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July 18, 2013 5:30 am

Why is Thailand Celebrating Hitler and Nazism?

avatar by Abraham Cooper

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Simon Wiesenthal, who dedicated his life to making sure the world never forgot the truth about Nazism. Photo: Wikipedia.

Graduation Day, especially from your nation’s most prestigious university, is a special time for celebration. It appears that as Thailand’s prestigious Chulalongkorn University was bestowing an Honorary Degree to Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn last week, some celebrants were posing at a nearby huge mural of superheroes outside the University’s Faculty of Fine and Applied Arts building. Prominent among the ‘superheroes’ was Nazi mass murderer Adolph Hitler.

Hitler as a superhero? Is he an appropriate role model for Thailand’s younger generation — a genocidal hate monger who mass murdered Jews and Gypsies and who condemned people of color as racially inferior?

We at the Simon Wiesenthal Center are outraged and disgusted by this public display at Thailand’s leading school of higher education that has been on display for days nearby the University’s Faculty of History building. We are outraged by those who created this travesty, by the young person posing in front of the mural using the Nazi salute, and appalled by the apparent total silence of the University’s elite.

We may be angered but not surprised. For young Thais have been snapping up Hitler T-shirts, donning SS helmets and applying Nazi tattoos. Meanwhile, no adults in the room stopped a Nazi fashion show at a fashion school and we are still awaiting an explanation from officials at a Catholic school in the city of Chang Mai as to who approved an entire grade of high school students parading down the main street of the city dressed up as Nazi stormtroopers, replete with mock guns and swastika appliques.

This past winter I brought the Wiesenthal Center’s renowned Courage To Remember Holocaust exhibit (in English and Thai) to Bangkok’s UN Hall, where I joined 500 community activists, students and diplomats to stand in solidarity with 6 million Jewish men, women, and children murdered by Hitler’s Nazi Third Reich.

As moving and impressive as that ceremony was, it clearly isn’t enough. And neither is the belated apology just released from the University after it finally had the mural removed. It is time for Thailand to begin to educate their young about the truth about Adolph Hitler and Nazism.

It was his rabid genocidal hatred that helped spawn and prolong the greatest catastrophe of humankind — World War II and the Nazi Holocaust.

And before any more victims of the Nazis are mocked and any more damage is done to Thailand’s reputation, they should also tell their young people that by embracing Nazi symbols, they further empower and embolden today’s Neo-Nazis, who hate every single person of color.

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  • Justice Destiny 777

    In the last few years, I myself has seen an uprising in Nazism in Thailand. I have alos noticed the darkness behind the curtains, the things, normal people seem to overlook.
    Sometimes I drive down the streets and notice 100’s of houses, quiet. Not even a single living person living in or around them, these houses are all almost immediately located within range of the Ministry of Defense.
    Me, being exploited myself to Nazism in my home country, which I prefer not to name, is another thing that makes me aware about the activities and what to look out for. I have tried to overlook every single outcome for this great so-called “ASEAN” nation. All I can think of, is the fact that somehow this country has something under wraps. I see a big disaster coming. A human error. A war. The Nazism had gone overboard. I taste it in the food, i see it in the water, I smell it in the Air-conditioners. One day I even suspected foulplay with a heat detector in a condo that I use to live in, i removed the heat detector attached to the ceiling and then noticed a green liquid inside it, something I have never seen before, first thing that came to mind, why, I don’t know. The words, Sarin gas. A few days later I noticed that someone has been in my room, rumbled through my clothes and also replaced the apparent “Sarin Gas” device with a normal heat detector. They were using air conditioners known as “AMENA”. I also noticed massive amounts of white powder coming out of my kettle after boiling water for coffee and after my mindset completely changed for the remainder of the day, i suspect it might have been “Chloramine”.
    I have also noticed the insanely large amount of MSG the chefs put in food. I have also noticed as how air-conditioners sometimes throw my mentality overboard. I also noticed the extremely high amount of white glowing and yellow glowing florescent lights being distributed through out Thailand as if it’s some kind of fashion statement. Every time I go to a public market, be it food or clothing, I need to wear my sunglasses at night.
    So, I am aware of the dangers of me posting a message like this on the internet, but frankly, when it comes to another world war, then it becomes my concern as well and I am willing to take the risk, rather than see another uprising of Nazism. If God wanted us dead, then he would flood us out or send us a meteor via airmail. Not this way. This is human error. Hitler was never meant to be who he became. He was changed by his doctor, the doctor fed him chemicals which corrupted his mind, which I have reason to believe, was organised by America. They were aware of his intentions to remove the USA form this planet. So the USA got to him, transformed him and turned him against his own people, made him become a monster. As for me , well, I am a different kind of human, I myself am Incorruptible, since I survived death, no living human on this planet has succeeded in corrupting me, controlling me or even making me forget who I truly am. I was also touched by someone 9 years ago, in 2005, a man with a long white robe, a long beard, long hair, blue eyes. He fell from the sky into the ocean, and since then I have seen the truth and it has opened my eyes to every single secret that the Catholics have been trying to hide from the world. When I look into your eyes, I see your truth.
    Trust me when I say. This great country has been morally dislocated. They have set aside all of the moral ethics as Buddhists and they are using that power because it is what their people believe in. I can understand a lot of Thai. I have heard them speak when they don’t want anyone to hear. I was here during 2 political uprisings and a massive flood, even the flood was not natural, it was man made. This guy, Taksin Shinawatra, he is the devil himself. Has anyone ever found Hitler’s body? Shouldn’t it be in some museum or deep underground vault?
    This war was all about the power and money of Hitler. The Americans always wanted what he had been given. The gold. Which in fact, they could never have. So they found a way to turn him against the world and make him a monster.
    Think about this. I know where I come from, which is one reasons why I don’t have any fear as to who reads this message. Have you ever heard of the Noble House of Merwede from Holland. That’s my legacy. Also King William III from the House of Orange-Nassau. As well as queen Elizabeth I and the famous St.Catherine. I was born a protestant and noble. Which is one thing no one can ever take away from me. So read this message and consider the truth in this.

    • Mark

      You should see a doctor, you’re not well.

    • I live in Thailand, the swastika appears to be an old religous symbol, seen it on ancient men in pictures wearing flowing robes, also i believe its an ancient Tibetan religous symbol, anyway I am a protestant too and reading your post above, true what Mark says, your not well, you need to see a doctor like yesterday.

  • Robert

    Could it be that the Thais have figured out that the Holocaust was not about the Jews, but has been used opportunistically by a bunch of religious Jews to garner sympathy from thew world why they undermine the institutions of the government to facilitate the day that their messiah can come in and control all humanity for the sake of the Jews.

    Source… Their own scriptures, The Talmud.

  • Rickshaw Bob

    To say Thailand is celebrating Hitler is not accurate. There have been a few instances of this crap but it’s not rife in the country.

    The mural at the university was created by first-year students not the school itself. It’s always students that do and they do it because the Thai educational system is so bad. Ask any of those kids that posed in front of that mural about Hitler and what he did and I can promise you that none can tell you .. such is the state of Thai education.

    While the schools focus on maths and other subjects, history, particularly in elementary and high school, is basically focused on the prowess of Thailand and all of its kings throughout history and the wars they waged with their neighbors in the region. Shit they even leave out how Thailand declared war on the US when Thailand was occupied by Japan. And forget about world history. They may talk about world war II but not about the atrocities of Hitler.

    It’s just plain ignorance and there is no Nazi movement in Thailand.

  • Bernard Ross

    this article was incomplete, It did nothing to explain this strange fascination of thsis for hitler. poor journalism