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August 6, 2013 9:21 am

Official: Israel Will Not Rely on US to Stop Iran Nuclear Weapons Program (AUDIO)

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Iranian military hardware.

Israel is capable of carrying out a unilateral strike against Iran’s nuclear facilities without the aid of the United States, a senior Israeli official told Israeli Radio Tuesday, but added that such actions would be inferior and less effective than a US strike.

The US administration is unlikely to stop Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons at any cost, unlike Israel, the official was cited as saying, explaining that the Obama Administration’s level of involvement in Syria’s ongoing civil war contradicts the US president’s previous declarations.

President Obama has stated that the use of chemical weapons in Syria would be a “red-line,” but he has hesitated to intercede militarily since reports surfaced that the Syrian army has used chemical agents against rebels and the general population.

Israel Radio added that inside Israel there is fear that the US administration will attempt to focus on engaging Iran now that recently elected President Hassan Rouhani, seen by some as a relative moderate, has taken office; and that the country will agree to ease sanctions on the Islamic Republic in return for concessions not compatible with Israel’s security requirements.

Listen to a recording of the Israel Radio Report below.

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  • Otto Waldmann in Sydney

    Please consider:
    – Iran can only be trusted these days to carry out its threats. Those capable of triggering attacks on Israel are not joking, quite to the contrary, read their papers, read their lips tense with hatred and readiness to wage disaster – has VSholem – !
    – we can send messages of friendship and reason all we want, they, these Iranians filled with hatred against us will very soon be capable to satisfy their animal instincts !!
    – Obama, on the other hand is but a poor schlemil with a job which made him famous, but NOT THAT powerful. He is ONLY the President of a democratic America. He is not everything that pulsates, functions and decides what US should do. He is NOT the Pentagon, he is NOT the CIA he is NOT the entire some 300 million Americans. He is NOT US foreign policy, its principles and rational., He is, but, the bloke some people have a go at on account of all those wrongly perceived notions that he would be what he is NOT.
    – most importantly, destroying Iran’s real nuclear destructive military objectives is a task Israel can carry out on its own. This will most definitely happen once Israel decides that the few hours needed are up !!

    In the meantime why not indulge in a bit of “no reason needed street parties”. I love seeing my Sabra daughters and sons smiling, being funny, cute and happy. They all will be happier once Iran’s military nuclear capabilities will be destroyed by our hayalim wherever they will operate from.

  • Vivienne Leijonhufvud

    The American economy is at a low ebb, the US is losing it’s status in world politics and Obama is focusing more on home matters. I suspect the US administration cannot afford another war, further I believe the US electorate will be against another war. So long as the US maintains the status quo with Oil producing Gulf States the US will keep out of any action in the Mid East, other than protecting OIL imports. A lot of Americans have cars, an automobile industry, barely surviving. Car’s and weapons are two of the biggest employers in the States. So No, the US will avoid conflict wherever possible. In Afghanistan rebuilding contractors are members of Taliban and other organizations similar a) they are cheaper b) allows them to rebuild themselves thereby releasing American Personnel. Israel is alone, therefore she must believe in her ability and power to overcome. Israel will succeed with well planned strategy and her own forces.

  • Michael Garfinkel

    In the midst of endless quibbling, it’s probably worthwhile to remind everyone of exactly what’s at stake – and why every Israeli delay invites a second holocaust:

  • Reuven

    We can not depend on anyone, but ourselves. We can do it! We will do it!

  • dodad

    Obama talks to his audience and tells that audience what they want to hear, and then does what he wants to do any way. Am I calling Obama a liar no he never lies but he never tells the truth. It looks to me like you guys are starting to wise up about Obama. If I had the power I would have already make air strikes Obama is too much of a wimp. Never forget Obama’s early education was in a madrassa in Indonesia Islamic to the max.

    • David

      dodad: It’s not because Obama does not know the truth, it’s because he knows the truth but from the very beginning has and is a prolific liar…to American’s and to the whole world.!!

  • There’s a reasn why Israel developed a nuclear weapons program. One nuke will do the job. Who needs Obama?

  • The unspoken word –

    YISRAEL BaTACH BaSHEM…He is our only friend and the only One we can rely on.

    Mazal Tov. – Beker Tov!!!

  • gord

    of course obama isn’t going to stop iran

    • Steve Klein

      The question remains, will Barack Obama be able to talk Israel into waiting long enough for Iran to build a nuclear weapon? Because that is what I expect Obama will try to do.