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June 2, 2013 7:55 pm

Tutu Constantly Tooting His Tuneless Flute

avatar by David Hersch

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Desmond Tutu. Photo: wiki commons.

It occurs to me that Desmond Tutu’s obsession with and hate of Israel, always couched in politically correct human rights jargon and clichés, might have its roots, amongst other things, in an essential lack of intellectual and cogitative ability having absorbed Replacement Theology completely without a single enquiring or discerning thought, thus finding a self-justification for his anti-Semitism and then having it reinforced when his monstrous and equally fragile ego was severely dented in 2008, when he was appointed by that well-known Israel loving body, the United Nations, as head of a “fact-finding” mission to Gaza. Israel refused to grant him the necessary travel clearance. Israeli officials wisely and correctly expressed concern that the report would be biased against Israel.

Of course we can delve deeply into Tutu’s myriad of anti-Israel actions and relentless attacks over the last twenty five years. Let us bear in mind that Jews and Israel have always been such easy and convenient whipping boys for furthering one’s personal ambition, image and agenda. Our history is fraught with it. Alan Dershowitz has referred to Tutu as a “racist and a bigot” and he has been proved correct over and over again.

Then of course one has to wonder who is constantly whispering in Tutu’s ear and egging him on with some of the most obscure protests against Israel with sound-bytes, but, as usual, no actual substantiated proof. Proof of this is Tutu and his whisperers’ late awakening to the soccer championships. He did the same thing recently when refusing at the last minute to sit on the same stage as Tony Blair after accepting an invitation long before the event. Is this Alzheimer’s Lite or just plain bad manners and opportunism? Remember, there is already a well known media addiction. I suspect Tutu craves the media coverage more than actually achieving what he asks for.

Maybe it is because I prefer watching rugby with no interest in soccer that the UEFA championships didn’t really appear on my radar screen. Maybe Tutu secretly prefers rugby as well. Maybe Zackie Achmat has been too busy since losing his ill-begotten sources of income to bring it to Tutu’s attention.

Where is “the blatant and entrenched discrimination inflicted on Palestinian sportsmen and women by Israel”? Israel has named six Israeli Arabs in its soccer squad for the championships. There are many mixed Jewish/Arab soccer teams in Israel, for example, Hapoel Katamon in Jerusalem. There is no legislation for or against such teams. It simply is not part of Israel’s makeup or psychology. Genuine Apartheid in South Africa clearly damaged his mind and now he seeks it elsewhere and melds it with his anti-Semitism. Riding this anti-Apartheid horse has become enormously financially profitable for Tutu and it comes with constant ego-stroking as well. Tutu is obviously playing the Goebbels propaganda game. He should be ashamed! But then that would require genuine sensitivity and not an Oscar-performance.

As for “Israeli authorities restrict the movement of their athletes between the Gaza Strip, and the Israeli ‘occupied West Bank'”, isn’t it logical that Hamas, which has a long history of using any means and opportunities to attack Israel, has no compunction to do so and stating it, and sends in suicide bombers whenever it can, could and would take advantage of their soccer players and sportsmen? It is most prudent, wise and logical of Israel to be cautious. We are reminded of the Gaza woman treated in Israel for severe burns? When she was to return for a check-up at the out-patients, she had a suicide bomb strapped to her as she was going to blow up the doctors and staff that had helped and healed her at the hospital. Israeli border guards were vigilant and alert and stopped her at the border crossing. Can’t remember Tutu condemning such things and did he ever criticize a single rocket out of twelve thousand that were fired at Israel from Gaza, and this doesn’t take into account recent events, rocket and mortar attacks? Tutu, the immoral icon, has selective morality.

Israel may have Gaza on its borders, but for all intents and purposes, it is an independent country which Israel has no responsibility towards and certainly no agreements nor real relationship with. The relationship and movement of people between Gaza and the so-called West Bank is not Israel’s responsibility and it obviously has to be very careful who it allows into the “West Bank”, no matter what the pretences or reasons may be. Tried getting into the UK with a South African passport recently?

As for Mary Kluk, the chairman of the South African Jewish Board of Deputies, she can deeply admire Tutu as much as she likes in her newspeak. I, and I am sure a vast majority, certainly don’t! The important question is how can Mary Kluk fulfill the mandate of the Board of Deputies, which is to fight anti-Semitism, if she admires anti-Semites like Tutu? Mary Nicht zo Klug!

And the Cape Town and Johannesburg Holocaust Centres continue to keep Tutu as a patron.

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  • Patrick

    What is L-O-N-G overdue from the Nobel Peace Prize committee, is that Tutu be “defrocked” of the peace prize ! A great mistake at that time to confer such an esteemed prize on a man who definitely does NOT deserve it. TAKE it away from him ASAP please !!!

  • Markus E Brajtman

    If Israel would have allowed Tutu in to the country on a “fact finding mission” they may as well have sent in that lunatic from Iran. Ach-mad-in-the-head-jad

  • Gill Katz

    We as Jews have to acknowledge that we are deeply hurt.
    We may write ugly things about Desmond Tutu, but in our hearts is a big eina.
    This icon of a man – and we cannot dispute he IS an icon – has let us down. This charismatic man who captured the worlds hearts with his Truth and Reconciliation hearings – has turned his back on the Jews and ignored a call from us for a fair deal.All we wanted was that he go and look at Israel with the same concern for human suffering that he manages to do in the disputed territories. He has refused to do that, and that has caused us misery and sadness. This is akin to a father punishing one child and not his brother. Moreso – he is guilty of believing one child’s story without seeing the problem as emanating from the punished child’s point of view.

  • I am surprised that the author does not know who is constantly whispering in Tutu’s ear. It is Ronnie Kasriels, the Jewish Israel-hater who is such a close friend of his.

  • Tutu is a waste of space and a joke. He is not real a total fake.

    • Geoff

      Tutu is a liar and a fraud. He seeks personal publicity and uses Israel & Jews as a target. The more hatred he can whip up, the more popularity he thinks he will win. But his reputation as a hate-filled fraud will still be there, long after he shuffles of the stage.

      • Markus E Brajtman

        I can just imagine what this little man with a warped mind, preached in the churches.
        Did he influence the Anglican congregations to hate Jews and Israel with his lies?

        When I was chairman of the Cape Town branch of the South African Jewish ex Service League, I used to send him an invitation every year in January, to attend our Annual Memorial Service at the Great Synagogue knowing full well, what the reply would be. Our service was alwys held between Rosh Hashana and yom Kippur.

        The answer was, “Regret, but the Archbishop has other arrangemenst at that time.”
        What is more interesting, is that his secretary, is married to one of the worst Jew haters Terry Crawford Brown. I was told that she is from Lebanon.

  • Desmond Tutu is blind to the continuing history across 26 centuries of “Jews” in Eretz Israel. Some time around the 6th century BCE, a human population there first started to call itself “Jewish.” From that time until today, there have always been then-self-identified Jews in Eretz Israel. Of all extant Peoples, the modern Jewish People has the strongest claim to be aboriginal to Eretz Israel. Though today Jews are no longer a minority between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea, aboriginal rights are frequently minority rights. Tutu is completely wrong to confuse Jews in Eretz Israel with Boers in South Africa. Whether a thousand years ago or today, Jews returning to live with other Jews in Eretz Israel are not like the Boers who went to colonize Black Africa, where they had neither native kin nor ancestors. The same was true of the 17th-century Pilgrim Fathers who went to build English “settlements” in America. By contrast, the Jewish presence in Eretz Israel is historically not colonial. Go to for an October 2011 posting on “Jewish Aboriginal Rights to Israel.” This compares the history of the Jews in Eretz Israel with that of the Greeks in Greece and that of the native peoples of North America on their own tribal lands in the USA and Canada.

  • Michael Pertz

    Most of SA’s anti-apartheid leaders hold Israel in special contempt for its close relationship with the then apartheid regime, Tutu being NO exception. Tutu clearly has gone beyond that in his own Anglican Theology and the two have become a toxic mix of anti-Semitism and Jew Hatred. For Jews in South Africa to survive requires a dextrous hand and condemning Ms Kluk is an easy and low call when US Jewry so bluntly fails to stand up to American anti-Semites and the latent anti-Semitism in their beloved Democratic system, the Chuck Hagel fiasco being but ONE recent example. Diaspora Jews often make “bad calls” over Israel when they feel intimidated at home and are only to quick to identify a problem “elsewhere” That said all of the criticism of Tutu in the article is valid!

  • Karsten Bannier

    Tutu has definitely lost all his marbles. From being a so called “freedom fighter”,he has become a little man and is not worth any more than the paper on which this article was printed.Mary Kluk must be one of a tiny minority that actually supports this idiot in our country.He should be concentrating more on his flock over here than trying to be an expert on Israel !!!

  • Louis

    We haven’t hear so much a an off-key toot from tutu regarding the Syrian’s regime murder of its own people.

    • Geoff

      Meaning he is a biased, lying hypocrite.

  • Fredric M. London

    Bishop Tutu is morally bankrupt, scoring a zerozero on a humanity scale.

  • Yaakov

    I sympathize with some of the author’s concerns about Tutu, but it is so hard to get beyond that ridiculous run-on sentence at the beginning of this article. The author’s style takes so much away from the power of his arguments. The emotion and passion are clearly there, but the grammar is a train wreck.

    • Markus E Brajtman

      The South African Jewish Ex Servoce League Cape Town, used to hold the Annual Memorial Service every year between Rosh Hashan and Yom Kippur at the Great Synagogue..
      Every year, in January, I used to send him an invitation, knowing full well, what the reply would be. “Regret. The Archbishop has already committments for that date.”

      Tutu has been eresponsible for the spread of BDS all over the world.
      His hatred of Jews and Israel is so strong, that he tried his worst, to destroy the Jewish state. He knows that there is no apartheid.

      He even “upraded” himself to god. “G-D favoiurs the Palestinians” Is that not blasphemy to say such rubbish?
      He has tried to destroy Israel cultutally, and economically.

      He tried some years ago, to stop the Cape Town Opera Company, which consisted 100% of black artists to perform Porgy and Bess in Tel Aviv. He told them not to go as the Palestians will not be able to attend the performances. Does he think that one can just cross over from one country to another without permits?
      The Opera Company went, and had a tremendous reception.
      They found no evidence of apartheid.

      He has thried to stop other artist from performing in Israel, Some listened to his hate, others went and enjoyed Israel.

      Thanks to Tutu, the Jew/ Israel hatred has spread to univeritiesm where many Jewish students are afraid to say they are Jews.
      Tutu is an evil little man who, by s speading lies about Israel, receives many accolades.

      time for the world to tell Tutu to SHUT UP>

    • Lynne T

      Agree this rebuke of Tutu leaves much to be desired, including the references to dementia.

      Frankly, I think Tutu’s over the top hate-on for Israel has a great deal to with Israel continuing to trade with the apartheid South African government at the height of the boycott, particularly supplying armaments to the military. I don’t think it was a smart thing for the Israelis to do, but I also don’t think it justifies Tutu’s false equivalences between Israel and apartheid SA. What really is telling about Tutu’s “human rights” concern is his silence about the heavy persectution of Christians living under both Fatah and HAMAS rule, not to mention Christians generally in the MENA being persecuted. By contrast, Christians are immigrating to Israel, where they are able to practice their faith freely.

      • Shmuel

        “Reference to dementia” – Really, where?

        I am quite sure Lynn T has her heart in the right place, but her factual and historical knowledge is sadly lacking. Whilst Israel had a good relationship with the previous South african government, it didn’t stop her from voting against Apartheid at the UN. Furthermore, the Arabs states trade with South Africa and their supply of oil that kept the wheels of the South African economy moving, far exceeded whatever trade Israel had with South Africa. The Western countries such as the USA, Britain, France, Germany all had trade and supplied arms and ammunition that made whatever israel supplied pale into insignificance. I suggest Lynn T do some reading and acqint herself with real facts rather than regurgitate what is essentially the “Common wisdom” put out by Arab propaganda.

      • David Hersch

        Lynne T: “Israel continuing to trade with the apartheid South African government at the height of the boycott, particularly supplying armaments to the military”?

        South Africa was flying French Alouette III helicopters, French Mirage fighter plans, used Belgium FN Rifles, had close relations with the USA, the UK and France and shared intelligence. Computers, vital to the running of the state, were mostly supplied by IBM. And of vital and strategic importance was the supply of oil and guess who supplied that, the Arab states in monetary terms it dwarfed whatever trade of any kind Israel had with South Africa.

        The West regarded the apartheid administration as a significant friend in the Cold War. Economically, such nations as Britain and America had numerous concerns in South Africa, and, although they did not endorse apartheid, these concerns led them to a more moderate stance on the country and to vote against financial sanctions against her at UN conferences.

        Britain, resisted sanctions. It had many key trade links and, in particular, needed South Africa’s gold. There were also strategic motives for not severing all ties with the apartheid government. As the southernmost nation in Africa, and the juncture at which the Indian and Atlantic Oceans collided, South Africa was still a vital point in sea-trade routes.

        In 1969, the Commandant General of the South African Defence Force (SADF) confirmed that, “in the entire ocean expanse from Australia to South America, South Africa is the only fixed point offering modern naval bases, harbours and airfield facilities, a modern developed industry and stable government.” South Africa was also a pivotal partner to the West in the years of the Cold War. If the West ever required martial, maritime or air-force services on the African continent, it would have to rely on South Africa’s assistance.

        In the 1950s and 1960s, Israel established intensive cooperation with newly independent Sub-Saharan states, and took a critical stance on apartheid. In 1963, Israel imposed an arms embargo in compliance with United Nations Security Council Resolution 181, and recalled its ambassador. During this period, Israel contributed an annual $7,000,000 in medical, agricultural, and other aid to Sub-Saharan states. In 1971, Israel offered $2,850 in aid to the Organization of African Unity. The aid was rejected.

        Let me suggest Lynne T that your knowledge of the geo-political scenario and the fact at the time are shallow at best and mostly non est. Throw away lines as you used play into Israel’s enemies’ propaganda and further it. I suggest caution and far greater reading and use of real facts.

      • Markus E Brajtman

        A t the time you are referring to, I hope that you are aware that in Africa, many African states had full relations with Israel.
        But they were “bought” by the Arabs and closed all their embassies etc, and cut off all dealings with Israel.

        South Africa was the only country that supported Israel.
        Are you aware that Israeli and South African airforces used French Mirage Jet fighters?

        I am not sure which war it was, I think the Yom Kippur war, but the French Jew hater, de Gaull stopped all supplies of spares to Israel to satisfy the Arabs..
        The then President of South Africa, John Vorster, who, during WW2, was interned as a Nazi sympathiser, turned out to be the biggest friend of Israel.
        When he heard of the French ban on Mirage spares, he immediately flew all the spares to Israel.
        John Vorst, President of South Africa, save Israel

    • Isobel

      I have to agree – I thought I must have missed the full stop (period) but I didn’t! The Alemeiner needs a copy editor. The arguments are all there, but so badly expressed as to make the article unintentionally funny.

      • Hermione

        I disagree with Isobel as far as the article is concerned. Yes, the opening sentence is long, but all the commas and pauses are there. The article though is well written and whilst there are references that may not be readily familiar to an American reader, it is nevertheless clear and correct. I have emailed this Algemeiner article to amny of my friends who all think it is well written.

        As for your thinking the article is “unintentionally funny”, I see in what the author writes deliberate humour. His rugby reference is because South African blacks generally tend to prefer soccer. His use of Yiddish and playing on Mary Kluk’s name is very clever and funny indeed, and of course, he is quite correct in what he says.

        I know this author. I live in the same suburb as he does. He is one of the finest Zionists in South Africa and one of the very few, if not the only one, who has the courage to stand up and fight for Israel and our community when our communal bodies do and say nothing. Don’t think it is easy in an increasingly difficult atmosphere with a corrupt government that is easily bribed and bought by the Arab/Islamic countries. Our press in South Africa is also generally very anti-Israel.

  • rofedoc

    Tutu the bigot, has become boringly predictive with his hate rhetoric..Tutu, like the UN, never misses an opportunity to denigrate, debase, defame or vilify Israel. He is a pathetic soul who will eventually be relegated to the dung-pile of irrelevance.

  • Joel Keller

    In the immortal words of Ronald Reagan when asked what he thought of Tutu: “So-So!”

    I suggest, “Not Much!”

  • HaDaR

    The old antisemite has no idea what he is talking about when he blabbers about Israel’s alleged Apartheid.
    Take a look at the Israeli National Team for the UEFA Soccer Championship to be held in Israel starting June 5th:

  • Tutu hates Jews because they refused to accept his lord Jesus Christ, not to mention that the Jews killed Jesus. it’s a simple as that. Its all about his psychotic theology.

    • Geoff

      If he really believes that Jews killed Jesus, who was a practicing Jew, don’t forget, then he is motivated by hatred not reason. He is a worthless little man.

      • Markus E Brajtman

        Christians who hate Jews cannot call themselves Christian.
        They seem to forget that Jesus was born a Jew, he died a Jew, never knew about Christianity.
        I believe it was one of followers who, long after Jesus was Crucified, blamed the Jews. Yet, Jews never Crucified anyone.
        It was the Romans who Crucified Jesus,
        but of course it serves a good purpose to hate Jews.
        Blame the Jews.