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July 18, 2013 11:24 am

Arab Mob Smashes Windshields of Jerusalem Cars as Jews Escape Riot (VIDEO)

avatar by Joshua Levitt

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Jerusalem Police break up an Arab riot near Damascus Gate, in Jerusalem. Photo: Screenshot

A frenzied Arab mob smashed car windshields with rocks and pieces of wood, as Jews drove by Jerusalem’s Damascus (Shechem) Gate Tuesday night, with several of the perpetrators arrested by Jerusalem Police, Israel’s Channel 7 reported on Thursday, citing video recorded by the assailants and uploaded to the internet.

The video, posted on the “Free Qudss” accounts on YouTube and Facebook, begins with the statement: “Destroying the settlers cars and arrests.” The narrator claims the recording was made on Tuesday evening.

This latest video comes the day after a Jew was stabbed in the same area of Jerusalem. Channel 7 said similar scenes of mayhem are becoming increasingly frequent in Jerusalem and other parts of Israeltoday Jewish residents of the Abu Tor neighborhood woke up to find the tires of their cars slashed in an apparent attack by Arab extremists. Meanwhile, the Mount of Olives for example, site of an ancient Jewish cemetery, has become a danger zone, with Jews afraid to approach their ancestors’ graves.

Watch the video of the riots below:

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  • Gary Katz

    They”re lucky they weren’t acting that way in Syria or Turkey. Very lucky.
    No doubt a picture of one of the little thugs being arrested will pop up on some Islamist website, with a completely misleading caption, implying an innocent child was randomly targeted by Israeli “stormtroopers.”


  • Joy

    Definitely expel all Arabs to Gaza when they behave like this. Israel doesn’t need to feed and educate jackals. Wouldn’t that camera man have liked to have taken a photo of IDF or police brutality to flog to the world media. He must have felt very disappointed.

  • This is damn madness capture these terrorist thugs lock them up and throw the key away. You cant keep on allowing this attacking of ISRAELI citizens to carry on.louis

  • Noevil9

    Violence begetting violence and the wheel goes on and on. I just wished one comment would condemn the violent act and come up with questions of how can we find out the reason and solution of this miserable situation. All I hear is more violence and killing promoted against the dehumanized angry Palestinians children born and raised under oppressive occupation of the Israeli military. Seeing their fathers, uncles, brothers and friends and neighbors being killed or arrested, or expelled. No equal rights,thrown in jailswith no due process, stealing and confiscating of homes and land in a whole Palestinian neighborhoods with no regards to the people and their rights, nor the international human rights. How would the Jews feel if that was done to them as it used to be the situation in Europe and not in Palestine? Did they like then, and stayed quite?
    These kids were wrong in their behavior, but the stealing of land and persecuting of its inhabitants is also wrong and criminal. Stop this vicious cycle of violence and open your hearts and minds for a just peace, and not an attempt or impression of one, while more of the same cause is taken place. While we have no justice, why do we expect peace?

    • H Cohen

      These events are typically orchestrated by the Palestinian Authority. It looks like they are currently setting up for an event that will spark intifada 3, to reposition them up front in the hearts of the hoodwinked press and its readers. The illegal PA government that has stayed well beyond their terms..needs to show heir relevance, easiest in blood, while Syrian and Egyptian atrocities against their own people push on to the front pages with limited truthful reporting.
      Every time USA reps uncheck as General Zini, would come in the past, a violent event would occur that day, a peculiar occurrence hat is more than chance.

      There are good Palestinians, jut like there are good Irani, each cowed by their violent confreres. We need a Martin Luther King of the PA and not what we had,have

    • JB Silver

      Are you a total moron? With the violence in Syria, is anyone “in occupation”? With the violence in Egypt, is anyone “in occupation”? These violent Arab criminals should be put down like the rabid dogs they are imitating. It is not the BS term ‘vicious cycle of violence’; it is that they know they can get away with it.
      Israelis are wrong; if they were to shoot dead every Arab criminal who attacked them, instead of trying to not get arrested by the Israel Police, Arab criminals would quickly stop. They don’t mind some other Arab criminal being shot, but not them.
      Three + years ago, I was attacked by 4 Arab criminals at 12:30 at night, 100 meters from my home in Yemin Moshe. I ended up shooting one to wound him. I got arrested, was released, and waited 1.4 years to get my gun back. Next time, there will be 4 less violent Arab thugs walking around.

      And so you know, my best friend is a Moslem Arab, but from a fine Jerusalem family; he would never let his children behave like these thugs; and they would never want to. His wife, who wears a hijab, berated me for not shooting all four ‘zbaleh’ (trash in Arabic), to protect myself. She said that once I felt my life in danger, I should have sent all for to ‘Ja’henom’ (hell, in Arabic).

    • R

      The ‘STEALING OF LAND? Not so fast, there. Israel is one of the tiniest countries in the entire world. Arabs have far more land – million of acres of it…all covered with sand. In all these years, Arabs have not yet developed their country. Look over the fence to Israel which is flourishing. Arabs have no one else to blame for their condition. They would rather fight than develop their own country!

      The Jews are busy building and the arabs are busy feeling sorry for themselves and fighting. At the end of the day, where do you see progress? It’s a word that Arabs don’t know.

    • the solution is negotiating peace, which Abbas consistently refuses to do. The solution is for the Palestinians to accept peace alongside a Jewish state of Israel, rather than insisting on its obliteration either by missiles, by terror, or by the nonexistent “right of return”. The solution is what the Palestinian leadership continues to turn down. Why?

    • Shifra Paikin

      No equal rights? Dehumanized? Etc. Etc.
      Funny – I see so-called “Palestinians” (the term never existed until recently because there never was a “Palestinian nation”) in Israel’s shopping malls and parks, stores, hospitals, universities – just about everywhere – enjoying full equal rights.

      Maybe you should visit Israel to see the true situation first hand rather than relying on one-sided, distorted propaganda.

    • Noev
      You must be living on another planet or utterly incapable of rational thinking
      The Muslims have NEVER EVER been victims. They are ALWAYS the victimizers.
      They lost land? What Land? The bastards OCCUPIED the land of the Jews under the flag of Islam in 635 AD
      What about the DISPOSSESSED Jews from Arab & Muslim countries of 900,000?
      Your heart bleeds for these monsters but not for their victims across the globe from Philippines & Thailand to Russia, China, Europe, Africa & Americas?
      Wake up and don’t pretend you are somehow morally superior to the other commentators
      IQ al Rassooli

  • The world has seen what happens to rioters who display this behavior in Eygpt ,Syria,Jordan,Lebenon,as well as other kingdoms in the Middle East .Some one should bring it to the attention of the world the professionalism and restraint that is displayed by the Israeli soldiers who are trying to stop the destruction and potential injury and death these rioters are subjecting to all they come in contact with.The world should take note of the restraint used by Israeli soldiers .

  • Mel

    Competent investigation should determine which ‘rioters’ have connections to the auto parts and repair business. In cultures where walking on one’s hind legs is not yet universal, nothing satisfies quite like rioting for fun and profit.

  • judorebbe

    It’s our fault for not enacting “zero tolerance”. Since they’re going to post videos, let them post videos of us cracking the heads of those hoodlums who are trying to wage jihad against us in our own homeland.

  • Gregg Solomon

    What’s pathetic is the general world opinion which is uninformed, gulled in by propaganda, has absolutely no understanding of Islam, no recognition that this is a religious issue plain and simple.

    No ability whatsoever to see the war against Israel is the same as and part of Jihad against Infidels being waged and in the news everyday.

    No knowledge of or willingness to believe either Bin-Laden or Ayatollah Khomeini’s direct words on Jihad, Infidels, the “Sword”, and Khomeini’s direct quotes and references to the Koran, the Hadith, and “The Prophet” to wage war by “the sword against Infidels wherever you find them.”

    No ability to recognize the Jihad includes battle between Muslim sects for supremacy: Iraq didn’t result in peace, love and tie-dyed t-shirts but Sunni-Shia war;

    No ability to see inter-tribal power struggles between Arab, Muslim, Persian communities and states that are in the news everyday as a mind-set that extends to another regional “tribe” Israel and the Jews in Israel.

    and Syria, Mali, Lebanon, Egypt; and every Arab Persian nation headed by a dictatorial regime; and yet no connection that the war against Israel is not only Jihad but apparently just one more tribal battle being fought by Arabs and Persians

    community against each other as

  • Monty Pogoda

    I agree with everyone of the previous writers. However I would shoot for their knees.

    • alan

      Why wound them? Then Israel would have to spend shekels to care for them and to rehabilitate them so they could attack again. Such is the Israeli culture. The IDF should shoot for the head. Soon, the riots would cease altogether. The UN could have apoplexy by itself.

  • matt solomon

    The presence of cameramen escalates the intensity. They should be barred or have their cameras impounded.

    If the public permits this bestial behavior by the Palestinians we are acceding to their dominion of East Jerusalem and all parts restored to Israel in 1967.
    The leadership of the PA is complicit and guilty. Those in the area are guilty collectively.

  • Chaya Goldstein

    If any of those cars had hit any of those arabs Israel would be condemned.

  • Bernard Ross

    there should be immediate and mandatory expulsion to gaza.

    • judorebbe

      Better yet, to Jordan – the country that dumped this trash in our laps – whether the Royal Brat damned well likes it or not.

    • Joyce Elais

      I agree with Bernard Ross, immediate and mandatory expulsion from Israel. It is time to enact zero tolerance, if Arabs want to live in Israel and take advantage of all it has to offer which is far more freedom than in many other Middle Eastern countries then they must change their violent behaviour or renounce Israeli citizenship and join their Palestinian brothers in Jordon or Gaza, they do have a choice.

    • Eve

      Totally agree. And for the animal bombers – destroy their homes and expel their families.

  • Sandman

    Kill all of these dirty rats and reclaim all of Judea and Samaria. Enough already.

  • Chaim F

    Israel should act with maximum force to deter further incidents like this one.

    • Elliot J. Stamler

      I have been writing and saying this for years. Hurling a rock is attempted murder. Nothing except brutal force will stop the Arabs from their greatest delight:murdering Jews (their second greatest delight is murdering each other.) They were murdering Jews in Palestine steadily from 1916 on before Israel was created. If you value Jewish lives there is a simple answer–kill Arabs who try to kill you. They hurl rocks–mow them down with machine guns. Don’t spend millions imprisoning convicted terrorists-hang them after conviction. This will “antagonize” the Arabs???? These people live in a culture that venerates bloodshed and murder-has Israel’s gentleness and leniency done the least bit of good since 1949?