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July 11, 2013 9:12 am

3-Year-Old Critically Injured in Arab Rock-Throwing Attack Spends First Weekend at Home

avatar by Zach Pontz

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Adele Bitton. Photo: Israel Matzav.

After four months in intensive care units, an Israeli  3-year-old seriously injured in an Arab rock-throwing attack was able to return home, if only for two short days.

Adele Bitton spent this past weekend with her family but returned to her rehabilitation center, where she has been staying since May, for treatment and rehabilitation on Sunday.

“Adele is improving day by day,” her mother told Israel’s Channel 2 news website. “Her medical condition is stable… Every day brings more good news.”

The little girl was critically injured in March near the West Bank community of Ariel, when a truck forced to divert from its lane due to Arab rock throwing collided head on into the car she was riding in. Her mother and two sisters who were also in the car escaped with light wounds.

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  • Kenneth D Hegler

    Now, it is apparent, he was in jail under Mubarak, and asked/encouraged Hamas, even asked them to help free him from jail. He appears to have aided, abetted and supported Hamas, as well as working with them? This was against Egyptian law at the time.

    And this is the man supported, directly and indirectly by the White House? And the POTUS continues his silence on the Egyptian situation speaks even louder, particularly in sending unarmed US troops into Sinai! time for US to demand an open accounting.

    If not forthcoming, impeach one and all concerned, starting with the top and all officials concerned as this borders on treason. Under treason laws, confiscation of all goods, chattels and possessions. And that should include any and all pensions, retirement schemes, etc.

    Uncle Ken

  • David

    And, BTW, I still daven for her recovery – along with many many others – every day.

    Be well and be whole, little angel.

  • David

    FYI: According to news reports – sorry I can’t source them for you – Adele was actually injured by a rock to her head [that came through the window] BEFORE the car crash.

  • rofedoc

    The Interior Ministry would do well to stop their indiscriminate and arbitrary restriction that prohibits qualified Israeli citizens from obtaining weapon permits. The muslim barbarians might thing twice before attacking Jews just because they are Jews.
    We all pray for a complete recovery of baby Adele Bitton

  • Jerome

    Many people have been including this little girl in their davening and I am most grateful for this news update. I wonder every day how she is doing and am very glad to hear good news. All of the Jewish people wish her a complete refuah.

    • rofedoc


  • Noevil9

    She is beautiful . Isn’t it sad how this children have to suffer from this unjust conflict, living on an illegal settlements? I don’t know what this Palestinian stone throwers are thinking? I guess it’s the only mean they might have to protest against the occupier who is building illegal settlement on their land, and burning their Olive trees if not up rooting them. I can’t help myself still thinking how lucky she is to escape with healable injuries, while thousands of Palestinian children could not escape death of the Israeli rockets and bombs that is lashed on them while they are in their homes and in their parents arms, or sometimes the bullets of the IDF soldiers that are protecting the illegal settlers from Queens and Brooklyn and other places. This tragedy is way passed its out of hand level and the seeds of injustice with all its consequences -to the Palestinians and to the Jews- of hate and mistrust, for many generations to come in Israel/ Palestine, and around the world. To keep killing is not the answer.

  • Miguel Reyes

    Hi, Adele! Please, get better my sweetie. I love you a lot.

  • Yoel Nitzarim

    ברוכה השבה! החלמה מהירה!!