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July 29, 2013 8:00 pm

EXCLUSIVE: ‘Vigilante Justice’ in Jerusalem; Avrohom Mondrowitz, Fake Rabbi, Shrink Alleged to Have Molested up to 300 Children, Beaten by Unknown Assailant (VIDEO)

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Mondrowitz after being pushed to the ground by an unknown assailant. Photo: Screenshot.

Avrohom Mondrowitz, a notorious fake rabbi and child psychologist who fled US arrest warrants for child molestation in 1984, was attacked and beaten by an unknown vigilante assailant last week in Jerusalem, according to cellphone video footage of the incident released exclusively to The Algemeiner.

“Isaac,” a 22-year old American studying in Jerusalem who recorded the scene, asked that his full name not be used and that his voice be altered in the footage.

Isaac, recognized Mondrowitz from a newspaper report last year in which he was labeled the “Bin Laden of pedophiles,” and said he first called out to him by name. “He stopped, turned around and responded ‘yes’ with a heavy New York accent,” he said.

The video begins shortly thereafter with Issac following from a distance, then, loudly, calling Mondrowitz a “molester,” and telling passersby that Mondrowitz “molested 100 kids in New York.” At that point, an unknown vigilante, who appears to be at least six feet tall and well-built, also apparently recognizing Mondrowitz, grabbed the hat from the fake shrink’s head, beat him with it, then let him escape, briefly, before racing after him, catching up to him, and throwing Mondrowitz to the ground.


The cameraman said he did not know the identity of the assailant nor was he, personally, someone who typically resorted to violence, but the frustrating circumstances surrounding Mondrowitz’s continued freedom from hundreds of accusers made this an occasion where “vigilante justice could be justified.”

Isaac, originally from the New York area, said that he was neither a victim of child abuse nor an activist, but knew many people who had suffered abuse and felt “someone has to do something,” and that he had to “speak up.”

“It’s really upsetting to see this man living freely and openly in this community of Nachlaot, a tight-knit neighborhood, with children everywhere, and apparently he goes to a synagogue, where people need to know who he is and what he’s done,” Isaac said. “It’s just outrageous that someone wanted for these crimes in the US, accused of raping and sodomizing hundreds of kids, has the opportunity to offend again, to commit these heinous acts here, in Israel. I’m a non-confrontational kind of person, but I couldn’t just do nothing, I couldn’t just continue walking. Someone has to do something. I had to speak up.”

“My hope is that by calling him out, by identifying him in the neighborhood, by releasing this video, that people here won’t believe that he’s repented, that he’s been cleared of these accusations. No, his neighbors deserve to know the truth about this evil man, this pedophile, living in their midst,” Isaac said.

Mondrowitz has been living in Israel since skipping out on the New York warrants almost thirty years ago. Twelve hours after he left on a plane for Chicago, then to Canada, then to Israel, NYPD officers entered his Borough Park, Brooklyn, home, after following up on an anonymous tip. They found child pornography and lists of hundreds of names of local boys, many referred to him by Jewish families and children’s services agencies for counseling, the New York Post reported. “Moshe Rosenbaum, one of the activists who first aired concerns about Mondrowitz in the late 1980s, estimates the number to be 300,” reported Tablet magazine in 2011.

In 1985, Mondrowitz was indicted, in absentia, on four counts of sodomy and eight counts of sexual abuse in the first degree against four Italian-American boys, ages 11 to 16, who also lived in the same Brooklyn neighborhood and had agreed to press charges and testify. The same year, the US federal government sought his extradition from Israel, but the treaty between the countries at the time did not cover his crimes. In 1993, Brooklyn District Attorney Charles Hynes dropped the deportation effort.

In 2007, the treaty was revised, and Mondrowitz became eligible for extradition. A search of his home in Israel found four child-pornography films, and he was arrested and jailed. But in 2010, Israel’s Supreme Court ruled Mondrowitz was grandfathered and exempt from the revised treaty, and set him free.

At the time, The Jewish Week published selections from a 2006 document allegedly found on Mondrowitz’s computer, which indicates that he was still a threat in Israel, again, posing as a psychologist. In the document he provides a mental health evaluation of  a 15-year-old boy, based on in-person interviews, and notes the “hormonal and physical changes in his body.” “Mondrowitz’s name appears at the end of the assessment, followed by the credentials “Ph.D., L.N.H.A.” (Licensed Nursing Home Administrator)” reported The Jewish Week further. On a resume obtained by the paper Mondrowitz claimed to have received a Ph.D. in clinical psychology in 1977 from “Teachers College, Colombia [sic] University,” but a NYPD detective told Israeli daily Haaretz  in 2007 that all of his diplomas, including his rabbinic ordination, were “fakes.”

Last year, the New York Post published a photo of Mondrowitz, dressed similarly to how he appears in the new video, wearing religious garb, as well as tefilin, a tallis and carrying his fedora, near his apartment on Yizreel Street, in Nachlaot. The photo sparked outrage as proof that the alleged child molester was living freely in Israel, while many young men who claimed to be his victims still suffered many years later from harrowing physical and mental abuse.

Mark Appel, Director of Voice of Justice, a non-profit that works with child abuse victims in the Orthodox community and lobbies for their rights, said the Mondrowitz case was “truly sickening” and one of the reasons he became involved in the field.

“There were hundreds and hundreds of victims, Jews and non-Jews alike,” Appel told The Algemeiner. “This was the case that really opened up the wounds of society, a major case that energized the movement to get justice for these kids.”

“In the Chasidic community, Mondrowitz was very high-profile; he was known as a rabbi, a psychologist, with his own radio show, a very prominent person, who, because of the high esteem everyone had for him, was getting lots of referrals to evaluate even more kids in trouble,” Appel said. “This was in the early 1980s, and I had just begun working with at-risk youth and on early intervention programs, and there was just this very high percentage of kids coming forward; it was as if every second kid were telling us they had been abused. It just didn’t register, until the pieces came together; Mondrowitz was a monster.”

Mark Weiss, at 13 years old, was molested by Mondrowitz. “I would love to see the guy run over by Egged’s finest,” Weiss told The Algemeiner, referring to the drivers of Israel’s largest bus company. “But I just think that even more than seeing Mondrowitz get beaten up, I’d rather see his whole support system, what allowed him to continue for so long, be ‘hit over the head.’ The mentality of irresponsible people that led to his continued ability to roam free is what needs to be assaulted.”

“This is something that we’ve been working very hard on as advocates, and cases are bearing fruit,” Weiss said, adding that “the Charedi (Orthodox) community has been slowly learning to no longer tolerate this, and education has been key.”

“Symbolically, I think the assailant is representative of a bigger thing happening, that this is a form of people showing outrage. Mondrowitz will one day get what’s coming to him, and I’m certainly not in control of that. The random guy getting pissed off and going ahead, assaulting Mondrowitz, that’s good to see, the outrage is starting to show. But Mondrowitz is just symbolic of the problem. We’ve reached a certain critical point where parents are talking to their kids, parents today check the right box, and say the right things to them; we’re not going to tolerate this anymore.”

Jerry Schmetterer, Director of Public Information for the Brooklyn District Attorney’s Office, told The Algemeiner simply, “If Mondrowitz came back to the US, we would arrest him.”

Read more on this story: Mark Weiss’s Testimony: Child Abuse Survivor, Last Person to See Mondrowitz on US Soil

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  • Richard Hode

    I wish the assailant had punched the lousy pederast in the mouth and broken all his teeth. Just look at him, that venomous black spider, as he is scurrying to safety back under his rock. Anyone who gives aid and comfort to this filthy pederast is as culpable as he, and equally deserving of punishment.

  • McLevy

    Mondrowitz is only one of the Nachlaot Pedophiles still living there and I’m glad to see he is occasionally harassed. TOO occasionally. I’m far more surprised to see that, 3 years and 300 children later, he is STILL alive and well in Nachlaot.
    He would be neither if I were still living there with my family.
    I’m disappointed at the title of the article calling this “Vigilante Justice.” That was no sort of justice for the 300 or so families he’s ruined and the future generations that he has screwed up. PUSHING him down?? PUTTING him down would be more appropriate.

    But he isn’t the one I knew from Ohr Somayach in Arzei Abira. That would be Skippy Markowitz who I met after he made aliyah in 1990. Skippy likes to wear shorts and teach children how to skip rope. I’m sorry to admit I drew up fliers for that bastard to advertise his rope-skipping class though I didn’t know he was a child-molester at the time. He has also managed somehow to skip both prison and vengeful dismemberment; again, both of which surprise me.
    Last I saw, he was also still living in Nachlaot.

  • joseph gluck

    this is terrible anti semetism these american racists are guests in are country and they beat us.
    this stinks of pogroms of hitler the idf need to hunt these attack dogs down and liquidate them.
    you attack a rabbi then you must suffer the pains you have inflicted a 100 times more.
    we have to take the gloves off now bibi must crush anyone who offends us or are country

    • McLevy

      I hope you’re kidding, or that you just didn’t read in full that this bastard is a pedophile.

    • Pesach Kirschner

      I am a former student of his, and would like to say he tried to molest me. I am willing to testify to these facts that he ran a school on REMSEN avenue at the Cross Street of Church avenue. The only difference is, the kid he messed with was a brown belt. Mr. Gluck, I am JEWISH and think he should be sent back to the US and stand trial.

    • Tony

      He’s also not actually a Rabbi, so there’s that…

  • HaDaR

    I just know one thing: had he done what he did to many to one of my kids, he would not be walking this earth any longer and, if caught, I would be probably learning in peace and wit clear conscience in some cell.

  • Ike Weiss

    Mondrowitz was protected by the Ger Chassidic community in Jerusalem because of his family’s stature within it.
    Rabbi Moshe Rosenbaum – one of the best ‘michanchim’ in the USA- who tried to chase him down in Israel, was accused of being a “rodef” and posters were hung all over Geula telling people about a false accusation against the “chashuveh” Mondrowitz’s. At one point he was afraid for his life, since Ger has a way of meeting out it’s own punishment on ‘offenders.’

  • Anonymous

    This piece of dreck needs to be extradited to the USA and put into General Population after sentencing. Trust me, he will become as one of his victims and get what he deserves. The boyz in GP don’t take kindly to pedophiles who hurt boys…they will punish him themselves accordingly.

  • radio simcha

    Tabloid exclusive? Making a scoop over some guy kicking a pervert in the pants, is immature on the part of the paper. We need justice and this isnt it. Need to focus on the system and this guy’s location yes but making an exclusive of him getting knocked to the ground is stupid

  • Abe Davids

    The guy in the video who hit Mondrowitz was just beaten to within a few inches of his life by what appeared to be a few Gerer guys a few hours ago. It isn’t known if his attack on Mondrowitz was related to his own beating.

    • McLevy

      Got evidence of this, or are you making it up to be “cute?”

  • George

    I would think that evidence of further criminal activity of the same kind would eliminate the statute running.

    Deport his butt to the US now! Says I!

  • Good story folks! I love it when he gets hit with the hat!

  • Okay now…if he is indeed guilty of said crimes, then he deserved a beating within an inch of his life. Not only that, but the question becomes: why are Israeli authorities allowing him to roam free?
    It appears that quite a few diaspora molesters flee to Israel to escape justice –
    Basically, one has to wonder why Israel’s authorities allow them in in the first place!

    • ruth cohen

      there was no law against pedophiles in israel until mondrowitz and then they did not apply it to him , though it was made beca use of him… he has good protection from his powerful rabbi
      the perverts come here as they know this is paradise for them here and hardly ever does anyone get charged or punished ever
      there is a lawyer in jerusalem who is very very clued up about this whole story and the other perverts here in nachlaot too, her name is leah amdur on facebook. she can give you a lot of correct information about the story.

  • Plain Talk

    Man, only cheap tabloid sensational journalism would ever consider that “Beaten”

    The people that were truly “beaten” are the children who have been psychologically “beaten” by this animal. I know innocent until proven guilty but if you run to another country to avoid allegations that are as serious as these are, you are guilty by default!

    Why Israeli government is doing apparently nothing is quite mind boggling?

    • Plain Talk 2

      I know his case from close up – he has very close ties with certain members of Knesset. the story is much worse than people think.

      his son runs a large drug ring through out Yeshivot in Jerusalem.

      Mondrovitz head up the gang that was molesting 4,5 and 6 year old boys in Nachalot. the gang was caught last year, and a few minor members where sentenced. the leaders were never even charged. it would seem that the police have their own reasons for playing ball with him.

      it doesn’t get much sicker ….

      • Shlomo


        The alleged mass molestation in Nachlaot turned out to be a moral panic with no factual basis. Which makes me suspicious of your other claims.

      • ruth cohen

        i am one of the few mothers here in nachlaot that were involved in outing the perverts here iin the mdedia. not that it helped much legally.
        so we know that he has protection from his powerful rabbi, but this is news about the contacts with the knesset members but no surprise there
        i put up articles in my garden at the time on shirizly street from the hebrew and english newspapers for all to read, and once put up a picture the only picture of mondrowitz in chains, and wrote mondrowiz no longer protected.
        the next morningn a member of knesset came by with a large group of eager young reporters to look at the picture, i watched them from my kitchen window, went out to talk to them and it ended up a big news story on channel 10.
        now its clear why they really came – mondrowtiz has also come by and threatened me – but not being a little scared child it does not work.
        he has a lot of arrogance and protection.

        • joseph gluck

          you are a disgrace to your people.
          you are not one of us.
          i would not be surprised if putin, germans or the arabs put you up to this nazi traitor stop your hate speech

  • Karsten Bannier

    That little push & shove is nothing compared to what I would have done to this excuse for a human being !! Monsters like this are a disease in society & must be removed from humanity.

    • John

      Well you are welcome to come down to Nachlaot yourself and carry out your very tough claims

      • Donald Johnston

        Are you defending him ?

        • joseph gluck

          Hitting a Jew is the same as hitting God
          Sanhedrin 58b. If a heathen (gentile) hits a Jew, the gentile must be killed.

  • Vigilante

    Does anyone think this guy is innocen? trumped up charges. Castrate him in the agora, for all to come and watch. And then, do like many arabic countries are putatively believed to do, stuff them. ok you got it, hideous, yes, to be sure, this has been done e elu times to Israeli prisoners. this guy has destroyed hundreds of lives. there is no way that in the criminal justice system either in Israel or in US (NYC under charles hynes) deutsch get anything near appropriate punishement and locked up aor catratd so tha the can never do this again, rodeph. magiah chayav ma will punish him to any significant degree he’ll get a fn six months like Deutsch who sodomized two boys same day in shul rest room, grabbed them on the street forced them in,. some much for shul being a safe place, always f=with many peole, and and and this was on surveillance videotape, and Deutsch after a two year hiatus until actual trial got a f six months. did you read that correctly yes six months. magiah chayav mita. never in US, the old boys club hey, if they arent; doing it themselves , well they know that their brother in law is. Justice wil never happen in Bkyn courts and extraordinariloy unlikely in isrela iwth the two new chardi syphillitic brain deads. hang him in the agora, cut them off, as a warning to all futnure potential peodphiles and there are hundred, it is in th =gdf charedi DNA by now why? ask g-d. it must be stopped . we must make a public example of a few a super major newsworthy example, and this scum of the earth is a good place to start. otherwise bring in the italian mafia (hey, do they still exist?? wondering, haven’t heard a thing in decades). He is walking the streets and no one give a rats axx. unbelievable, there should be hundreds of angry parents at least one, ready to do violence, one would think , i am not in that world, not in the ortho rabbinic world, praise be, but is there not one parent ready to do the maximum to bring him to justice, whatever that takes? maybe at the tachanat autobusim there will be a bomb, that aichshehu, please god, will have no victims. save this piece of evil….

  • Yoni

    Sorry Isaac but 30yrs is a long enough time to repent. I just wonder who died and made you an expert in teshuva!
    Yet, if that would’ve happened to a child of mine he wouldn’t have lived long enough to repent.

    • John

      Yoni you are an Idiot.

      #1 Here a very partial list of problematic and illegal material found on Mondrowitz’s computer when he was arrested in 2007:

      – An mpeg movie of two boys, aged approximate 10 to 13 years old, having sex in a bathtub.

      – Another movie of two boys about 6 to 8 years old on a bed, getting undressed in a suggestive sexual manner.

      – Lot’s of Google searches for sexual subjects like and including “gay boy sex.”

      – Evidence of a series of Mondrowitz owned and operated degree mills, non-existent universities that grant fake degrees – including PhDs – for a price.

      #2 He was found to still be working with children in 2006

      #3 If you would know anything about Teshuva Bein Adam LeChavero you would understand that he has not done any of the steps necessary including asking and receiving forgiveness from each of his victims, etc.

      #4 300 lifetimes wouldn’t erase the damage that he did to the hundreds of children he violated and raped in the most horrendous ways imaginable.

    • Moshe

      @Yoni: Someone as extraordinarily ignorant as yourself about the basic halakhot of teshuvah should really refrain from criticizing others in that area. I recommend taking the time to study Hilkhot Teshuvah in Rambam. Please take note of the requirements that must be fulfilled in order to do teshuvah in a matter of bein adam l’haveiro, requirements that you seem to be utterly unaware of, and which Mondrowitz has not fulfilled by any stretch of the imagination.

  • Sarah

    ahhh, our super-liberal Supreme Court, in its endless quest for Left-wing “justice” acts to guarantee injustice now and future injustice…..too bad they didn’t shoot this mamzer.

  • dr.zhivago

    Only Jews would call this a “violent” attack:-)))!!

  • leah Tcherniakovsky

    it is way beyond time for the Jews to stop acting like limp d’s. get the f’er italians did it threw cement shoes (an allegory) to be sure. These pedophiles no matter how high up in the Rabbinate they are have no fear. We need multiple cases like this betat them to a bloody pulp, like the kidnapper/raper of Elizabeth smart in jail (the pedophiles are abhorred by norma vilent prinson inamtes and even more som tb the murders, Smart’s kidnapper/rapist was beaten to a bloody pulp. We only need a few cases like this perhaps to put fear into the hearts of the previously untouchables. protected by their batei din bu their establishment. Beat a few f’ers up, to a pulp, and maybe that will put the fear (not of hashem, these fn pedophiles have no fear) someone should really do nehemiah weberman and it should make national news all over the country all over Israel, halevai halevai, and then let us see if his cohorts are stil fearless knowing that there rebbe’s will protect them and if not their rebbe’s then Hynews an d vecchione and white-wash, we only need a few high profile cases. i ordinarily do not wish ill on anyone, but he f’ers are rodfim and anyway, magiah lahem l’fi halacha, . Just a few high profile cases, it could possibly put the fear into the hearts of the other sickos., Prison is a great place for pedophiles to be raped, sodomized and beaten to a bloody pulp, Please g-d just a tiny few with major major national and international coverage, and maybe, by chance , perchance the two Satmar rebbes, may be visiting, just by chance poor nehemiah, Nehemiah and get to enjoy the aftermath, those rebbes (sic, sick and sickker) who were until the very day of sentencing still calling the victim a zonah, a slut, may the three of them be handled in prison , with the smae comassion theat all thre had for the victim. YS YS jsut a fe cases, just a few, appropriate cases, and efshar, the others wil have the fear of the atermath, drilled into their psyco heads. Where are the Jewish Mafia, do we have any, do we need a mafia, or just a few strong, stalwart defenders who will not be put down by the LD’s or by the bias din, it will never get there, these guys are dog food. halevai.

  • Luigi Rosolin

    He should be arrested and the High Court should had retroactive the law for extradition. Why this man who had a false title and dress in a way that not correspond to ho he is not taken to account? The criminal offenses in the USA should had been enough to refuse entry in Israel.

  • David Hoffman

    In the trial in Jerusalem of Nazi arch-criminal Adolph Eichmann, Eichmann’s attorney claimed, at the very start of the trial, that his client should be released because he had been brought to Israel illegally. Israeli agents had kidnapped him in Argentina and spirited him out of the country in violation of Argentine law. The court said that both in the Common Law (e.g. the US and UK) and in other legal systems, the rule is that even if a person was brought within a court’s jurisdiction by illegal methods, once he is there, the court is required to try him and, if convicted, sentence him, for his crimes. I’m just saying, you know.

  • Dov

    Although it is outrageous what he did, I feel it is just as wrong to take the law into your own hands and to hit him. He should have been brought to court and arrested by the police. But to hit someone without permission is like molesting an innocent child.

    • sasha

      are you kidding? he should have killed him this mamzer.

      • yes definitly (father’s proverbs). he should be brought to the court, that’s all ! We must keep a mind of proportionality : let us assign this sort of speech(“bloody, criminal, nazi …”)to the barbarians i.e. the palestinians ! if guilty, he is a crook, a dirty, but also a a sick person. be carreful, you might have no more words to qualify the kids killers that is, murderers who are released from the israeli prisons

    • Leah Tcherniakovsky

      Sicko, yeah, let him fxxk your son or daughter, maye even on surveillance videotape in the shul bathroom as Deutsch did, same day, grabbed two different boys into the bathroom and sodomized both, same day on videotape and Mar Deutsch Y”S” got, would you believe, six months, yes six moths ith videotape, you may wonder why bother catching these scum of the earth, you may wonder. You e=remind me of th 3 rabbis of Bpnai Jeshurun in UWS of NYC who rejoice at the UN vote pro Palesstinian, GDF brain dead, “intellectual” liberal Jews, . Yes, in the ideal ethical world, but are you brain dead. do you not knwo what is going on, hope it does not happen to one of your kids or grandkids the chances are reasonable given the statistics, and the pray tell what will you say like the Jews who walked into the gas chambers had a chance to livroch, had a chance to go to the forest and fight and (ok, many could not could not age, and their rabbis exhorting them to stay, all the while the rabbisa were booking passage out of Europe. check it out) Nice to be compassionate, rachmanos is a wonderful trait, unless it is inappropriate. you, my sir, are living in a idealistic non-existent dream world, Halevai that your view of the world was accurate, but…….some people will bleive the absurd until it hits them at home. and these buggers will, not necessarily yours chas v’shalom but for sure, someone you know. do some re-appraisal now, not that you have any power as an LD.

    • Leah Tcherniakovsky

      Would you have given the same jewish liberal intellectual rights to Hitler. treat him well, feed him well, yup, another brain dead liberal Jew, who lives by emotion (rachmanos) rather than by reality., let him “do” your kid or grandkid, and then write us again, here, please, if your opinion has changed or if you are still a bleeding heart liberal……. please, do not forget to write us, and i pray that you will not have a reason……

    • John

      uh.. no Dov, Molesting and innocent child is like molesting an innocent child. Hitting a serial child rapist who is wanted in the US and has avoided justice for 30 years for some very shady reasons is like hitting a serial child rapist who is wanted in the US and has avoided justice for 30 years for some very shady reasons.

    • To Dov: Yeah Right! Did anyone protect me when I was molested as a child? Not even my parents. I agree with Sasha, child molestation is a hideous crime that is rarely punished, they are often religious (Jewish and non-Jewish) as a form of smokescreen and are protected by their religious communities.

    • pierre zwolinski

      but he is not inocent…

    • Elliot J. Stamler

      You are demented to make such an analogy. And who is going to give permission to someone to hit them?

    • McLevy

      Police took him in for questioning multiple times, but his lawyer got him out each time, due to loop-holes in the law regarding the questioning of minors about a crime.
      But knocking him down is just foolish.
      A moyel should take care of him, completely.

  • pam

    I can’t believe that Israel wouldn’t deport him, extradite him.

  • Ze’ev Smason

    ‘Attacked and beaten’? What video were you watching? He was pushed down. He wasn’t ‘beaten with the hat’ — the assailant hit him a time or two with the hat. ‘Throwing Mondrowitz to the ground…’ – he was pushed. The description of what took place in this article, compared to what is seen on the video, is WAY off the mark.

  • A. Nuran

    I’m not a believer in vigilante justice unless everything else has failed. In this case, everything else failed. “The Community” knows who he is and has stood idly by the blood of his victims for decades.

    • gid

      The judicial system with these cases. Many time the system would like to throw these people in jail and through away the key. They pios or very friendly people but they are dangerous predators. The system doesnt have’hard proof’ since they are dealing with minors. the public need to EXECUTE THESE PEOPLE.

  • Joey yah

    Wish he was beaten to death. Good for these guys. Shame him to death.

  • Upsilamba

    I’m wondering; does the fact that he was indicted stop the clock on the statute of limitations?
    This is truly a black spot on Israel as a civilized society.

    • Scott

      Yes it stops the clock. The government has to file charges by the statute of limitations, otherwise everyone would just hide until the statute ran out.