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July 21, 2013 6:48 pm

NYC Mayoral Candidate Anthony Weiner Slammed for Accepting ‘Terror-Tainted Money’ From Al Jazeera Lobbyist

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Anthony Weiner, who is seeking redemption by running for Mayor in New York City. Photo: wiki commons.

Anthony Weiner is at the center of another scandal, this time after it was revealed he accepted campaign cash from a lobbyist for Al Jazeera, the satellite news station made famous for airing video messages from Osama Bin Laden, the New York Post reported Saturday.

After it was revealed earlier this week that lobbyist John Merrigan was among those who have made the maximum donation by law of $4,950, the New York City mayoral candidate came under intense criticism from New York City Councilman Lew Fidler (D-Brooklyn), who has endorsed former city Comptroller Bill Thompson’s mayoral bid.

“Al Jazeera and its lobbyists are no friends to New York City or our Jewish community, and Anthony shouldn’t accept their support,” Fidler said. “They have spread hate and lies against Jews, not only here in New York but across the world. The right thing to do is to give this money back. Anthony should do exactly that,” he declared.

Thompson is heavily courting the Jewish community in New York and Weiner’s collusion with Al Jazeera—perceived to be hostile to Israel and Jews—has made him ripe for criticism from Thompson’s supporters.

Assemblyman Alan Maisel, a Brooklyn Democrat who has endorsed Thompson, also chastised Weiner for taking the contribution from Merrigan.

“Anthony Weiner should know better than to accept contributions from friends [at] Al Jazeera, which has been a voice for terrorists and spewed hatred against Jews and the state of Israel,” Maisel said. “They have echoed and attempted to legitimize hate speech about wiping Israel off the map. It’s disgraceful.

“While I respect Anthony, he has done wrong by accepting this terror-tainted money. Now he should do the right thing: return it.”

The criticism hasn’t been limited to those in the political field either. Shea Rubenstein, president of the Jewish Community Council of Marine Park, also publicly chastised Weiner.

“Our community has always promoted tolerance, and I have known Anthony Weiner as a congressman who has upheld that value.

“That’s why I am deeply saddened and concerned that he would accept money from a lobbyist for Al Jazeera,” said Rubenstein, who has not made an endorsement in the race.

“I hope that Anthony will do the right thing by returning this money and maintain sensitivity to Jewish people and families across the city.”

According to the Post, Weiner has declined to comment.

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  • Lynne T

    There’s no “perceived” about Al Jazeera’s hostility towards Israel. A number of its own journalists resigned over its uncritical support for the recently punted Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood government, never mind its hosting of top MB cleric Yusef Qawadaris’ TV show, etc.

  • Necha Mindel

    Why shouldn’t he accept Al Jazeera’s money he is an
    Arab lover, married one didn’t he? As a native born New Yorker I always thought if Jews are smart then NY Jews are really way up there in intelligence, guess I was wrong.

    Fix this guy at the voting booths if he gets the nomination…OY VEY!!!!!!

  • jacob mandelblum

    If somebody with such a record as Weiner’s is allowed to run for public office and not just ANY public office but
    that of Mayor of the Rotten Apple and win, speaks volumes
    about how rotten tat city is…
    Whenever I had to go to New York on banking business, I
    would endeavor to land at 8 am, go about my business and
    get the hell out before the sun set….

    • Elliot J. Stamler

      Be quite assured Mr. Mandelbaum that we proud New Yorkers are just as happy as you when you get out of our city.

  • Once a fool, always a fool. Hopefully, New Yorkers have better sense than Weiner has.

  • Carol

    Weiner has shown us again that he lacks integrity. This should be very discouraging to voters.

    • Mike

      This goes to show that this man will do ANYTHING to get elected. He is the lowest of the low. It will be a sad day if New Yorkers lose their minds and vote for this POS.

  • Pamela Deane Chester

    “While I respect Anthony” So, tell me Mr. Maisel, what did Anthony do to receive your respect?

  • aall55

    This Weiner was stupid once , he is bound to act stupid again .
    Does he really think that New Yorkers are going to be fooled?

  • Would the money be less tainted if Al Gore made the contribution?

  • S. Klein

    Terror-tainted money? Isn’t Weiner married to a terror-tainted wife? Or at least a Muslim-Brotherhood tainted wife?

    • Pam

      My thoughts exactly. Weiner cannot be trusted.

    • mj

      Maybe Weiner has convered to Islam

  • k waldman

    I am shocked that a person who intends to lead this major city could be so unaware of his fundraising activities. I don’t understand how anyone who lived through 911 and the hate spewed by these people.
    Other candidates have shown better judgment & deserve the voters support

    • Avigayil

      His wife, a Muslim who has family ties to the Muslim brotherhood, is his biggest money collector, any coincidence here?