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July 8, 2013 4:55 pm

Israeli-Arab Christian Proudly Defends Enlistment in IDF

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Soldier handing a Palestinian girl a lollipop. Photo: IDF. – A young Israeli-Arab Christian woman, Rajada Jaraisi, has taken to social media to speak out in support of Israel and the right to enlist the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF).

Jaraisi’s statement on Facebook comes amid tension within the Israeli-Arab community over military service. Recently, Greek Orthodox cleric Father Gabriel Nadaf was allegedly threatened by Arab members of the Israeli Knesset for encouraging Arab Christian youths to enlist in the IDF. Israel’s attorney general has launched an investigation into the incident, Israel Hayom reported.

In an open letter to Arab MK Hanin Zoabi posted on her Facebook account, Jaraisi said that Zoabi does not speak for her or for other Israeli Christians.

“I am an Arabic-speaking Christian, but I am not an Arab. I ask, with all due respect, that you not say in the name of the Christians that ‘we are Palestinians.’ Hear me, we are not Palestinians and we don’t care about them. We are Israeli Christians, covered in blue and white in our hearts and souls,” Jaraisi wrote, according to a translation provided by The Jewish Press.

Jaraisi added, “If you object to the Christians enlisting in the IDF, please permit me to answer you that neither you, nor [MK Basel] Ghattas will build our future here and give us the same rights as our state, the State of Israel, is giving us… We simply love blue and white. And we as Christians will enlist in the IDF and will serve the state.”

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  • Sarah

    You are so right. It is intimidation, threats, shunning and actually harming family members. If anyone asks about the discriminatort treatment of Palestinians in the Arab world, and even their own; if you get an answer, it’ll be “why do you take theri side? Do you realize that it’s clear that you’re taking their side?”. It’s impossible to discuss logic with people who refuse to think! As an Arab Israeli, I’ve learned to reason but sadly, I found that reasoning with people who care only about winning, is impossible.

  • Simon Néhmé

    A simple BRAVO to Miss Jaraisi is very disproportionate – understand here too : under-proportionate.
    This young girl is not, and by far, an isolated case, but a normal situation of pride ( the real normals say ). Many others, Christians, Druze, Islamized – had already joined Israêl in its fight for its cause, its land, its people, and its identity, whom this country has – for some time – forgotten, not to say “massacred”.

    It is necessary to admit that the hammering from Osloists on one side ( who forgot or, worse, believed that Israêl is rootless ) and the bludgeoning of the anti-Semites and the racists on the other hand, who want to erase the same historical roots, history and identity, as much as they can, charged as much as they wished ; their ugly and filthy actions left deep scars indeed.

    Ah ! These lovers of the “peace”, the “concordance”, the “conviviality”, the “tolerance”, the “nationalism”, the “patriotism”, the “universalism”, the “brotherhood”, etc., etc. what misdeed haven’t they done against this country in the name of these beautiful and noble principles which they slandered, despoiled, exploited and lowered in the service of their nasty jobs, until this day ?

    The stream of Miss Jaraisi will continue as long as Israêl will respect and will love its own cause and identity, its Torah, its Land and its People.
    That, is the normality.

    The abnormality, is to be against, up to a point where the subject does not know any more why he is against, but just hardly knows against whom he is against. He is in a kind of « nachoua » – ecstasy . Reminding him that he could not be right – what would he do if he realised he was wrong ! – is to tear him away from the world of his real virtuality and to try to subtract him from his clinical state of drug addicted, it is as amputating him from his source of life and his source of ecstasy.

    Hatred is a non classical drug : it stimulates too. Its effects on the subject have the same consequences even worse, sometimes.
    Here lies one of the diseases of the Arabity’s religion, Islam, and of Europe which is sinking into it faster than the USA ( the last two, sometimes Judeo – Christian, sometimes lay, so do they declare, by fear to declare themselves atheist or pagan, not realizing that the quarrels of some on these subjects do not go beyond the ” small farmhouses and petty disputes ” and have no longer, for Europe for instance, anything universal ).

    This Europe ( understood in the concept of Collective Consciousness and not of a collectivity which is conscious, or not, of its illness state : except for their hatred of Israêl and everything Zionist especially Jewish, and particularly non-Jewish, what do these arabists ( or urubists ), islamists, europeanists and some americanists have in common ?
    What do they share ? The love of the exotic sharïa law and nothing else than the hatred of Israêl and Zionism – I let aside the above mentioned ecstasy, the nice bakhchih, this third ” sacred job ” in their small world and, for the researchers, reporters, teachers, diplomats, in supplement the fear of being shot, raped or simply killed, financially or / and physically once they are on fertile and fissile islamic and arabic theaters of operations.

    It is I think what this young soldier Rajada, as an ear of Liberties and hope, wanted to mean to the ” very nice ” MK, Miss Zoabi, occasional sailor, and one of the permanent and professional anti-Semites, all sex mixed up ( by the way, it must be noticed that there was on this boat a microcosm of the euro-Arabic modernity: from the mom of Mr Miliband to Bishop Capucci together with the Mahometanised for Jihad, one of these panoplies of peace lovers, n’est ce pas ! ) that rightly and reasonably, that Zoabi does not represent Miss Rajada, that she has never represented her and will not represent people like Miss Rajada any more, anywhere, anytime, and even less so, the MK Ahmad Tibi on the photo below.

    People like Lina Makhoul, Shadi abou Phares, Shadi Khalloul, Anet Haskia, Elinor Joseph, and many others are a pride as well for Israêl, for the Army, for their companions as much as for their own families, and the Humanity, but in the same time they constitute an eternal nightmare for every antisemitic and antiZionist. 

    Contrary to Moshé Mizrachi, the Geneva butterflies and their friend below, for example:

    ( Palestinian boy gives Nazi salute with Isareli Arab MK Ahmad Tibi smiling in the background )

    Im Tirtzu does a good job. 

    France, Europe can at least try to imitate Israêl and not continue to hate and be jealous of this Nation.

    As it is said: ” the eye of the jealous will always be struck by blindness “.

    Again Bravo to Rajada and her comrades, and Bravo for Israêl and the Resistance fighters in Judea and Samaria.

    Israêl Vaincra.

    Simon Néhmé, Saint martin le Beau, France. ( july 9th 2013).

  • Shoshana

    This is beautiful! Israeli Christians are welcome in the IDF!Israeli Arabs are also welcome if they would only realize that the live in the best country in the Middle East.

  • I have met numerous Israeli Christians, some with Jordanian backgrounds who were raised to love Israel. They too are part of our nation and deserve honor, dignity and respect

  • Frumious Falafel

    We should all try to support this brave Israeli-Christian girl! Bravo!

    What a wonderfully unambiguous stand for the one country that has done more to provide *equal* rights to all its citizens (as opposed to the continuing aggression shown Arab-Israeli-Christians by Palestinians — a truly sad and distasteful campaign of intimidation in many ugly forms).

  • R

    The best thing that Americans can do – and should do – is to STAY OUT OF THIS AFFAIR.

    • C.Benoit

      We (All) Gain with Peace.