” traditionally has given lip service to anti-nationalism and “universalism”, but it obsessively campaigns for the creation of yet an additional Arab state.
    The left makes an exception in this case because the potential targets of this putative Arab state would be Jews.

  • Wonderful piece…You left out that everyone who
    works or who has ever worked for the GUARDIAN wishes with all their empty soul that had worked for DER STURMER.

  • your heart jumps with joy every time you hear a lethal narrative about Israel, but every time you hear something negative about Islam, even when true, you feel anxious and concerned that somehow, if this got out (worse, got connected to all the other worrisome tales of Islamist aggression, it might lead down the slippery slope to Islamophobia.