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July 9, 2013 11:56 am

Freezing Settlements Will Not Bring Peace to Israel or the Middle East

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John Kerry speaks on his latest trip to Israel. Photo: Israel Hayom video.

In Egypt, the military coup that has taken place over the last week has become a full-on revolution. Both sides of the dispute fault Obama, and the streets are on fire. In Syria, over the last two years, 100,000 people have been killed in a civil war. Women are being raped en masse. Some have called it the worst humanitarian crisis in 50 years. In Turkey, protests are being suppressed and who knows what else is happening. In many other Middle East countries, there is major political turmoil.

Simultaneously, the Snowden affair continues to be a full-on embarrassment to the United States of America. Russia and China have openly disregarded and disrespected the U.S., and as of this writing, continue to do so with impunity. Who knows the extent of the secrets Snowden has shared, and the extent to which he has harmed American security. America is in the midst of many major foreign policy problems.

And in the midst of all this (gasp), there’s Jews building homes in Eastern Jerusalem, and even in Judea and Samaria. Israelis are legally building homes and raising families as Egyptians are staging military coups, Syrians are killing each other in the tens of thousands, and Iranians are building nuclear bombs.

Yes the U.S. is focusing on Middle East peace talks between the Palestinian Arabs and Israelis. And naturally, this will mean pressure will be placed on Israel. But why not focus these Mideast efforts somewhere else? Why the hell doesn’t Kerry go facilitate discussions somewhere else in the region?

As Caroline Glick wrote this week in the Jerusalem Post: “The image of Kerry extolling his success in ‘narrowing the gaps’ between Israel and the Palestinians before he boarded his airplane at Ben-Gurion Airport, as millions assembled to bring down the government of Egypt, is the image of a small, irrelevant America.” Indeed, it’s a joke.

And with all the fighting amongst Arabs in the Middle East, not one, not one single one has visibly stood up and praised America. Not a single Arab leader in the region has said we love America we share their values, and their sensibilities. Of course, Israel constantly does, and remains the only country in the region where American flags aren’t burnt.

Barack Obama will go down in history as the worst President the great USA has ever had. The man is a complete and utter disaster. Decent Americans everywhere must be standing up in bewilderment and asking where this country is going.

Can there be anyone on earth who believes that if Israel and the Palestinian Authority make peace there will be peace in the Middle East? Jews leaving the “settlements” will affect the coup in Egypt, and mass murders in Syria, right? Ridiculous.

Ronn Torossian is CEO of 5WPR.

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