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July 14, 2013 7:46 pm

No Reports of Jewish Riots After Grossly Antisemitic Show Begins Airing on Arab TV

avatar by Adam Levick

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Scene during filming of upcoming Khaybar series.

The streets of Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Haifa and every other city throughout Israel – and in communities outside of Israel with large Jewish communities – were calm over Shabbat despite the decision by several Arab TV satellite channels to begin airing an antisemitic mini-series during Ramadan called “Khaybar.”  The program reportedly demonizes Jews, who are depicted as immutably “treacherous” and the “enemies of Islam” who “can’t be trusted”.

The series – produced by a Qatari media company and currently being aired in Dubai, Egypt, Algeria, Qatar and UAE – is described by the screenwriter and the film’s actors as simply demonstrating that “The Jews are the Jews…and still act according to their nature and corrupt any society in which they live.”

Though a prominent pro-Israel blogger, Elder of Ziyon, initiated a passionate campaign to draw attention to the series, the act of racist incitement has been ignored by major human rights organizations – characteristic of the silence by such self-described “humanitarian” groups in the face of poisonous anti-Jewish animus which is commonplace throughout Arab and Muslim countries.

Additionally, whilst the Guardian published over 100 reports and commentaries after the Muhammad cartoons controversy in 2005, and a similarly large volume of stories on the row last year over a brief trailer for an anti-Islamic film posted on YouTube called ‘Innocence of Muslims’, there has been nothing published at the Guardian or ‘Comment is Free’ about Khaybar.

Further, in contrast to the eruption of riots and violence over the Muhammad cartoons, which led to death threats against the cartoonists and riots in cities across the world resulting in over 200 people dead, and the reaction to the film ‘Innocence of Muslims’, which led to protests causing hundreds of injuries and over 50 deaths, there have been no reports of Jewish riots in reaction to the hideously antisemitic Khaybar broadcast.

While the narrow issue of the Guardian’s decision not to inform readers about an antisemitic TV series which will potentially be seen by tens of millions of Arab viewers  is important – representing one example of their wider failure to report even the most extreme examples of antisemitic incitement within the larger Arab world – there is another important angle to this story worth exploring.

My observation regarding the dearth of anything resembling violence by Jews over the racist Arab series was not meant to be at all cheeky, but rather was an attempt to illustrate the absurdity of the ubiquitous refrain from Guardian Left commentators that the Israel lobby ‘intimidates’ elected representatives, exercises undue influence over the media and stifles debate over issues of concern to the Jewish community.

Whilst organized Jewry, and pro-Israel commentators, certainly use the power of the pen, lobby their representatives and use every other legitimate democratic means available to advocate for Israel and campaign against antisemitism, newspaper cartoonists who run afoul of ‘the lobby’ do not receive death threats from AIPAC; commentators who engage in antisemitic tropes do not have to go in hiding for fear of retribution by philo-Semitic bloggers; and ‘spontaneous’ acts of mass Jewish violence do not erupt on the streets of Paris, London, New York, or Jerusalem when the religious sensibilities of Jews are offended.

Though it is of course true that the overwhelming majority of Muslims don’t resort to violence in response to cartoons, films or commentaries considered to be offensive to Islam, the small minority who do engage in such anti-social and destructive behavior clearly create a chilling effect on Western journalists and opinion leaders – anti-democratic bullying and intimidation which simply has no parallel within the pro-Israel community.

Adam Levick is the managing editor of CiF Watch, an affiliate of the Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting in America (CAMERA)

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  • Juan

    Dont you know that arabs are legitimized to be antisemitics, homophobes and misogynists?

  • The issue is the reason the Arab world does not even consider that “No Reports of Jewish Riots After Grossly Antisemitic Show Begins Airing on Arab TV | Jewish &…” is they really truly believe we are there for them to ridicule, hate and ultimately to exterminate – that is truly frightening – after 1,400 years no-one has the strength to tell them “enough”. The fact is that the Israeli government should have broken off diplomatic relations with Egypt and declared that any country broadcasting this racist garbage from the ‘Dark Ages’ of primitive bestiality was unfit to be counted amongst the civilized nations of the world; that its actors, directors, producers et al are no better than savages and that any nation hosting this parasitic contagion should be ostracized.

    None of it will happen. That is the tragedy of our ethically debauched society.

  • art frank

    Only savage arabs, and other low-life half witted humans riot over religion.

  • where is all the antisemitic, anti-Israel European media?
    Why don’t theycover this one?

  • Kris Kristian

    Israel should stop treating Arab Muslims in the Israeli hospitals.
    Let them be treated by their own doctors and hospitals
    The children Israel treats will grow up to be killers of Jews.
    In NY the Muslims had demonstrations against Jew etc. Theleader of that mob shouted that “WE DEMAND THAT THE UN INTRODUCES A’ LAW WHEREBY IT WILL BE A CRIMINAL OFFENCE TO INSULT ISLAM”
    Then one young Muslim woman got onto the stage and shouted “EVERY MUSLIM WOMAN HAS IN HER WOMB, THE FUTURE MARTYR”

    In London, NY and other cities, the Muslims have taken over the main streets of those cities every Friday for their prayers. They block the streets and nobody can get past them.
    Why do those cities allow the Muslims to take over, and do nothing about it?
    they are afraid of the riots and the damage they will cause.
    Neither Jews nor Christians behave like those savages

  • Mohamed ibn Ali

    We muslims we are doomed because we controle a huge part of the world because we have oil and gas in our land. Can you imagine the arab world without this . The modern world belongs to OPEC and oil and gas are financing arab dictators and the suez cana is the main pipeline . Allah forbid that the elder of sion will to morrow discover alternative energy !!!

  • E.S.Lombard

    Further musings: wouldn’t it be grand if the Arabs could learn to laugh at themselves as the US did many years ago with its “All in the Family” TV series lampooning bigotry and its consequences. Perhaps that should be an objective: freeing the Arab mind to be able to laugh at its own foibles as they remark in Khaybar on what they see as ours, albeit 7th century. I’m sure that Palestinian dealings with UNRWA on a day to day basis, however challenging, must offer opportunities for low cunning and comedy.

  • R

    Right. We Jews read all the anti-Semetic crap that;s issued, then shrug our shoulders, and go on about or work in life…creating medicines the Arabs don’t create, for the doctors they don’t raise, for the hospitals they don’t build. These people are not fooling ANYone. Ignorance, poverty, anger, lack of education, and leaders who depend on these conditions to be “elected” to their offices. Go ahead, you guys…keep your masses as ignorant as you can; it’s the only way you’ll ever get by. One of these days there will be enough EDUCATED Arabs in the middle east to drop you guys overboard once and for all, in favor of Arabs who are educated and honestly concerned about their people. The message will be clear enough: Arabs, Jews, they’re ALL Semites! Blood brothers. Nobody gives a damn about what religion they are, if only they will behave like PEOPLE, not ANIMALS. That day is coming!

    • E.S.Lombard

      Well said! All our expenditures of time, money and blood seem fruitless when education could be the answer.Even for ourselves and Jewish education; even for US education which sinks deeper into despair – all seem to miss vast opportunties that the sixty years of instructional technology could be providing us with.

      Reports of such efforts in Israel seem unpromisingly unwieldy by being teacher and classroom bound. Israel, in an effort to improve its own education and that of its own Arab citizens and neighbors,could do much for peace and progress: a light unto the nations. This is a promising area for investors in the “Startup Nation.” with all Arab advances