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July 10, 2013 10:30 am

Reporter Reveals Final Conversation Between Morsi and General Who Deposed Him

avatar by Joshua Levitt

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Mohamed Morsi. Photo: Jonathan Rashad.

Former Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi displayed arrogance and complete loss of touch with the Egyptian people in his final meeting with General Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, the general who led his ouster according to journalist and Algemeiner Blogger Raymond Ibrahim, who deftly translated a “fly-on-the-wall” report from a journalist at the scene.

The reporter, from El Watan, a popular Egyptian newspaper, said he witnessed and transcribed the conversation verbatim from a closed-circuit television in an adjacent room to the Morsi-Sisi tete-a-tete, which took place on July 2, a few hours prior to Morsi’s final public speech before the coup that removed him from office.

Raymond Ibrahim’s translation, below, is based entirely on the El Watan report.

Morsi: What’s the military’s position concerning what’s going on? Is it just going to stand by watching? Shouldn’t it protect the legitimacy?

Sisi: What legitimacy? The entire army is with the will of the people, and the overwhelming majority of people, according to documented reports, don’t want you.

Morsi: My supporters are many and they won’t be silent.

Sisi: The army will not allow anyone to destroy the nation, no matter what happens.

Morsi: What if I don’t want to leave?

Sisi: The matter is settled and no longer up to you. Try to leave with your dignity and tell those whom you call supporters to go back to their homes in order to prevent bloodshed, instead of threatening the people through them.

Morsi: But this way it will be a military coup, and America won’t leave you alone.

Sisi: The people concern us, not America. And since you’ve started to talk this way, I’ll talk to you candidly. We have evidence to condemn you and to condemn many governmental officials of compromising Egypt’s national security. The judiciary will have its say and you will all be judged before the whole people.

Morsi: Okay, can you permit me to make a few phone calls and then afterwards I’ll decide on what to do?

Sisi: You are not permitted; but we can let you check up on your family only.

Morsi: Am I imprisoned or what?

Sisi: You are under arrest from this moment.

Morsi: Don’t think the Brotherhood is going to stand by if I leave office. They will set the world on fire.

Sisi: Just let them try something and you’ll see the reaction of the army. Whoever among them wants to live in peace, he’s more than welcome; otherwise, [if they try anything] we will not leave them alone. We will not single anyone out, and the Brotherhood is from the Egyptian people, so don’t try to use them as fuel for your disgusting war. If you truly love them, leave office and let them go to their homes.

Morsi: Anyway, I’m not going, and the people outside of Egypt are all with me, and my supporters are not going.

Sisi: Anyway, I’ve advised you.

Morsi: Okay, but take care—I’m the one who hired you as minister and can remove you.

Sisi: I became minister of defense due to the military’s will and not yours—and you know this very well. Moreover, you can’t remove me; that’s it—you no longer have any legitimacy.

Morsi: Okay, if I agree to be removed, will you allow me to travel abroad and promise not to imprison me?

Sisi: I can’t offer you any promises. It’s the justice [department] that will pass its verdict.

Morsi: Okay, if that’s the case, I’ll make it war, and we’ll see who will prevail in the end.

Sisi: Naturally the people will win.

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  • Mel

    Where did Mohammed Morsi get the idea that Barack Hussein Obama IS the Muslim Brotherhood in the United States?

    • Kris Kristian

      Did not Obama support the MB?

      Please read his Caitro speech, and you will see that he said. “Islam is a great religion, I know, because I am one of them”

      Obama is a Muslim. He needs to be removed

      • Luigi Rosolin

        Agree Obama is lies to the American citizens, he is promoting Islam with all sort of trick, Muslim are by sharia allowed without guilt to other to gain control and impose they will. Is very clear that Obama had support the Brotherhood that had massacre the Christian and burn church’s.

    • maria

      Everybody who follows the situation knows that Obama is a muslim and that he probably is a member of the brotherhood.Of course there is a muslim brotherhood in the US.
      CAIR(main organisation, ISNA, Muslim Sisterhood a o.
      And what about Obama´s advisors?
      1.Arif Arikhan- assistant advisor of Homeland Security member of CAIR
      2. Mohammed Elibiary-Homeland Security Advisor(CAIR)
      3.Rashad Hussain OIC special envoyOIC=organsiation of the Islamic Conference= muslim brotherhood
      4.Salam al-Marayati-founder of Another MBs branch.Muslim Public Affairs Council and its director
      5.imam Mohamed Magid= Obama´s Sharia Czar
      6.Eboo Patel-Advisory Council on “Faith Based Neighborhood Partnership(Another MB organisation

      • Luigi Rosolin

        Well said.

  • Sonia Willats

    Morsi seems to be quite happy for Egypt go up in flames once more, as long as he retains his power & importance.

  • Jerry La Fleur

    Maybe it’s the effect of translation to English but the conversation seems too secular; no will of Allah, no references to Quran, haditha, etc.
    Anywho, how about a constitution that only grants certain rights to the government and protects the rights of the minorities even when they do not share power….maybe that’s too much…hope not. Props for keeping on keeping on over there Egypt.

  • RP

    “Don’t think the Brotherhood is going to stand by if I leave office. They will set the world on fire.”

    So much for a peaceful organization.

    • maria

      Of course not, they are neonazis and racists.
      They must be treated like that, too and as a “religious” organisation. Islam is a devilish ideologoy, evil like nazism and communism