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July 29, 2013 11:33 am

Simon Wiesenthal Center Condemns Finland’s Juha Kärkkäinen, Tycoon Publisher of Antisemitic Free Newspapers as a ‘National Danger’

avatar by Joshua Levitt

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Finland's Magneettimedia published 'The Great Rabbi Rape Cover-Up' accompanied by this vicious antisemitic cartoon that could have been taken from the 1930's Nazi 'Sturmer.' Photo: Screenshot.Jewish human rights group the Simon Wiesenthal Center issued a condemnation Monday of Juha Kärkkäinen, the owner of Finland’s Kärkkäinen department stores and publisher of Magneettimedia, an anti-Semitic free newspaper, in an open letter to Finnish President Sauli Vainamo Niinistö.

SWC’s Director for International Relations, Dr. Shimon Samuels, wrote that Magneetmedia publishes screeds by former Ku Klux Klan Grand Wizard David Duke and anti-Semitic Oregon Pastor Ted Pike in a free format that panders to the lowest-common denominator, Jew hate, encouraging ordinary Finns who read the reports to embrace ethnic hatred.

He called on the Finnish President to “invoke the prestige of your office to contain the revival of concepts once current during the 1941-1944 Finnish alliance with Nazi Germany.”

In a close analysis of the publication’s editorial coverage, Samuels wrote that “past editions have featured conspiracy theories regarding allegedly perverse medical effects of certain pharmaceuticals, together with a mix of Holocaust denial and an increasingly poisonous antisemitism, included in such articles as:

–  The Jews Who Control the Media
–  Who Owns the Media in 2012?
–  A Great Video Shows What a Cheat Albert Einstein Really Was!
–  Zionist Terrorism in Norway
–  CNN, Goldman Sachs and Zionist Control (translated from the Ku Klux Klan former Grand Wizard, David Duke)
–  How to Break Down and Dominate the Zionists (translated from David Duke).”

The SWC letter also pointed to “the latest edition of July 2013 that sinks to a new low, featuring an article entitled ‘The Great Rabbi Rape Cover-Up‘ (translated from the rantings of Ted Pike). This is accompanied by a vicious antisemitic cartoon (featured, above), that could have been taken from the 1930’s Nazi ‘Sturmer.'”

“Another article, ‘The Zionist Media Deceives Afro-Americans’, implies Jewish responsibility in the U.S. Zimmerman-Travyon case.”

Samuels further reported that “apparently, this scapegoating seems to have begun in the wake of Kärkkäinen’s 2011 obligation to reschedule a 37-million euro debt,” while emphasizing that “the motive may be indicative, but the threat to Finland is self-evident.”

“Despite our celebration of freedom of expression, the Kärkkäinen enterprise is fomenting a grassroots mass outreach campaign that may endanger your small Jewish community and Jewish visitors to Finland,” Samuels continued, adding that “the words ‘Jew’ and ‘Zionist’ are used interchangeably in the Magneettimedia screeds and that online comments by readers of each edition now reflect an ever-growing Jew-hatred.”

The Centre urged the Finnish President “to invoke the prestige of his office to vigorously condemn Kärkkäinen and Magneettiimedia, and take all possible measures to prohibit a pernicious racism that violates anti-discrimination provisions of the European Union, especially the Fundamental Rights Agency’s 2004 Working Definition of Antisemitism”

“It behooves Finland to contain this revival of concepts once current during the 1941-1944 Finnish alliance with Nazi Germany. Mr. President, we expect your response to be prompt and unambiguous,” concluded Samuels.

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  • lol lero

    can you prove that those things what he tells are not true?

  • Finnman

    He is one individual man and quite rich company owner. He has a mission to inform all people about jews elite.
    These writings are not opinions of company, only his. And as you know, we have lot of this kind guys in the world. But he is not allowed to do that.

  • butthurt

    Ridiculous that they wanted to contact president of Finland because of disturbing newspaper articles. Think I´ll just call Barack Obama that I had shitty hamburger at MCDonalds.

  • This kind om démarche is, if anything, counterproductive. Magneettimedia’s lies are bizarre, but really no worse than what is written without sanctions about Christians in Finland. It is definitely not a danger to Finnish Jews, nor to Jewish tourists, and least of all a “national danger”. One would expect a more sober reaction. If president Niinistö answers Dr. Samuel’s call to condemn Kärkkäinen, he will give antisemites grist to the mill, since he obeys Jews, even though they demand something that is not granted to Christians. Implying an ideological affinity between wartime Finland and Nazi Germany is tasteless and an afront to Finland’s Jews, who fought and died for their country in World War II. The Wiesenthal Centre has a nobel mission and should fulfill it more competently.

    • Ethics

      Evidently, Finland has continued its Nazi tradition. The good news is that only seven people know that Finnland exists.

  • Finnish man

    Who cares if bunch of idios are writing dumb stuff? We are supposed to have freedom of speech you know. These Jewish organizations should stop trying to interfere with our freedom of speech even when it’s used by bunch of conspiracy theorists and other nutjobs.

    It’s not like ordinary Finn would believe all the rubbish written in those poor quality newspapers, or do these Jewish organizations believe we Finns are dumb racists?

    I’m not sure who is being a racist here right now, Jews or these clowns writing that stuff.

  • Just a dude

    Why don’t Mr Samuels ask President Obama to shut the mouths of Mr Duke and Pastor Pike? Oh, this zionist hypocricy.

    • kakkaaron

      1) Because….
      2) ????
      3) Profit

  • Make


  • Observer

    The publisher Juha Kärkkäinen is clearly out of his mind. The publication is such unbelievable nonsense that I doubt anyone in Fnland takes it serious. I believe this activity is only hurting his businesses, which are undergoing a restructuring (Chapter 11 bankruptcy equivalent) already. If Mr. Kärkkäinen continues on this path, the negative publicity and normal market dynamics will rapidly take of the “tycoon’s empire” down — although calling his over-dimensioned, debt-burdened 400-employee company an empire is a total exaggeration anyway.

  • Fabio

    Especially to “E Pluribus Beagle”:
    Mannerheim was NOT a nazi collaborator ! He was the one who stopped Jews from being sent to Germany. Only 8 were secretly taken before he was made aware of it and he called to the whole thing off. Moreover, he was the one who was able to deal with Hitler, who visited Mannerheim for his birthday asking for more collaboration and participation in the Leningrad seige. Hitler never got what he wanted.
    It might do you good to read your history books again.

  • magnetometer

    I’ve read a few articles from Magneettimedia and I found them laughable, at best.

    By no means should anyone try to censor or silence these wackos, but instead let them expose themselves for the idiots that they are. The publication cites lousy sources, is generally lazy with its journalistic exploits and relies heavily on pseudo-science, making it the pun of most jokes on my facebook wall.

    As an ordinary Finn I find the following actually quite insulting:

    “…panders to the lowest-common denominator, Jew hate, encouraging ordinary Finns who read the reports to embrace ethnic hatred.”

    To assume that the ordinary Finn is some kind of a simple-minded drone that can be influenced by just about whatever anyone spews on the internet is unfair. Finns, just like anyone else, do not need to be babysitted by the government or anyone for that matter, who thinks only they can spot pseudo-scientific garbage-journalism where “the common person” is somehow intellectually impaired from doing so.

    Censorship leads to zealotry and scary underground movements. So what if some online publisher publishes laughable articles? The more moronic drivel they spew, the fewer people take them seriously.

  • An very ordinary Finn

    First of all, make no mistake: Finland welcomes all the Jews and have little if any racist sentiments towards any foreign nationalities, beliefs or religions. Jews are no exception to this. As a matter of fact it is sometimes quoted Finland to be an exceptionally Jewish friendly nation. I do not disagree. I am a Finnish doctoral student of international relations and find this discussion lost its way a bit. Finland indeed is a country that does not need to be feared of turning into anti-semitism. We do not have a tradition to that, neither did we cooperate with the German government in the war due to Hitler’s ideological reasons, but mainly tactical reasons of resisting the Soviet threat. Otherwise we would have most certainly been invaded by Stalin. After stopping the Soviet tanks, we fought a war against Hitler to drive the nazis out from other parts of Finland. 

    Ordinary Finns respect greatly Jewish people and have no problem of seeing them even in the most influential positions of our country: one of our most inlfuential politicians, respected in the left and the right, by the ordinary or rich Finns, is Mr. Ben Zyskowicz, whom we don’t even know how to right his last name, but respect him as “our Ben”. Chaim ‘Poju’ Zablowicz, the richest man of Finland, is seen as an interesting business man, who has made a fortune by his talents and is supporting Finnish arts and culture. There are few anti-semitist sentiments there. Even the few critics are mostly anti-SIONIST, not anti-semitic, who point to the policies of the state of Israel, often regarding on Palestinians. Finnish people have throughout its history defended and felt sympathy for the poorer nations, like we have almost always been. That is our character, but it is a grave mistake to interpret it being voices of criticizing the Jewish people or race. “Magneettimedia” also seems to be more critical to the policies than race, but they have also taken criticism toward Jewish influence in the politics. The magazine also does not reflect the mainstream media or the sentiments of Finnish people in general. Finland is perhaps the world’s most transparent country with a wide sense of freedom of speech. If a marginal magazine publishing outside the Helsinki area discuss about their disappointments, it shouldn’t worry a great organization such as Simon Wiesenthal Center. I suppose you have more worries than this in other countries. Also I would not recommend our President to response to this, he is busy in tackling our societal problem and challenges, which keep him busy. On the other hand if the magazine were to become a national phenomenon and would turn from argumented opinions into a mythological hate speech, and would gather many followers that really start to influnce the atmosphere in Finland, then the heads of the state should respond to it. But if president responds to this, shouldn’t he also to reply to any of the opinions made by our local newspapers in Finland? Also what if Magneettimedia has a point in some of their articles, can you condemn a person or magazine for making journalistic work – even if you don’t like it? I might not agree of that media, but I would be caution to restrict it for these two reasons: Finland respects a freedom of speech, and we also respect Jewish people and have no offense of them to participating and even leading our society when its in the interest of our country. 

    Dear Mr. Shimon Samuels, please talk first to Mr. Ben Zyskowich about the Jews in Finland and the Finnish political and social system before demanding the attention of our president. It hurts very much to make illegimate historical comparisons about Finland and consider us of not understanding the difference between quality journalism and rubbish. The “ordinary Finns” are also one of the most educated in the world with perhaps the world’s best school system. We can tell the difference. Thank you very much.

    • another ordinary Finn

      “It behooves Finland to contain this revival of concepts once current during the 1941-1944 Finnish alliance with Nazi Germany. Mr. President, we expect your response to be prompt and unambiguous,” concluded Samuels.

      Way to go, mr Samuels. Why don’t you present a completely wrong and highly insulting perception of the role of Finland during the WWII to our president, whom you’re asking a favor from. You’re even insulting the Jewish men and women who were fighting for the Finnish Army during that time for our freedom against the Soviet Union. There were 350 of them and 22 of them sacrificed their very lives in that fight.

      Admittedly out of the 500 foreign Jewish refugees to arrive to Finland there were 8 who were handed over to Nazi Germany. Those were desperate times for our small country but even then the Archbishop and the ministers of our Evangelical Lutheran state church and many political leaders dared to protest so vehemently against that, that there were no further actions against Jews in Finland.

  • Steve Bronfman does a great job tracking Judeophobia in Finland.

  • E Pluribus Beagle

    Finland’s national hero Carl Mannerheim was probably a Nazi collaborator. So there’s that.

  • Deere

    Um. Just a quick note, there’s no such thing as “ordinary Finns who read the reports”. Magneettiuutiset is more or less only read by those within the Conservative Laestadianism.

    • anu

      Magneettiuutiset is a free distribution magazine, at least half of it advertises the products of the department store here in Finland. So I believe the articles are not read by any particular group of people, only those who are looking for products with reasonable prices. It also publishes a lot of “nonsense articles” it is quite impossible to conclude who reads them or not. Anyway we have in Finland a very strong and active support for the jewish state of Israel, most of the supporters are believing christians, that
      I would rather describe them as nazaren section believers in judaism, sort of converts in heart for whom the mere existance of state of Israel is a vitally important fulfilment of the ancient prophecies.

    • Sami

      It is malicious to point at the Laestadianism (conservative christian revival). The writer (Deree) wants apparently to point at the religious background of the owner of Kärkkäinen’s department store. In fact, I don’t know whether the owner of Kärkkäinen is or not a Laestadian.
      In general, Jews and Judaism is not any specific issue among laestadians. Racism is considered wrong in Laestadianism. As far as I know, “ordinary Laestadians” consider these texts in Magneettimedia to be stupid ones.

      It is important that you are not anti-Jewish or anti-Laestadian.

    • Mike

      Some Jews are overreactive to real or perceived antisemitism and some underreactive. Tell me what is right. I wonder how many ordinary non-Jewish Finns wrote in to protest the antisemitic stereotypes being propagated by the newspaper? Just asking.