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June 3, 2013 1:48 pm

Abbas Claims Israeli Scheme to Destroy Al Aqsa Mosque and Establish Temple

avatar by Zach Pontz

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The Al-Aqsa Mosque. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Excavations being carried out by Israel on the courtyard and under the foundations  of the Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem threaten the mosque with collapse, Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas told a Saudi Arabian newspaper on Sunday.

Anonymous pro-Israel blogger Elder of Ziyon spotted the article in which Abbas told Al Watan of the “imminent danger faced by the Al-Aqsa Mosque.”

According to Elder of Ziyon, “Abbas bitterly complained about the ‘fanatic Jewish extremists’ being allowed to enter the Temple Mount ‘to practice their religion,’ explaining that it is all part of ‘an evil and dangerous scheme to destroy [Al Aqsa] and establish the alleged Temple.'”

The same claims have been made for years by many in the Muslim world. The Western Wall Heritage Fund, which is supervising the digs, has repeatedly rebuffed the unsubstantiated allegations.

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  • Only one question:
    How does one join the teram of people who are planning to destroy the mosque?
    If any one can tell me who to contact will be willing tom lead

  • Zyx

    There is no doubt anymore Abbas is insane…

  • James Hay

    That Mosque Is An Known Islamic Terrorist Staging Area And Israel Has The Right To Destroy It In Self-Defense.

  • James Hay

    The Israelis Has The Right To Destroy That False Idol Of Satanism

  • Salomon

    Abbas Always comes with some good ideas…

  • Noam


  • E.S.Lombard

    I suspect that Dayan made a mistake in granting the Muslims any privileges in the Old City after 1967 victories.

    • GEOFF

      Dayan certainly got it wrong.

    • D Henkin

      You only SUSPECT?

  • AA

    The Jews have been waiting patiently to recover their holy geneology.

    • GEOFF

      It had better happen soon because the Wafq is systematically destroying all evidence that shows beyond any contradiction, that there other religions occupied the site thousands of years before their so-called prophet (what did he ever prophecy?) had ever been born. They dug a trench that destroyed a previously unknown tiled floor, excavated using JCB’s and dumping 40 huge truck loads of spoil into the Jerusalem municipal waste where it was mixed with domestic rubbish and lost for ever. They will not admit that they are the latecomers.

  • Liz Wagner

    With the barbarians gathering in Syria and Lebanon, it’s no surprise Abbas is dragging out this old chestnut again. The Arabs have always used lies about the Jews taking over, or damaging, Al-Aqsa to incite the people to bellicose threats and action. Not that many years ago, the international news media actually ran with the story. If Netanyahu is smart, he’ll meet any serious incitement around Al-Aqsa with a stern rebuke and reminder to the world, with dates citing the numerous times the Arabs have used this lie as an excuse to make trouble. Israel cannot be caught off-guard when her enemies slander and libel her with absurd accusations such as this, concocted to put her on the defensive. It’s happened so many times now, there’s really no excuse for Israel to get caught in traps like this.

    • Stuart Hersh

      This canard has been constantly used since the 1920’s by Mohammed Amin al-Huseini. It s purpose then, as it is now, was to incite the Arabs in Palestine to implement a pogrom against the Jewish yishuv. Unfortunately, it was effective in the 1920 Nebi Musa riots and in 1929 during the pogroms throughout what was then “Palestine”, including Hebron.

      Arafat also used this allegation as a means to incite terrorism, including both intifadas.

      Thus, this and similar canards do nothing but illustrate that the aspirations of the Palestinian-Hamas leaderships view peace with Israel as a tactical means to the traditional objective.

  • If Al-Aqsa Mosque ever falls into the hands of the Arabs, Sunnis and Shiites will fight over who should run it, and rival groups will be set off bombs to blow it up, preferably when there are as many worshippers as possible present. If this does indeed happen, the world will blame Israel for not protecting the site.

  • Joel Keller

    Mahmoud Abbas — isn’t he now serving in the 8th year of his 4 year term of office?

    • GEOFF

      Usual Arab corruption. Same with Hamas in Gaza.

  • Fredric M. London

    I sometimes wonder just what he puts into his hookah.

  • Ilbert Phillips

    It is really hard to take these people seriously when they make outrageous and outlandish allegations. I really believe they are mentally ill. They need therapy.

    • E.S.Lombard

      The Jordanians were reported to have destroyed several synagogues in the Old City when they took over in 1948. Projection?


        The Jordanians destroyed much more than a few synagogues in the old city, they destroyed almost all of the Jewish Quarter plus Yemin Moshe opposite the old city.
        Let’s not forget that the so called “west bank” was never a Palestinian land, it was controlled by Jordan as the Gaza Strip was controlled by Egypt. There was NEVER a Palestinian land.

      • GEOFF

        It was true. They also desecrated Jewish cemeteries and used the tombstones for buildings, paving stones and worst of all, as latrines. Meanwhile, Israel protects all religious buildings, regardless of whose they are. Islam has no respect for any belief other than its own, but no need to worry because it is a religion of peace.

      • DH

        In 1948, the Jordanians destroyed 58 synagogues in the Old City, including the great Hurva synagogue, as well as dozens of study halls and Jewish religious schools. Jewish tombstones were dug up and used as latrine liners.

      • j glueck

        I believe the Jordanians destroyed or damaged most all the Synagogues in the Old City during the conflict…

  • Otto Schiff

    It seems to be so much easier to start a war than to keep the peace.

  • rofedoc

    Does anybody believe Israel has a “Peace Partner”

    Am Yisrael Chai

    Masada will not fall again

    • GEOFF


  • Barry Meridian

    Thats pretty interesting considering its Abbas who wants to destroy all Jewish history in Jerusalem.
    PA TV: Western Wall area to be turned into Arab housing neighborhood.
    Palestinian Authority TV:
    Western Wall area to be turned into Arab housing neighborhood -Jewish presence in Jerusalem will be erased from history.
    Aug. 17, 2011
    PA: Jews have no connection to Western Wall
    Itamar Marcus and Nan Jacques Zilberdik
    Jan. 15, 2013
    PA: “The Western Wall… no person besides Muslims ever used it as a place of worship, throughout all of history”
    The Palestinian Authority Minister of Religious Affairs, Mahmoud Al-Habbash, said recently that all of Jerusalem and the Western Wall are “the sole right of Palestinians.

    • Shalom-Hillel

      The term “Wailing Wall” comes originally from the Arabic “El-Mabkah”. The Arabs always knew that it was the place that Jews mourned the fallen Temple. Only later, in modern times, did they begin to deny it and say the Temple never existed. Israel should not have given the Muslims carte Blanche over the Mount in ’67. That was a mistake.


      these quotations should be printed on all front pages in the world, among other Pali Arabs’ quotations saying that “there never was a Pal. state, it was made up by Arafat”.