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June 2, 2013 7:55 pm

Tutu Constantly Tooting His Tuneless Flute

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Desmond Tutu. Photo: wiki commons.

It occurs to me that Desmond Tutu’s obsession with and hate of Israel, always couched in politically correct human rights jargon and clichés, might have its roots, amongst other things, in an essential lack of intellectual and cogitative ability having absorbed Replacement Theology completely without a single enquiring or discerning thought, thus finding a self-justification for his anti-Semitism and then having it reinforced when his monstrous and equally fragile ego was severely dented in 2008, when he was appointed by that well-known Israel loving body, the United Nations, as head of a “fact-finding” mission to Gaza. Israel refused to grant him the necessary travel clearance. Israeli officials wisely and correctly expressed concern that the report would be biased against Israel.

Of course we can delve deeply into Tutu’s myriad of anti-Israel actions and relentless attacks over the last twenty five years. Let us bear in mind that Jews and Israel have always been such easy and convenient whipping boys for furthering one’s personal ambition, image and agenda. Our history is fraught with it. Alan Dershowitz has referred to Tutu as a “racist and a bigot” and he has been proved correct over and over again.

Then of course one has to wonder who is constantly whispering in Tutu’s ear and egging him on with some of the most obscure protests against Israel with sound-bytes, but, as usual, no actual substantiated proof. Proof of this is Tutu and his whisperers’ late awakening to the soccer championships. He did the same thing recently when refusing at the last minute to sit on the same stage as Tony Blair after accepting an invitation long before the event. Is this Alzheimer’s Lite or just plain bad manners and opportunism? Remember, there is already a well known media addiction. I suspect Tutu craves the media coverage more than actually achieving what he asks for.

Maybe it is because I prefer watching rugby with no interest in soccer that the UEFA championships didn’t really appear on my radar screen. Maybe Tutu secretly prefers rugby as well. Maybe Zackie Achmat has been too busy since losing his ill-begotten sources of income to bring it to Tutu’s attention.

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Where is “the blatant and entrenched discrimination inflicted on Palestinian sportsmen and women by Israel”? Israel has named six Israeli Arabs in its soccer squad for the championships. There are many mixed Jewish/Arab soccer teams in Israel, for example, Hapoel Katamon in Jerusalem. There is no legislation for or against such teams. It simply is not part of Israel’s makeup or psychology. Genuine Apartheid in South Africa clearly damaged his mind and now he seeks it elsewhere and melds it with his anti-Semitism. Riding this anti-Apartheid horse has become enormously financially profitable for Tutu and it comes with constant ego-stroking as well. Tutu is obviously playing the Goebbels propaganda game. He should be ashamed! But then that would require genuine sensitivity and not an Oscar-performance.

As for “Israeli authorities restrict the movement of their athletes between the Gaza Strip, and the Israeli ‘occupied West Bank'”, isn’t it logical that Hamas, which has a long history of using any means and opportunities to attack Israel, has no compunction to do so and stating it, and sends in suicide bombers whenever it can, could and would take advantage of their soccer players and sportsmen? It is most prudent, wise and logical of Israel to be cautious. We are reminded of the Gaza woman treated in Israel for severe burns? When she was to return for a check-up at the out-patients, she had a suicide bomb strapped to her as she was going to blow up the doctors and staff that had helped and healed her at the hospital. Israeli border guards were vigilant and alert and stopped her at the border crossing. Can’t remember Tutu condemning such things and did he ever criticize a single rocket out of twelve thousand that were fired at Israel from Gaza, and this doesn’t take into account recent events, rocket and mortar attacks? Tutu, the immoral icon, has selective morality.

Israel may have Gaza on its borders, but for all intents and purposes, it is an independent country which Israel has no responsibility towards and certainly no agreements nor real relationship with. The relationship and movement of people between Gaza and the so-called West Bank is not Israel’s responsibility and it obviously has to be very careful who it allows into the “West Bank”, no matter what the pretences or reasons may be. Tried getting into the UK with a South African passport recently?

As for Mary Kluk, the chairman of the South African Jewish Board of Deputies, she can deeply admire Tutu as much as she likes in her newspeak. I, and I am sure a vast majority, certainly don’t! The important question is how can Mary Kluk fulfill the mandate of the Board of Deputies, which is to fight anti-Semitism, if she admires anti-Semites like Tutu? Mary Nicht zo Klug!

And the Cape Town and Johannesburg Holocaust Centres continue to keep Tutu as a patron.

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