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July 30, 2013 9:32 am

What Does the Mother of a ‘Pre-Oslo’ Monster Look Like?

avatar by Adam Levick

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The following is a photo published at The Independent on July 29th to illustrate a story about Israel’s recent decision to release 104 Palestinians prisoners – a group of Palestinians (convicted prior to the Oslo Accords) largely consisting of terrorists who murdered or attempted to murder Israeli citizens, soldiers and foreign tourists.

Here’s the Indy caption for the shot taken by Reuters photographer Ibraheem Abu Mustaf:

The mother of Palestinian Ateya Abu Moussa, who has been held prisoner by Israel for 20 years, hugs her grandson upon hearing the news that her son may soon be released.

The mother is rejoicing over the possible release of her son, a Palestinian (presumably seen in the photo she’s holding) alternately known as Abu Moussa Salam Ali Atiya who murdered an Israeli named Isaac Rotenberg in 1994.  Whilst the Indy caption doesn’t include a word about the crimes of Ateya Abu Moussa or background on his victim, fortunately Almagor Murder Victims Association provides further details:

Isaac was born to Natan and Miriam Rotenberg on 15 March 1927 in Poland. A selection was held in his city following the outbreak of the Second World War, and his family was sent to the Sobibór extermination camp. With the exception of him, his younger brother, and his sister, his entire family perished. He was taken with his brother to a labor camp. When a revolt broke out, the two succeeded in escaping the camp, but they lost track of each other in the ensuing commotion. Isaac then made his way to the forest and joined the partisans.

In April 1947, Isaac reached the Land of Israel. He joined the IDF the next year, and fought in the War of Liberation in the north, near Kibbutz Manara.

Isaac was married to Riva, and the two had two children, Tzipora and Pinhas. He worked as a plasterer, and was a founder of the city of Holon. Upon reaching retirement age, he decided to continue working a few hours per day to keep himself busy.

On 29 March 1994, during the Passover holiday, as Isaac was hunched on his knees, fixing a floor in his workplace in Petah Tikva, two of the Arab laborers [including Ateya Abu Moussa], on site attacked him and struck the back of his neck with axes. He was critically wounded, and entered a coma. Two days later, on 31 March, he died.

The murderers were caught staying in Lod with their Israeli Arab accomplices, and were sentenced to life in prison.

Isaac was 67 at the time of his death. He was survived by his wife, son, brother, and sister.

Ateya Abu Moussa murdered Rotenberg as a condition of being accepted into a terrorist organization.

Isaac Rotenberg survived a Nazi extermination camp but was murdered by a (soon to be free) loathsome terrorist spawned by the woman ‘sensitively’ depicted in a photo carefully selected by Indy editors.

rotenberg Isaac (Azik) Rotenberg: Date unknown

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  • Reinaert Thomasson

    In the movie ‘Red Heat’ plays Arnold Schwarzenegger a Russian police officier who comes to US in order to fetch a Georgian criminal. In one of the episodes he shows how the “Russians” are dealing with unwilling criminals. He hit him and breaks his fingers in order to get information. When the American policeman (James Belluchi) tells him that the low of MIRANDA does not allow to handle prisoners roughly, he answers: Soviet methodes are more economic!. Can’t we learn something from the “Soviet”? Instead of giving Palestinian murderers to enjoy MIRANDA, just kill them on the spot!. You do not have to feed, guard and early release murderers with blood on their hands. The dead are not coming back.

  • Plain Talk

    Bad government policy all around. The right approach would be as follows

    Do not at all expand or build in the disputed territories. The gain of pandering to the religious right and getting their votes is nothing compared to the public relations that Israel suffers around the world. It is without a doubt the most damaging aspect of Israeli policy.

    Do not release one filthy murdering terrorist. it is an insult to every soldier who proudly wears the uniform and a tremendous pain inflicted on every one who has lost a loved one due to terrorism.

    It is because of not doing the fist, that we are now doing the second.

    In plain talk ……. terrible terrible policy!

  • Vivienne Leijonhufvud

    No sympathy for this emotional Grandmother or Mother, she probably gave him a push out the door, he was already willing to go through. Death penalty for Killers and terrorists, no alternative. It is always premeditated and with intent, so how can these crimes not be murder and terrorism?

  • Carol

    This is not justice. An account should be made to show what will be the outcome of the release of the prisoners for future consideration.

  • Bernard Ross

    Israel needs jewish terrorists who will hunt them down and restore justice denied by Israels leaders.

  • Bernard Ross

    its important ot have a mandatory death penalty for arab terrorists to guarantee that the depravity of this release cannot happen.

  • Rumpleforeskin

    Go away rick brandt

    • Lynne T

      Go away yourself, f’wit with the bad quasi-antisemetic joke of an on-line ID.

  • Lorrie

    Releasing murderers is a crime. What benefit is the creation of another violent, terrorist state? How can giving legitimacy to hamas or fatah improve the world? Who said Abbas is the leader, they still have to deal with hamas. Rabbi Kahane was correct!

  • JB Silver

    Bibi and all the others who agree to release this murderer and the other 103 murderers.
    May G-D Punish you if you go through with this evil act.
    Are you a Judenrat to beg the goyim who want to destroy our Nation to sit down with us, to the extent that you’ll release these vermin who deserve death, to freedom and to murder again?!

    • Jerry G

      With Jews like Netanyahu and his cabinet members who voted for the insanity of the prisoner release who needs Arab enemies? It seems that now the Arabs are busy killing each other Bibi wants to divert their attention back to killing Jews.

  • Rick Brandt

    Its abomination to force the releae of these murderers of an elderly survivor of the halocaust. Im calling Washington.

    • Efram Paul

      By all means. Good luck on getting through (metaphorically).

    • good for you, Rick