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July 15, 2013 10:03 am

Madonna Finishes Writing Torah in Honor of Son Rocco’s Bar Mitzvah

avatar by Zach Pontz

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Madonna at 2008 Tribeca Film Festival. Photo: wiki commons.

This past weekend Madonna helped her son Rocco celebrate his Bar Mitzvah in New York City, and on Monday she reported to fans that part of the celebration included completing the writing of a Torah scroll.

The material girl, who practices Kabbalah, wrote: “We finish the last letter of the Torah for Rocco”s Bar Mitzva! Lucky 13! Happy Birthday! Potential……….responsibility!!!!” -Madonna.”

According to Hebrew-language daily Maariv, the Torah to which Madonna refers is most likely one she commissioned  and plans to donate to the Kabbalah Center in Los Angeles.

Madonna's post to her Facebook page about son Rocco's torah. Photo: Facebook.

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  • frankly, we need any help we can get and any positive publicity from someone as high profile as Madonna is should be welcomed without all of the sanctimonious expresessions of protestation we are hearing! BDS is spreading; artists and scientists are sucking up to those that hate us. I like this kind of story – it is postiive and it makes me feel good. If you have a problem with that I suggest you need to stop reading the Jewish News.

  • Dr. Jeffrey Ady


  • Efram Paul

    The world today is filled with Jew hating. From a society which worships politically-coerced censorship, which hails those who would commit genocide and preaches hate, but ‘the right kind’ of hate (by their definition), of Israel and Jews, to discrimination, violence, and murder. If I see someone who does not buy the politically-coerced censorship line, and is positive towards Judaism, why quibble? Neither Madonna nor her son are trying to insult Jews, orthodox or otherwise. They are celebrating a Jewish practice, and Madonna is being generous with charity. They have not asked the orthodox community to sanction this event. They are doing absolutely nothing malicious. Why not accept their gesture for what it is, solidarity with Jews.

  • Reuven Ha Cohen

    A truly Torah-observant person, unlike the mistaken few who make such negative comments on this blog, has learned that it is only haShem’s domain to judge any of his kindelach. Who is so great to usurp that power?? Let us all love all of humankind, and return deeds of kindness and learning with only praise.


    well…maybe she will tattoo her sons name on her chest

    Jeff asks: Is she completely meshuggah?
    answer: another question is how evil are the bergs who are her so called rabbis. she is unnder their spell and donates over 5 million a year to that kabalah institute….ooogah boogah….

    they must have wild shabbatons…madonna and britney spears singing. wonder is elvis also attends their sessions.

  • Joy

    Sorry I can’t take this seriously. It’s hilarious.

    • James

      Dacon 9 she has no tattoos and will not get one ever

  • Jeff

    Is she completely meshuggah?

  • Philip Landau

    Madonna is not claiming to be a Torah observant Jew. She is simply doing what gives her comfort and joy. If she feels inclined to do this, and is not harming anybody, I do not feel inclined to judge her in any way. At a time when there was so much anti-Semitism in the world, I certainly prefer to see this!

  • Hal

    It’s like giving chicken soup to a dead man.
    It can’t hurt!

  • Herb Grossman

    While it may not be real Judaism, with all the antisemitism in the world, she should be applauded for her good will towards Jews and Judaism, not rejected by the Jewish community.

  • Shirl in Oz

    This begs the comment

    **Only in America**

    This a a constant comment in regards to Judaism in the USA where they have the weirdest wackiest sects!

  • Joseph

    “I feel compelled to mention that neither she nor her son are actually Jewish. (according to traditional, mainstream Judaism.)”

    Actually, Algemeiner should have made it clear in their article that neither she nor her son are actually Jewish.

  • Carol

    Queen of Attention….

  • Madonna, why don’t you help with this?

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  • Samuel

    Kol hakavod to Madonna and her son. There is a very high rate of people leaving Judaism and to hear of someone celebrating it regardless of background must be congratulated. And remember she came to Israel when lots of others are not. Mazel tov. Lots of nachus.

  • Robert Sklar

    I have never seen so much lashan hara in one place and on erev Tisha B’Av. I am embarrassed by these comments. Mazel Tov Rocco and Madonna. May your first step as a Jewish man bring you, mitzvah by mitzvah, closer to God and to the Jewish people. We embrace you and look forward to your eventual place under the chupa.

  • aall55

    I am very happy and proud and welcome anyone who embrace the Jewish religion even when their intention is to follow the rules in a loose fashion .

    Adherence to the demands of the Jewish law does not make you a better Jew.

    Today intolerance towards fellow Jews is not a luxury we can afford.

  • shloime

    sure, madonna’s flirtations with judaism are problematic – why would a non-jew celebrate a “bar mitzvah”, when they have absolutely no intention of keeping any of those “mitzvahs”?

    but it begs the question of why some *jews* celebrate a bar mizvah, where the child has learned as little as possible about judaism, where non-kosher food is served to a mostly non-jewish group of people, and where the emphasis is on the gifts and the entertainment. it’s okay to spend $100,000 (or much more) on the party, but the child cannot recite the alephbet, and has never so much as seen a pair of tefillin.

    if it’s just another celebration of an over-indulged child, why shouldn’t madonna throw a “bar mitzvah” for her son?

    • Chaim

      Well said! I agree.

  • I don’t doubt this is meaningful to her, but I have no clue as to how one practices the Kabbalah! In any case, her Torah is not a kosher Torah, at least according to Torah law, but I guess if she is not Jewish- it really doesn’t matter.

    • If you don’t know the Kabbalah center only serves glatt kosher food.

  • coded

    I feel compelled to mention that neither she nor her son are actually Jewish. (according to traditional, mainstream Judaism.)
    I find these practises perturbing in the sense that the person concerned is looking for G-d and the Torah, but strictly on their terms, not on His, clearly taking out any concept of authentic divinity. A real G-d is one that can not always be understood by any finite human being. If you dont agree with torah etc, no one is forced to keep it, but these movements are almost saying “come G-d, you didnt get it quite right, I’m going to show you how you can do it just a bit better…”
    I think it boils down to a lack of human humility, being able to say… I wont ALWAYS get it, and its not always going to be the way I think it should be.

    • osh

      Couldn’t put it better myself

    • Yes, I agree. I find it strange that she is going so far in. I think it’s one thing to pursue an interest in Kabbalah from outsuide the Jewish community, but a Bar Mitzvah? Has Madonna (and her son) actually converted? I hadn’t heard anything on that score. What sort of Shul/congregation is it?

    • shloime

      yes, it is somewhat problematic when a gentile wants to be a “little jewish” but has no intention of actually, properly converting. (and i’m pretty sure that a torah written by a non-jew is not considered kosher.)

      on the one hand, i don’t think this is a new problem, as the “erev rav” is mentioned during the exodus from egypt. (and today, many of the christian missionaries trying to convert jews, masquerade as “messianic jews”, and pray to jesus in hebrew.)

      but i also don’t think that judaism welcomes such a thing, either. judaism is not a “universalist” religion, and has never wanted to convert the rest of the world. the fact that gentiles are not commanded to keep mitzvot is not seen as a problem, but rather as a more or less welcome contrast. if nobody eats pork, then jews aren’t doing anything special to fulfill god’s commandment.

      judaism has always respected true diversity, and has only asked of gentiles that they keep the noachide laws.

      • Michael Pertz

        @ Shloime – How patronising of you ” judaism has always respected true diversity, and has “only” asked of the gentiles that they keep the noachide laws” True diversity entails letting people follow their beliefs snd laws NOT OURS !!!!!