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July 31, 2013 9:42 am

Jewish Human Rights Group Knocks ‘Irony’ of Abbas’s Jew-Free Palestinian State

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President of the Palestinian Authority and Chairman of Fatah Mahmoud Abbas. Photo: WEF

Officials from Jewish human rights group the Simon Wiesenthal Center hit back at comments made by Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas that any future Palestinian state would be bereft of Israelis.

“Abbas’ vision of peace in the Holy Land is duplicitous and repugnant and only serves to undermine Secretary of State Kerry’s peace initiative,” said Rabbi Marvin Hier, founder and dean of the Wiesenthal Center and Rabbi Abraham Cooper, the Center’s associate dean.

“The bitter irony is that Abbas has made a career out of rejecting Israel as a Jewish State, yet has the audacity to claim for himself that the future Palestinian state will be cleansed of Jews,” they continued.

“Abbas and his supporters continue to libel Israel as a racist and apartheid state—despite the fact that nearly 20% of Israeli citizens are Christians and Muslims.  Now as renewed peace talks struggle to gain traction, he has signaled Israelis that the neighbor who will be sharing the Holy Land plans to exclude all Jews from its domain,” Rabbi Hier and Rabbi Cooper concluded.

During a press briefing in Cairo earlier this week Abbas laid out his vision of the demographics of any future Palestinian state:

“In a final resolution, we would not see the presence of a single Israeli—civilian or soldier—on our lands,” he said.

Direct peace talks resumed in Washington on Monday, with both sides agreeing to meet again in two weeks, setting as their goal to work out a comprehensive peace agreement within nine months.

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  • isaac brajtman

    The problem is that you cant negotiate with somebody who says I will negotiate as long as I get everything I demand. ! Also you have to be able to believe what they say, and that would be miraculous ! Its not part of their philosophy.

  • Lynne T

    Er, wasn’t Abbas’s doctorate, conferred on him by Patrice Lamumba U, Former Soviet Union, a piece of Holocaust denial?

  • Bathsheva Gladstone

    Someone tell me why we are negotiating with swine? Why are we considering gifts of land? Are we, have we relinquished the temple mount? Why do I feel that, in my time, I could be with my family discussing not the building of the Jewish State, but it’s disappearance?

  • Jose Carp

    Abbas wants a final resolution or a final ‘solution’?
    Apartheid means the segregation of people according to the colour of their skin… In Israel over 50% of the population is of darker skin, Arabs, Yemenites, Ethiopians, Sudanese, Sephardi and Oriental Jews!!

    • Basil Fletcher

      Why should any well thinking leader among the Palestinians want to take on to himself the responsibility of proving adequate housing, jobs, health care, education, security etc for millions of people? I surely would not want such a job. It is cheap to speak about statehood, it brings in donations, real statehood means running a country with little or no donations. Possibly only the Palestinians living in the most miserable conditions in Lebanon have any real dreams of a Palestinian state.

      Basil Fletcher

  • David

    Negate all the “huffing and puffing” of the Palestinians.
    They cannot do without their jobs in Israel or their representation in the Knesset. Likewise, Israel cannot do without their housing in the West Bank. As long as there is a cultural opposition and hatred of each other there will never be peace between the Palestinians and Israelis no matter what agreements are reached in negotiations.

  • Vigilante

    For this the LD’s (translate to spineless jellyfish released 104 murderers. Great going Bibi….

    • Gary Katz

      They haven’t been released yet. I know this because I haven’t yet seen the riotous heros’ welcome they will receive in their communities. The Palestinian leadership needs time to arrange the ticker tape parade for the murderers of Jews.

  • Fred

    At best it is a continouos mantra coming from the palestinians. Judenfrei ( free of Jews )area. There is also to be expected treachery from the Americans & Europeans. It would free them from any guilt complex.A continuing of the NAZI mantra against the Jews which has not stopped with ending of the war and the murder of millions. Only a miracle ……

  • Daniela Lowinger

    Will Abbas accept an arab free Israel? Because a jew free Palestine ( if it ever happen) should come with the same option to the other side. And when Israel would press on that point i am sure a million of israeli arabs will be against even a Palestinian state

  • Sonia Willats

    “final resolution” or ‘final solution?’

  • Jeffrey Justin

    So what is he going to do with the Hidden Jewish Palestinians? Yes they exist, they just dont publisize thier religeon. Mizzuzahs not on the door but underside of a table at the door post , Siddurim with false book covers , Hidden teffilin. Do those Palestinians have to move to Tel Aviv ? they are Palestinians ,they support the PA .they have lived amounst them for generations. So what you gonna do Abu Mazzan?

  • Irene

    “Undermine…Kerry’s peace initiative”??? A prominent part of Kerry’s “peace” initiative is the ethnic cleansing of the territories. So Abbas is criticized, but Kerry and Obama’s anti-semitism passes without comment?

  • mika

    Duplicitous and repugnant? Netanyahu and those who support this CFR agent are partners to this nazi agenda.

    • Efram Paul

      Nazi Mika. You should consider knowing something about a subject before having someone write something stupid for you in your name. The only Nazis are the Palestinians, and other Islamist barbarians. They are the Nazis. They stood with Hitler (Jerusalem’s Grand Mufti, Husseini spent the war in Berlin), they provided asylum for Nazi war criminals, and they continue to deny the Shoah. Ignorant, stupid, vacuous, venal vermin, such as yourself, you are the Nazis. Nazis killed Jews. Only a totally venal or stupid ‘person’ would link a Jew with a Nazi. The Islamo-fascists are today’s Nazis, not Israel. Jews do not use their children as suicide murderers. Jews do not use their civilians as human shields. Only barbaric animals do, Nazis (such as you).

    • Gary Katz

      Mika, until you discover mass graves, slave labor camps or Israeli laws threatening death to any Jew who hides a Muslim, don’t you utter one syllable of filth about Israel having a Nazi agenda! Such a post shows that you are either a slimy liar about Israel’s activities or you have no concept of what it meant to be a Nazi. Either way, you are to be condemned as a tool of evil.