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July 1, 2013 12:18 pm

Muggers Outwitted by Young Jewish Woman in Brooklyn

avatar by Zach Pontz

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The iPhone5. Photo: Apple.

A victim of a theft used her own ingenuity to capture the crooks after police came up empty handed, local Brooklyn blog reports.

The victim, a young Jewish woman in her 20″²s, was assaulted and had her Apple iPhone stolen in Brooklyn last week by two teenage girls.

Unable to track down the phone through the ‘Find my iPhone’ application, the victim noticed – through iCloud which automatically backs up the phone – that her phone’s text messaging was being used by the crooks, who were texting out photos and lewd messages to her contacts.

Using a friend’s phone, the victim texted her stolen phone; “Hey, where are you? I have the money I owe you.”  The thieves responded “how much was it?” and she answered “dont you remember? 850.” The muggers then tried to outsmart their eventual foil, texting back “well I am busy at the summer youth employment place that I work, I will send two girls to pick it up.”

A meeting was then set up for later that day at 5:00pm. When the girls arrived three detectives assigned to the case arrested them.

The girl, 16, who committed the assault was arrested and charged with the theft and the other, even younger, was released into the custody of her parents due to her age.

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  • Ben

    Good job. Its becoming quite a ridiculous problem. More and more people are stealing smart phones right out of peoples’ hands as they walk.

  • Eve

    Yiddishe kop!

  • Give them serious time.I’m voting for the only candidate for Mayor who would make our city uncomfortable for these predators. Sadly he won’t win.

  • HaDaR

    Such a sad state of affairs when CRIMINALS are allowed to go on committing crimes instead of being put into JAIL only because of their age.
    To make even more ridiculous, the authorities send the CRIMINAL into the hands of those who were INEPT PARENTS in the first place, since they brought up such IMMORAL AND CRIMINAL kid.
    How many more people will such a CRIMINAL steal from, attack, scare and may be even HURT before se is PUNISHED for the CRIMINAL BEHAVIOR?

    • GAON

      Re Hadar:
      I wish life was as simplistic as you describe. To be sure, perhaps, the parents did not inculcate good values. But if life was that easily explanable, that everything is due to the actions, attitudes of the parents, then all of their children should have the same values and behave the same way. And most, of not all parents would tell you that their children are so different one from the other.
      There are three factors to consider:
      NATURE NURTURE and the SOUL with which the kids were born. And, if you have ever been a parent, you would have to understand the SOUL issue.
      What would appear at the time to be insignificant attitudes acts, behavior, talents, you name it (detectable at a very very young age, such as 1.5 years or two years old), years later, one can trace back an entire lifetime of that child and actually see those characteristics being evidenced at age 2 or younger. Nurture, Nah. Nature, unlikely. And while I am not what anyone would describe as a religious person, nor a kiabbalist nor do i believe in or approve of any off the wall cults et al, there is no question in my mind, having had children, that they are born with a certain soul, and that, many aspects of their subsequent lives cannot be described by either Nature or Nurture. Are these “soul attributes” modifiable??? That is an existential question for which I have no answer.

  • Noevil9

    That is a great story! Greed will always get those crocks and criminals that think other people’s hard earned money is an easy loot for themselves.