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July 16, 2013 3:30 pm

Netanyahu Slams EU Following ‘Earthquake’ Directive: ‘We Will Not Accept Any Outside Diktat About Our Borders’

avatar by Algemeiner Staff

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Prime Minister Netanayhu at his government's weekly cabinet meeting. Photo: Screenshot.

Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu slammed the European Union in an emergency cabinet meeting Tuesday, called after news broke that the EU initiated a directive requiring member states to boycott Israelis living in the West Bank and East Jerusalem.

The directive included conditions for future contacts between the EU and the State of Israel.

“We will not accept any outside diktat about our borders,” pledged the Prime Minister, adding, “This issue will be decided only in direct negotiations between the sides.”

The Prime Minister criticized the EU for taking the steps unilaterally while paying lesser attention to urgent regional matters such as Syria’s civil war and Iran’s race towards nuclear armament.

“I would expect those who truly want peace and stability in the region would discuss this issue after solving more urgent regional problems such as the civil war in Syria or Iran’s race to achieve nuclear weapons,” he said.

Expressing solidarity with all  Israeli citizens Netanyahu promised that “As the Prime Minister of Israel, I will not allow the hundreds of thousands of Israelis who live in Judea and Samaria, on the Golan Heights and in Jerusalem, our united capital, to be harmed.”

The meeting was held at the Prime Minister’s Jerusalem office. Those in attendance included Justice Minister Tzipi Livni, Economy Minister Naftali Bennett and Deputy Foreign Minister Zeev Elkin.

Earlier today Israeli daily Haaretz first reported that the European Commission, the executive arm of the EU, two weeks ago issued the directive requiring all 28 member states to ban all funding, collaboration, scholarships, research grants and awards to Israeli entities in the West Bank and East Jerusalem, while requiring that any future agreements signed with Israel must include a clause stating that the settlements are not part of the sovereign State of Israel and therefore are not part of said agreement. The directive goes into effect this Friday.

Israeli officials sharply criticized the move, and members of the Israeli cabinet also expressed disappointment in the timing of the decision, claiming it undermines U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry’s recent push to resume negotiations.

A senior Israeli official told Haaretz that the ruling was an “earthquake” which unprecedentedly turns “understandings and quiet agreements that the Union does not work beyond the Green Line” into “formal, binding policy.”

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    In the U.S., the EU’s action is called restraing of trade and is illegal.

    As far as the EU is concerned, I’ll buy what I want at the best price as long as the source is not repugnant to me. You fill in the blaks.

    I really wonder whether the other EU members really follow the EU dictates.

  • Jay Ghetty

    21st century warfare is mostly invisible.

  • Ethics

    Israel must keep in mind that it is dealing with Europe, the antisemitic capital of the world. Note: The EU is not boycotting China, which seized the nation of Tibet in 1979. It is not boycotting Turkey for its occupation of Cyprus, nor is it boycotting all those ME nations that occupy Kurdistan. It is not boycotting England, a member nation, which holds as its “colony” (their word), the Falklands and has mass murdered Argentinians to keep it. Neither is it boycotting its member nation, France, for its New Calidonia colony.

    What to do. Israel must immediately pull out of the Flagship Project, as the PM threatened to do. Do it, PM, now. Long overdue is denial of entry to academics from countries that discriminate against Israeli scholars, most notoriously, England. Israel must boycott all EU member nation goods: Millions of Christians and Jews will participate in that boycott. Finally, Israel must stop supplying free anti-terror intel to these hypocritical, racist nations. Let them get it from the Palestinians.

    The US State Dept has refused to rebuke the EU for its disgusting conduct. Therefore, Israel must refuse further meetings with Kerry. If State is to not-so-tacitly support racism, then Kerry is not a fit broker for “peace.”

    • Yochanan M.

      How dare you have the chutzpah to even compare the situation in Israel to what happened in Tibet, or Turkey, or elsewhere as you have? In Tibet’s case for example, China invaded a sovereign nation and absorbed it. There was never a sovereign nation of Arabs named Palestine or anything else in this area. There WAS however a nation of Jews that was sovereign in this area not once, not twice, but now 3 times with the re-establishment of Israel. In China/Tibet case, Chinese came in very violently and brutally murdered countless innocents, turning nunneries into brothels and other countless horrors. In the case of Arab refugees in the late 60s, they left of their OWN accord, voluntarily because they couldn’t stand to be ruled by Jews. When you make comparisons, don’t assume that all readers will have the background to know the gross difference between who you chose to compare to Israel.

  • FRAN L.

    Wouldn’t it be smart for all Jews and all other Israel loving people to boycott Europe? That is what they deserve and without that revenue from tourists they might
    think twice about this heinous decision they have come upon. There are so many other lovely places in the world to visit……please give this idea some serious thought.

  • Laura Jane Burkhart

    I am speechless. Anti-Semitism is such an ugly thing…and when “masses” of human beings turn their backs on any ONE PEOPLE GROUP…and that, after voting unilaterally for Israel to become a nation, a few short “65 years ago”…obviously, lessons have not been learned.

    To think that anyone would question what the Jewish Government does, within their own borders, with land they purchased, and possess, through battles not even started by themselves…ONLY WON…is unthinkable.

    If anyone had to live, with the difficult balancing act, with which the Jews have to daily deal with, and on top of that, dealing with the violence from within, and without…THEY COULD NOT, AND WOULD NOT DEAL WITH IT, AS YOU HAVE DONE! After knowing some who live in these places…and speaking to them, personally, I SUPPORT 100%, all the settlements in Israel, and wish that others would travel the land, and work in the settlements, and visit, as I have…then…they would no longer speak against YOUR LIVING IN THOSE PLACES. The West Bank, and Gaza…are yours to do with, as you will. But, I DID NOT HAVE TO KNOW YOU…to support your RIGHT, TO DWELL IN THE LAND, ALL OF IT…AS AN INHERITANCE THROUGH ABRAHAM.

    It also amazes me, of the patience of the Jews…towards other humans…how you can face these “sentiments” without hatred in your hearts.

    But, I am thankful, as an American, of your love, and respect and support…for all the WONDERFUL people in Israel, with whom I have spoken…and, each time I tell the Israeli’s, that their is HOPE…and that you deserve a homeland…and have a right to defend your borders! Why? Because, the Abrahamic covenant was, to his seed, FOREVER.

    Lets the masses change. It is forever, your land, to live.


    That covenant of love, still stands.

    In Ezekiel, a prophetic word is spoken….of a second return to Israel, and when you “return”, no longer will you be the taunting song of the nations, and you will dwell in peace.

    Let the nations say what they will…God has done what He said He will do, and those who love you, and bless you, are FOREVER BLESSED!

    As each battle in the past was won, by SUPERNATURAL MEANS…with a God, who can answer with a simple sound of horses, or bee’s…you are protected, not because you are a perfect people, who large, or strong…but, because you are ALWAYS PERFECTLY LOVED AND TREASURED!

    Thank you all, for your patience, with the horrendous HISTORY OF BLOODSHED, FOR 2,000 YEARS…

    Please forgive, yet again, what you find in the world…that which COULD rob you of hope…BUT YOU WILL NOT LET IT…BECAUSE YOU ARE A LIGHT TO THE NATIONS…and so, you can and must remember, that all of heaven loves and blesses you…and MASSES OF PEOPLE, WORLDWIDE, love and bless you…you see them, every 15 minutes…as they arrive by the jets, in Ben Gurion.

    Hope is the word!

    • Basil Fletcher

      I my own view, this is why it is of critical importance, that Israel seeks to develop as fast as possible economic abilities, deepen trade and relationships with Latin America, in particular Brazil, Venezuela and Argentina, among others, countries with which it has had long historical ties; in addition to further deepening trade with India, China and other friendly nations of the far east.

      Israel’s strategic weakness is its economy, and that is an issue which must be addressed with a sense of urgency.

      Basil Fletcher
      Jamaica W.I.

    • Laura, what you say is truly in Bible Prophecy.

  • David Kope

    Lets see who voted.
    Publish the name of the country and the representative.
    Lets investigate why they lean towards this anti-Israel stance.
    Are they lobbyists for a particular agenda.

  • R.Orenstein

    Very clever distract the masses with other problems , old trick. I can’t remember when I started MY OWN boycott to them. I don’t buy their water ,their wine, their oil ,their cars and I do not go there either .

  • Esther Sarah Evans

    As a Jewess and a citizen of Eretz Yisrael, I absolutely condemn this decision of the EU and regard it as a move clearly linked to the policy of Hitler, yemach shemo (may his name be obliterated) to annihilate Jews as well as a direct attack on the sovereignty of our holy Eretz Yisrael, the only place in the world that while under constant attack from all sides has upheld respect of religion and human dignity. Europe will pay dearly for this move – not through Israeli, but through Divine intervention. If they want to survive this, now is the time to take back their decision and apologize – in writing and especially in their souls.

    • hadassa

      Don’t hold your breath, Esther. They’ll never change! Pharaoh held out until AFTER his firstborn son died; so deranged did his hatred of the Jewish people make him. Nor did that yemach shemo waver by a millimetre in his determination to destroy European Jewry – he was ready to sacrifice every last babyfaced ‘soldier’ to achieve that aim. A pox on him and on all our enemies…amen!!!

  • Eric R.

    If the GOI had a spine, it would have told the EU to go f**k itself. Bibi would have given a speech denouncing the EU as Nazis, incorrigible Jew-haters whose only goal is to finish Adolf Hitler’s work, and then sever diplomatic relations with those Brussels Nazis. Then he would have called such a boycott an act of war, and threaten and European shipping in the Mediterranean. Quietly, through back channels that have deniability, he would tell the Europeans that should Israel be forced to a Samson Option, European cities would be wiped out, and Europe destroyed forever.

    In short, he would treat Europe as the enemy that it has alwasy been.

    • Drchcago

      Such hatred. It is any surprise that the EU would respond in kind?

    • Superbly put Eric.

      Who ARE these f*&^ing Europeans? These wretched slavers, colonizers, inbreeding royals, and their churches of child rapists, and Nazi enablers.

      I mean really now… … …

      Eric is entirely correct by stating that Bibi should simply send a big F.U. to the EU, and it’s corrupt, Haji-occupied cousin, the UN. There are large Asian markets for Israel that come without the cadaverous baggage of doing business with the Christian moralizers, and Historical Finger-Pointers.

      The only consolation in this sordid affair is that the EU has a huge Islamic sickle over it’s neck, as colonial chickens have come home to roost (and proliferate.) The EU and their stooges can bark at Israel from sharpened church steeples and gutters, yet increasingly, once ‘picture perfect’ European destinations now appear more like a bazaar full of Baghdadi arms dealers, than the Crescent of Western Civilization.

      For now, in Israel, it’ll remain more Nobel Prizes, more dazzling innovations spanning the entire sphere of human innovation, and more information warfare waged upon Hezbollah on the European continent.

      Here’s a big ‘chamaliyah’ in the face of the EU, for their filthy propagation of CENTURIES of hatred and death, subsumed under the rubric of church/state policy.


    Why do the heathen rage, and the people imagine a VAIN things? The kings of the earth set THEMSELVES, and the RULERS take counsel together, against the LORD [and the people of the LORD], and against his Anointed-JESUS CHRIST,saying,LET US BREAK THEIR BANDS ASUNDER, AND CAST AWAY THEIR CORDS FROM US.
    He that sitteth in the heavens shall laugh: The LORD shall have them in derision.

    Folks, Can God’s words be truer than this?

    Let the whole world be unfaithful,unruly, ungodly and all the likes; God remains ever faithful to His word. His word are yea and AMEN.
    Israel and CHRISTIAN Rejoice, your deliverer is at hand; but please approach HIM with open and clean hands.

  • Fred

    That the EU may enact a new Nuremberg law would not surprise me. Europe had boycott experience from the 1930- 1945 against the Jews. Now that the Arabs are the paymasters nothing should be a surprise. It is obvious that Europe is bowing to the ground to please the Arab masters. European conscience is very short lived.

  • Balcha Aba nefso

    It is the right decision of EU. always,Israel abused those armless people, palesinian. why not she is fighting with islamic republic of iran ? if she do, she will get the price perfectly!

  • גרגורי אדלסטון

    The EU should concentrate on their own not insignificant economic and social problems. And also the rise of radical Islam. A few hundred thousand Jews staking it out in empty desert and turning it into technology and enterprise.

    The EU are jealous. You can never fully boycot Israel. Israel is in every computer, mobile, car electronic device. The EU are also anti-Semetic. And have been for 2000 years. Bibi’s father was right.

  • Otto Waldmann in Sydney

    Unfortunately, in a fluid world of political correctness, at this juncture, newly crafted notions of Palestinian Rights, Occupied Territories and all other peddled geopolitical categories are realities. If the right strategies will be enacted, Israel shall modify the current acceptances. This form of BDS has gained greater acceptance in most of the EU countries, to a great extent, due to the obvious lack of Israel’s involvement in the non-English speaking countries , i.e. most of EU, in explaining the farcical nature of the BDS. In my Australia my Jewish community has gained enormous political support at the most relevant levels. Australia is a firm anti BDS campaigner. Sadly we are not in the EU. This is lesson Nr. 1.Our Jewish community has worked brilliantly in ensuring a fair look at the BDS. All political parties support the Zionist position. What a mehaye !!!
    Lesson Nr. 2 is closely akin to what now Israel needs to do, lack of proper EU campaign or not. Bibi has taken the only way out already. Staunch oposition to EU’s unfair decisions. Considering that this regretable decision is NOT unalterable, Israel can only persevere in its policiy of territorial integrity, refuse any suggested or demanded changes, demonstrate that a Zionist ideal has also its tangible elements and all these demand universal respect. I am convinced, not just wish, that Eretz Zion shall prevail, but “slight” adjustments in the extended political hasbara MUST apply, just to make our lives a bit more rationally pleasant.
    True, references to other issues, such as Syria, Iran , North Korea or Burkina Fasso – just in case – are incredibly irrelevant. The farcical nature of the palestinian narrative shall be revelead comprehensively in GOOD time. Thank G-d for “savlanut” !!! Not to mention hard work.

  • Paul Winter

    The “directive” by the EU commissars contravenes UNSC 242 which specifies secure borders for Israel based on negotiations. If the “directive” is followed by EU member states, it will prevent negotiations inasmuch as it declares the 1949 armistice lines to be Israel’s borders. Those lines were specifically declared not to be borders by the UN. Israel should take the EU before the international court of justice for its violation of a legally binding Chapter 7 UNSC resolution. At the same time as taking the EU to court, Israel should make a few points regarding the unacceptability of EU policy being formulated by unelected, unaccountable apparatchiks.

  • Dr.M.Otero

    Too bad that the EU has been reduced to crates of frightened capons while the snarling jackals laugh in delight.

  • Captain Art Jones

    Maybe EU can be the solution. EU grant any and all lands formerly EU, to form a palestinian state. Its only right.

  • June Grant

    I am that close to chucking my EU passport over the border with Gaza. Unfortunately the majority of my family lives in the UK, so am forced to visit Perfidious Albion, a liability I sincerely regret.

  • mark a. shaw

    1. Why have nations gathered and [why do] kingdoms think vain things? 2. Kings of a land stand up, and nobles take counsel together against the Lord and against His anointed?
    3.”Let us break their bands and cast off their cords from us.” 4. He Who dwells in Heaven laughs; the Lord mocks them.

  • Israel should pass a law making illegal and unenforceable any contact containing such clauses and making it an act of treason to sign such a contract and subjecting any signatory to such a contract to criminal penalties including jail and stiff fines.

  • Jeff Blankfort

    Europe has long been Israel’s major trading partner. Is that, too, because of it’s “anti-semitism?” What those commenting obviously cannot see nor want to see is how others see Israel and the pressures that have been building up in the EU countries come not from their Moslem population but from the unions which, unlike the AFL-CIO have expressed their solidarity with the Palestinians and have initiated a number of successful boycotts.

    • Kris Kristian

      Non of those lands were ever “palestinian”
      The name Palestinian is an invented name by non other that the arch terrorist murderer, Arafat.

      The Palestinians also claim that Jesus was a “palestinian” And the Churches have never condemned this as being blaspemous.
      There was no “palestine” when Jesus was born.
      Jesus was a Jew. Period!

      The EU has now shut the door on any possible negotiations between Israel and Arafat in a suit, Abbas.
      Why should Abbas talk to Israel? the EU has done the talking.

      May those who have condemned Israel in favour of the spread of Islam, rot in hell.
      Their chiildren will be the sufferers of their sins against G-D who gave the entire land to the Jews. But Britain when they held the mandate, stabbed the Jews in the back and divided the land between Syria, Lebanon, and Jordan.

      The Westbank was OCCUPIED by Jordan illegally after the 1948 was in which 7 Arab armies attacked the new re born Jewish state.
      It was never “palestinian”
      Israel won that land back in the 1967 war.

      These same EU members seem to have forgotten that the Muslims have stated time and again that ‘ISLAM WILL RULE THE WORLD”
      This is already happening in Britain, Holland, Belgium, Sweden, France, and the US is on it’s way.


  • Brianna

    Neither Europe nor the Arabs can defeat Israel directly, through a military victory. They know this. Their only hope therefore, is to defeat you indirectly, by sapping your will to live and your moral certainty that you HAVE a right to live. Their goal is to kill your will, then come in when you have rendered yourselves defenseless through doubt.

    Do not allow it chaverim. Hold fast to your moral righteousness, keep your will strong. America is behind you, even if the media and politicans here make it seem otherwise at times. Am yisroel chai.

    • Marty Brod

      South Africa thought that its government would be safe
      from a US BDS action. Israel, its ally, agreed with them. AIPAC warned Israel that the US congress would override a Pres. Regan veto of a US BDS, they did, and the rest is history.

  • Michael Garfinkel

    F###k the E.U.

  • Mel

    The Euro-pee-on Commissars have driven the last pegs into their coffins, as the Euro-pee-on Union disintegrates from the weight of Islam. They may not love Jews, but there are still a few places Catholics dare not tread.

  • Noevil9

    I have noticed that all the comments so far, are assuming a “God given” right for Israel to break all and any International law when it so desires and the world should and will not respond in reaction ,why is that? How righteous does every one feels on this site? Does any one sees any problem with this type of behavior? Is denial the right way to proceed? As if , the narrative of what Israel says and what Israel wants, should not be questioned nor disputed? Where does this entitlement is coming from? Why does most of Israel defenders think that because there are other crimes, or evil deeds in others part of the world by other idiots, that should give Israel, and the Zionist supporters a free hand in perusing their own against the Palestinians? How come Israel can bomb Syria ,four times in this last events, and that is OK? How come Israel is threatening to Bomb Iran, and wage a war against it , because, Israel says ,Iran might develop a nuclear capability, while Israel posses,according to many sources, hundreds of nuclear war heads? Doesn’t any one sees anything wrong with this imbalances, and righteousness? Why is it, what Israel is allowed to do, others are not? Does any of this entity supporters sees something wrong with this biased attitude? I guess, You might not, because , you seem always to portray it in reverse, and play Israel as the ultimate victim. Does any of you seem to get the hint ,that could be tiering in the long run, and people might get restless after a while? Please ,remember Never again, should come with attitude to support and remedy the symptoms, and not just the out come. We just cant keep going after each others throat, and feel the world is a constant war field. One cant keep doing the same thing and expect a different results. There are room for every one on this earth, we just have to stop creating enemies of each other, Jews, Muslims, Christains, Hindus..and every body else. If you think ,you know better, teach the others, not kill them, because when you do, you are no better than what you claim about them.

    • The essence of your comments: “Why is it, what Israel is allowed to do, others are not? Does any of this entity supporters sees something wrong with this biased attitude? I guess, You might not, because , you seem always to portray it in reverse, and play Israel as the ultimate victim.”
      Your understanding of the conflict would be helped by a little bit of historical knowledge. The Palestinian Arabs have been in a war with the Jews for over 100 years. The assault by the combined Arab forces on the newly created Israel in 1948 was a continuation of a Islamic imperative to never allow any religion other than Islam to thrive in the ME – see the murder of Copts in Egypt and the the Behai in Iran in recent times, and the Jews pre1948. Every other major conflict since 1948 was initiated by them. Their fate has been self-inflicted, including the terrible problem of the refugees who’s miserable fate has been cynically enforced by their Arab brethren, as pawns in their struggle and non-acceptance of Israel. Israel has ever legal and moral right to alter her boundries in the face of sustained Arab aggression – common sense would suggest that the boundaries can be fixed by negotiations – but they find every conceivable excuse not to proceed. Your narrative is the one sided slant of the major EU outlets influenced by the Moslems and leftists.

    • Sonia Willats

      Noevil. You are well-intended, thank you, but misinformed. Israel ONLY STRIKES TO DEFEND. How would you feel with thousands of missiles pointed at you from various countries who all state their intention to wipe your country, and its (surviving holocaust) people off the map. There is no reason to disbelieve their threats. America has certainly seen that radical Islam is serious in its hatred of XXX (almost everything we cherish as normal.)

      Secondly, do you realise that the “Wailing Wall” is in East Jerusalem, and Bethlehem, and Hevron etc. are, according to the EU, not part of Israel. Read your bible. This is the heart of biblical Israel.

      Lastly, can you not see that this is not about the tiny sliver of land Israel occupies? It is about wanting the Jews to have no land. Just listen to the stated aims of Hamas and Fatah and the maps they produce. There is a deep-seated hatred of Israel in most of the Middle East, is there not? Only the degree varies. This hatred is spiritual in origin. Likewise, Europe cannot be said to be immune. Europe should hide its head in shame at its past. I still struggle to believe (though I know) that so-called civilised countries did, and allowed, what they did NOT SO LONG AGO! THINK and find out. Go and visit historical Israel. Read your bible.

    • Joyce Elais

      You ask how come Israel is threatening to bomb Iran etc. etc., Maybe it is because Iran has told the world time and time again that the first thing they will do when they do have their nuclear bomb is to wipe Israel off the map, the same goes with the Palestinians, who do not want a state of their own unless it includes all of Israel as well and yes there is room for every one in the world to live in peace and harmony unfortunately those words are not in the Arab vocabulary

      • That really cateprus the spirit of it. Thanks for posting.

    • Efram Paul

      No consortium of countries can make laws about another nation without its consent. Would France allow sanctions due to its increasing anti-Semitism? I think not. The rise of Islamic-based anti-Semitism guarantees that every decision made by such a group, regardless of the issue in question, will come down on the Jewish state, and ignore the barbarism of everyone else. Israel wishes to be judged by the same standards as any other country on earth. To make laws that make such a situation impossible, is totally out of line in dealing with a sovereign nation. No member of the EU would stand for it, and neither should Israel.

    • A J Pike

      Finally a person is thinking about the real issues. Well done Noevil9. If no Kosovo existed until a few years ago why is the thought of a Palestinian State so terrible when ever since the British mandate this area has been called Palestine and so the non Jewish people in that area then and ever since are Palestinians.


  • D Wailer

    True to form Europe is about to do something it is good at take out its angst on the Jews again. Latent anti Semites, a pure for of racism that should be illegal. At the moment you have so many other issues to sort out why don’t attend to those and leave the Jews and Israel alone. The people living in GAZA are an Egyptian problem and those that come from eastern Jerusalem are Jordanian.

  • Stuart Kaufman

    “We will not accept any outside diktat about our borders,”
    So screw you all!

  • Herb Glatter

    Europe denied refueling rights to American planes carrying vital war materiel to Israel during the Yom Kippur War of 1973. It has been written that “we are a nation that will dwell alone.” Am Yisrael Chai!

    • Jo-Ann Morris

      Israel and Bibi are strong…we can survive alone. May G-d continue to bless Israel. Shalom.

  • ticotitao

    Again, this stems from the fact that in Europe, Israel does not clearly explain its positions and particularly the binding and internationally recognized laws, since June 1967, giving full rights to Israel’s presence in the disputed territories…

    • Horatio

      You are absolutely correct. Israel, through such feckless factotums as Shimon Peres, obfuscated already-settled issues over the boundaries of the Jewish Homeland. These boundaries encompass all of Judea and Samaria and most if not all of the Golan Heights and Gaza. Then along came Peres and with his Jewish Wonderfulness, invited his dearest friend in peace, the Egyptian-born terrorist Yasser Arafat into the heartland of Jewish territory once called “Palestinine.” Peres and his claque of monstrous placaters and poseurs fecklessly believed that opportunities to make money with Jews would eventually rule the hearts of dedicated jihadis, forgetting that money tp be made with a Jew paled by comparison to the billions pouring into the coffers of Yasser Arafat from Saudi Arabia and a frightened US.

    • Noevil9

      That is utterly incorrect. Israel /Zionism has explained to death its position and dedicated Millions and Millions of $ and man hours to sell the world its story. The fact is the International majority of people,whom have had sympathy for the Jewish plight in the past , are not buying it,- I am not referring to corrupted Governments who subsided to the financial threat and pressure-, that because many know the facts now and have a desire for justice, for the Jews and the Palestinians. Insisting on brain washing every one, is a grieve mistake. More and more facts are coming out, by decent Jewish and none Jewish people whom have a consciousness, and carry a peaceful attitude toward all humanity. Racial and ethnic animosity, and discrimination against every one who is not like us, or with us, will only leeds to more disastrous results. It is not more explaining that we need, The Zionists need to realize that they have achieved more than they have dreamed of, and seeking a resolution, and a peace agreement, with the Palestinians, and be part of the region is what they need and should be working on as their goal. Anything else will not promise a better and lasting future.

      • Efram Paul

        That is rich coming from you. All the money at Israel’s disposal is a joke compared to the billions of petrodollars, which have bought educational systems, especially in Europe and the US. Europe is not fed up, Europe is breathing a sigh of relief that at last they can go back to their 2000 years of Jew hatred without being bothered. Europe has been bought and paid for by radical Islam, and, combined with ferocious and out of control politically-coerced censorship, and the tolerance of exceptionally low standards of journalistic integrity, has guaranteed that it will be a miracle if any sense of justice remains in any of these countries. They are like you, morally, ethically, truthfully challenged.

    • Luigi Rosolin

      I agree and EU had made another gross doing, why they support Palestinian and Arab nation that are not recognizing Israel as a state? The 1967 war had been in response from the enemy that was try to destroy Israel. Is quite right and historical that who loose pay the price.

  • The EU is slowly being taken over by Islam. In the next 5 or 10 years much of the EU will be Islam Countries which will included Islamic Slavery. Many EU woman will be forced to become Islamic Sex Slaves. Then they will come to us asking for help.

    There may develop civil or terrorist wars in the EU for those who are fighting against Islam. We are headed to a New Dark Ages.

    • aall55

      The anti semitism , WWII style , still exist in Europe ,but there is a very strong new anti semitism current which has taken over Europe ,coming from the Muslims. They became more daring , more vocal , and have infiltrated every aspect in the government in the past decade . The Europeans hate these Muslims more than the Jews today , but their voice is heard in extrem right movements mostly, the “moderate” European appears quiet but does not think any differently than these extremists.

      • Mel Sherwood

        The Europeans need consider arming themselves.

  • Barry

    I wish writers would stop referring to it as “East Jerusalem” as there is no such place.

    It is “eastern Jerusalem” and if you don’t think this makes a difference then you are wrong.

    By calling it “East Jerusalem” one is making the case that a separate entity under this name exists, that’s a short step to having control over such land.

    If you call it by it’s proper name, “eastern Jerusalem” one is acknowledging that there is an area in greater Jerusalem that is on the east side, just like one on the west side. Not much different than the west side or east side of NY.

    There is but one Jerusalem and calling it by it’s correct name is a step in retaining sovereignty over it.

    • Spot on.

    • Okey

      Excellent point.
      Also, there is no “West bank”; there are Judea and Samaria.Also there is no “Palestine”; there is The Land of Israel.
      Terminology influences perception.

      • Jo-Ann Morris

        When are the Pals going to acknowledge they are Jordanians and face the fact that Jordan wants NOTHING to do with them. There was Never been a Pal state or country….the land belongs to us!! The Israeli’s/Jews!!

      • Mike Rosenthal

        So true and well said. Of course, that is the intention behind the use of these terms. The ongoing Arab propaganda war against Israel commonly uses such intentionally deceptive terms to make people think one thing when the truth is completely different. Thank you for seeing through the deception and calling it like it is.
        Support Israel and never be a dhimmi!

  • S. Klein

    Innocent Jewish blood hasn’t yet dried from collective European hands since the Holocaust.

    Here we go again.

    • Efram Paul

      And it never will. The only thing most of Europe regrets is that it has had to keep its deep and abiding anti-Semitism, dating back nearly 2000 years, under cover for so long (65 years!).

  • RP

    3 Observations:

    1. The prime minister had a great point. Thousands are dying in Syria and Iran is on track in pursuing nuclear weapons while the EU is concentrating on this settlement issue.
    2. The EU now has the power to effectively disregard America’s diplomatic outreach. Despite their powerful military, America’s political clout shrinks into insignificance in the Middle East.
    3. Israel’s borders are increasingly becoming more unstable as nations /group of nations try to cripple the state.