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May 26, 2013 3:26 pm

IAF Chief: Hezbollah Using Populated Areas for Weapons Transfers to Avoid Israeli Interceptions

avatar by Zach Pontz

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Major Gen. Amir Eshel. Photo: Wikipedia

Hezbollah is transferring weapons through populated areas in the region in order to avoid Israel interception, the Commander in Chief of the Israeli Air Force has said, according to Israel’s Channel 2.

During a strategic review, Maj.-Gen. Amir Eshel told a group of former senior U.S. Army generals that Hezbollah is using warehouses, civilian buildings, mosques and underground storage facilities to dissuade Israel from striking at weapons it is transferring to and from Syria.

Eshel said that Israel would, however, remain vigilant and do what it must to stop the transfer of weapons that could harm Israel.

“You never know what will happen the day after Assad,” Eshel said, according to Channel 2. “We need to be prepared to prevent the transfer of weapons of any kind.”

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  • coco199

    I am very confident Assad will win till…… but 100% before…..
    Bashar is winning from 2011. In support of my statement there are the last developments: he asked for Hellbollah militia help(that is showing how strong he is) & he is using limited chemical weapons(a real behavior for a great winner)
    If I stop joking , how could he win a war where 65% of the population is hostile and 20% of the population has other agenda(kurds and turkmen).
    Last point is winning what? a destroyed country? erased towns? a full M.E.sectarian war spreading from Iraq to Lebanon?

  • Vivienne Leijonhufvud

    As expected, if a nation sends six year olds in as suicide bombs, why would Hezbollah not use Civilian populations to transport lethal weapons? Russia needs to be talked round, the West including US above all must see Radical Islam has been waging an undeclared war for years, will stop at nothing. Israel is the closet nation with armed defense forces and she can handle Syria. Just have to take crap criticism from media.

    Recommend 12 Tribes hour long documentary ‘The Third Jihad’ needs world wide screening how this could be done no idea, if any one wants to view it I have shared it on Twitter.

  • This is the reason why one can ask “when was the last time Israel really won a war ?”
    Its actually quite pathetic to hear such a complaint !
    “We cant take out the weapons being transferred to Hezbollah from Syria and Iran because they use warehouses, and mosques in populated areas”.
    “What would William Hague say ?” I bet he wouldn`t be pleased if there were Lebanese casualties.
    My guess is that if the generals weren’t owned by the left-wing politicians, now would be the chance to completely eradicate Hezbollah.
    I`m sorry I forgot the new war doctrine: “We don’t want to destabilize the northern border !”.

  • Bernard Ross

    stay vigilant, do what it must? If it didnt bomb them then they didnt do what they must. The endganger jewish lives for enemy lives.

  • bomb all the routes if you have to! There must be no more weapons placed into shitzbullahs hands through syria or any other country! Better to have a war with them now if need be than to wait again until they are armed to the teeth with whatever else they can get from the madmen who support these modern nazis!!!

  • Hezbollah is doing what Hamas did in Gaza–hiding behind civilians. That way they can’t lose. Either Israel will refrain from killing the civilians, thus protecting the shipment of weapons; or else Israel will strike and kill innocent people, leading the world to rise up in horror against what Israel has done.

  • E Pluribus Beagle


  • jerry hersch

    “….the day after Assad,”
    Somebody may be dreaming..Lebanon is already lost and coastal Syria nearly so ..the only question for Assad is Damascus worth holding..the retention and securitization of the routes to the west of Damascus shows the answer.
    As for arms transit ways and means-is this news? or is Israeli intelligence that far behind one that is antiquated ??

    • Navin

      no you are wrong..Assad is gaining all that he has lost…reason no unity among the latest news