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June 6, 2013 12:01 am

Seeking Spiritual Redemption? Anthony Weiner to Visit Grand Chasidic Rebbe

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Grand Rebbe Moshe Leib Rabinovich. Photo: Wikipedia.

Disgraced former congressman and now New York City mayoral candidate, Anthony Weiner announced plans to visit a grand Borough Park rebbe Thursday at 630pm.

The topic of discussion at the meeting between Weiner who is Jewish and Rabbi Moshe Leib Rabinovich, the Rebbe of Munkach will not likely be disclosed, as the event is open to the press for pictures only. However, if it is religious redemption that Weiner is seeking for his past, highly publicized sexual indiscretions, perhaps he would do well to prepare for his meeting with the grand rebbe by perusing through his writings on spritual refinement here.

More likely Weiner is after the Rebbe’s highly sought after political endorsement, described by the New York Post as a “prized etrog” that could “deliver thousands of votes in a bloc.”

The Rebbe is a favorite among the politically ambitious and was described by the Forward as being among the “power rebbes.” Other New York politicians that have sought his blessings include, mayoral candidate Bill Thompson and current mayor Michael Bloomberg.

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  • Mel

    If America was dumb enough to re-elect Barry Obama, it fits New York City is dumb enough to elect Tony Weiner.

    If New Yorkers had an ounce of legendary ‘yiddisher kupp,’ (now extinct?) it would draft Michael ‘Savage’ Weiner to replace plain-talking ‘Hizzoner’ Edward Koch as Mayor.
    Different political beliefs? Certainly.
    Different personality? Less than you might think.
    Different amounts of ‘character’? Surprisingly little.

    Hashem has Eternity. New York has not. THINK about it!

  • ANOTHER TEST by GD, does politics over rides the improprioties not only weiners pictures bu that he married a non jew. A poor example of respect of traditions a poor example of wisdom as the background stories of his wife is very incriminating of her associations with hate groups against ISRAEL.

    Bottom line. Is weiner a figurehead for ALL FAMILIES NOT ONLY JEWS. Is weiner an example of a ”REBBE” endorsing a ‘so called JEW’ who turned away from JUDAISM and can still be accepted respected and representing a nation saying he is JEWISH SO VOTE FOR HIM….
    NAWWWW, not in my book.
    This decision the REBBE has to make is a crucial one
    for Jews and non Jews alike.

    • Elliot J. Stamler

      What utter nonsense-the decision of this black hat will be crucial only for the mindless Zombie Haredim who are so fanatical and uneducated they follow their rebbes like the Germans followed their fuehrer. Anthony Weiner is a lifelong politician who has never in his life earned a cent or worked a day outside of political jobs-he is out for votes wherever he can get them as are almost all the other supine politicians. This has zero to do with “spiritual redemption” and if Mr. Weiner were seeking that, he wouldn’t be going to some bearded haredic Hasid with whom he has nothing in common religiously. One last point: Weiner married a Moslem gentile-well if that is going to be the single decisive issue for Algemeiner readers, you are reading out of Jewry all of our coreligionists in inter-faith marriages; that may make you feel superior but it is a body blow to American Jewry.