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July 9, 2013 5:24 pm

Simon Wiesenthal Center Slams ‘Khaybar’ Miniseries After Video of Actors Spewing Hate Surfaces (VIDEO)

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Scene during filming of upcoming Khaybar series.

Actors from an anti-Semitic miniseries set to air this month in the Arab world have further confirmed their show’s hateful message in a series of interviews compiled by the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI).

MEMRI released video Tuesday of the stars of “Khaybar,” set to air in Egypt this month, that captures them making inflammatory and anti-Semitic remarks. One actor says that all Jews think about “is making money.” Another says that Jews “have no moral values,” while another explains that the purpose of the show is to portray Jews as the enemy of Islam.

Rabbi Abraham Cooper, associate dean at the Simon Wiesenthal Center, told The Algemeiner that the mainstream appeal is deeply unsettling and that it proves that “Jew has become a dirty word in the world.”

“The fact that we now have the proliferation–and if you will the fine-tuning–of this kind of hateful imagery on satellite TV and on the internet is devastating. To undo that kind of hatred will take at least a generation. And the spillover is dramatic,” he said.

“We’re not talking about rabble rousers in the streets. This is a sophisticated production that will have commercials attached to it and it shows its becoming embedded in their cultures,” he added.

One of the show’s writers, Yusri al-Jindy, attempted further to validate the corrosive intent of the series, saying in an interview in June with Al-Masry Al-Youm , an Egypt-based daily news­paper, that it is meant  “to expose the naked truth about the Jews and stress that they can­not be trusted.”

Anonymous blogger Elder of Ziyon has written extensively about the program and has even spearheaded a petition against it. In an email to The Algemeiner he slammed the international community for its silence on the issue.

“The video shows clearly that the series is not meant to be a historical drama, but a thin excuse to incite Arabs and Muslims against Jews. The screenwriter says so and the actors know it. This is a violation of international law, as specified in The International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights which states that ‘Any advocacy of national, racial or religious hatred that constitutes incitement to discrimination, hostility or violence shall be prohibited by law.'”

Last month he oversaw the delivery of the petition to the New York City headquarters of both Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International. Thus far he says that both organizations have failed to respond to his overtures.

“It is outrageous that such blatant incitement stirs so little interest from human rights organizations. This is not just a speech, or a newspaper article, or a book – this is a highly anticipated media event. The hype in the Arabic media resembles the week before Iron Man 3 was released in the US. In only the past week, Al Jazeera has written three different articles about Khaybar.”

Cooper similarly criticized both organizations for not vocally condemning the show.

“We can come with the ‘J’accuse’ for two reasons. If they would say something it might have some impact in our own society, and secondly it would send a signal to civil societies in the Arab countries.”

Neither Human Rights Watch nor Amnesty International had responded to detailed requests from The Algemeiner for comment as of this writing.

Watch the video of the hateful comments of ‘Khaybar’ actors below:

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  • Roslyn green

    The Jews of America still do not know how much danger they are in and
    That the leftist- islamofascist coalition are working for their
    Destruction. The time to stand up and fight is now. Fight Islamic jihad.
    Stand for civilization and against the jihadists and the fascist left.”

  • Roslyn green

    The Jews of America still do not know how much danger they are in and
    That the leftist- islamofascist coalition are working for their
    Destruction. The time to stand up and fight is now. Fight Islamic jihad.
    Stand for civilization and against the jihadists and the fascist left.

  • Mitchell Friedman

    I can explain the silence of the international community, and most particularly Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International, very simply. The production company is Arab, and attacking Israel. If it were an Israeli company defending the Jewish State, and showing the contributions they have made to the world, and Arab organizations were protesting, then there would be a massive outcry–against Israel for daring to show themselves in a positive light. Since it is Arabs presenting Israel in a bogus negative light, that is just fine.

  • “The show was created by Qatari producer Hashem Al-Sayed, with the collaboration of Egyptian screenwriter Yusri Al-Gindi and Jordanian director Muhammad Aziziya, and produced by Al-Sayed’s company Echo Media. Thus far it has been reported that the show will air on numerous channels, including Dubai TV, Dream TV (Egypt), Al-Iraqiyya TV (Iraq), Algerian Channel 3, Atlas TV (Algeria), Qatar TV, and UAE TV.”

  • Kiflemariam Melake


  • Basil Fletcher

    We have entered a new and dangerous period, a period characterized by the envy of may who have spent the last two or three decades sleeping and now having awoken are led to believe that they do not have to work for what they need and what they want.

    Secondly, there is nothing new about the word “Jew” being seen as a dirty word; for hundreds of years in Europe that was what it meant. This meaning was given institutional support under the Russian Page and later in Hitler’s Final Solution. One find very similar views in a well known play by that renown British Playwright, which included a Jewish father who was also a business man who loaned someone some money. tHere is no need to go any further.

    Basil Fletcher

  • Hilton Share

    When the Arabs make an anti-semitic film – silence around the world. When an American made a film last year about Mohammed, there was widespread condemnation of it and riots from – yes, as expected as always, Muslims, with many people killed and wounded. Double standards indeed.

  • Bernard Ross

    why would it make sense to negotiate peace with these insane cultures?

  • Mort Friedland

    Crass ant-Jewish hatred – repeating age-old hate
    History shows that the Arab masses can not compete with Jews on the creative, intellectual, scientific, artistic, military, and most other levels of human endeavor.
    Thus, they resort to basic name calling and hatred in a TV soap-opera in the guise of an intellectual exercise to whip up the masses. This exposes Arab/Islam’s hopelessness and floundering in the depravity of using the using the most noxious Nazi style stereotyping.
    As long as they are just annoying, they are harmless so let that remain at their low level.

  • Fred

    It is a pity that the Jewish intelligentia & media are sitting on their hands doing nothing to counter the waves of hatred against Israel & Jews. How Arab money is poisoning the current era. Wake up world before its to late!!!!

  • Evil hate mongering vile lies. Not one iota of truth. Disgusting.Should be boycotted
    by all decent people. What purpose is served other than evil by this trash

  • Jill Skriver

    What stupid, gullible Muslims who blindly follow the lies the Imam’s and clerics repeat. History shows that Mohammed was “nice” to the Jews, thinking they’d convert to Islam. When they refused to give up Yahweh, Mohammed went ballistic in his anger, killing off all the males in every tribe he attacked, raping their wives and daughters in front of them. Mohammed was an evil, power hungry, pedophile who wrote increasingly brutal Hadiths toward Jews and Christians when they refused to convert. Islam was spawned by Satan and everytime I hear/see anything Islamic, I see how demonic it truly is.

  • Elliot

    How ironic, we see clearly from events in Syria and Egypt that these people are really describing themselves; bloodthirsty, thieving, low moral character just for starters

  • dina

    it is clear they talk about themselves

  • Bernard

    When is everyone going to wake up ? The wheel has rotated 360 degrees and we are back in Czarist times. Nothing has or will change !

  • SHmuel HaLevi

    Slamming and protesting do not seem to faze the enemy.
    As a rule, enemies are in general sensitive to being attacked with a force at least ten fold times the force they possess. No, not with long essays and analysis. With actual force.
    Islam is a cult of death that must be utterly defeated.

  • Phil A

    So sad to see. There are so many bigots in the world and if everyone does not protest this kind of behavior it will continue. After the Jews the same people will come after the Christians. Please take a stand and stop this behavior.

  • Leslie Green

    Cartoons are published in a Danish newspaper with the image of Mohammed and Muslims all over the world riot, & western governments bend over backwards to distance themselves from any hint of Islamophobia. An amateurish video is made called “the Innocence of Muslims” and riots erupt around the world and our government quickly arrests the man who created it. Islamphobia, and incitement to hate others, in whatever guise, should never be tolerated. But a virulent anti-semitic miniseries, (made in Egypt, with famous actors from throught the Arab Muslim world) called Khaybar Pass is being shown this month , across the Muslim/Arab World. It is purposely being show during Ramadan, when millions of Muslims sit home and watch T.V.
    It is not the Jewish way to respond with hate and violence. But why are we silent? Where are the big Jewish organizations like the ADL, American Jewish Congress, American Jewish Committee, B’nai Brit, Hadassah, Jewish Federation of North America, the RA, USCJ and the URJ? Where are our rabbis – why aren’t they leading the charge against this? Where are all the members of the Conference of Major Jewish Organizations? Why aren’t there mass protests in front of the U.N., in front of Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch (that have not bothered t to condemn this filth) and in front of every Arab diplomatic office in Washington, New York and LA that is showing this filth?
    As a second generation Holocaust survivor, I do not see any difference between this and the 1940 Nazi film “the Eternal Jew'”. Then as now, American Jews were silent as was the world. Other than The Wall Street Journal, not one major U.S. newspaper has picked up on this story.
    Isn’t it time for Jews to stand up and say – we have had it with anti-semitic propaganda? Isn’t it time for all who demand respect for their religion and their prophets to give that respect back to others? As Holocaust denial, blatant anti-Semitism especially comments by world and religious leaders increases significantly throughout the world, isn’t it time for Jews to take a no tolerance attitude?

  • Peter

    No word of protest from Annie Lennox or Vanessa Redgrave. Shame.

    • Mitchell Friedman

      Do you really expect a reply from Vanessa Redgrave–who demonstrated her anti-semitism when she accepted the Academy Award and condemned Israel, while praising Arafat and the PLO? Clearly she is no friend of Israel or the Jewish people.

    • Vicki TS

      I have never seen a community of people who live by the sword and die by sword and bring innocent bystanders with them, any women and children. This is evil and monstrous behavior. I agree that the large Jewish institutions have no backbone but who made them the answer to all of this hate?
      Talk to people, meet with friends, go to Israel and live out loud for the voices who died crying and asking why? Jew and non-Jew are the whim of the haters.

  • Fredric M. London

    It proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that the so-called progressive views of the politically-coerced censorship crowd are now avowedly anti-Semitic. Shame on Human Watch and Amnesty International! However, of all the crying out that virtually every group calling itself progressive is, in fact, anti-Semitic; the silence on this human abomination clinches it. As a genuine progressive and liberal, I am sickened by the attitudes of organizations which I used to respect. My grandmother said if you scratch a gentile, you will always find a Jew hater. I still do not entirely agree with this, but the actions of such a wide cross section of allegedly progressive and/or liberal groups today, certainly proves her point.

    It is tremendously ironic to see these vermin claim that Jews have no values and do not value life, when they are the ones who use their own innocents as human shields, refuse to allow their own people to use bomb shelters, rejoice at the suicides of their children, and call murdering innocent people the ultimate demonstration of religious fidelity.

    It is true, this will take generations to undo. I do not have faith that the damage will ever be undone. I think that Jews need to make aliyah, and do whatever it takes to protect ourselves from these Nazi scum.

  • Joseph

    I just signed the petition. The webpage says they “just reached 1500 signatures”. Doesn’t sound like too many.

    • Dian Kjaergaard

      Just reached 1,500 is a standard milestone on in the “news” left column.

      We are up to more than 1,800 (look upper right). But you’re still right. We need more, lots more.

    • Shirl in Oz

      It’s now at 1839

    • Jill Skriver

      I’ve just signed the petition but also sent it to my facebook friends. It will grow as people learn about this. I’m sending this to my Prime Minister as well as Canada is extremely supportive of Israel.

  • EthanP

    I think that “Jew” has been a dirty word for milenia. It’s just that for a short time after WW2, it wasn’t acceptable to say so in polite society. Now, Arab petrodollars and the left wing legacy of Soviet anti-Semitism/Zionism are bearing their evil fruit.

  • E.S.Lombard

    Maybe we are long overdue for the creation of a series of major films depicting the beginnings of each of the major religions so that audiences can understand the times and the differences and or intended “improvements” however misguided. We should be careful in intellectual honesty. I know that Hollywood has many times tried to tell related stories, but they were intended more to impress than to illuminate.

  • It is clear that much of Hollywood is Anti Semite.

    • Asher

      It is clear that much of Christianity is anti jew.
      They just want the wholly land for themselves and their man god.