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August 7, 2013 1:17 pm

Israeli PM Netanyahu: Situation With Iran ‘Getting Worse’ as Rouhani Exploits Talks to Continue Uranium Enrichment (VIDEO)

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PM Netanyahu speaks at Israel's Remembrance Day Memorial. Photo: Channel 10.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warned Wednesday that the situation with regard to Iran’s nuclear weapons program is “not getting any better” but is “actually getting worse.”

Speaking to a pro-Israel congressional delegation to Jerusalem led by United States Rep. James Sensenbrenner (R-WI), Netanyahu said that newly elected Iranian President Hassan Rouhani could not be trusted, despite the fact that he is perceived to be more receptive to negotiations over the country’s nuclear program than his predecessor.

“I know that some place their hopes on Iran’s new president. He knows how to exploit this, and yesterday he called for more talks. Of course he wants more talks.  He wants to talk and talk and talk. And while everybody is busy talking to him, he’ll be busy enriching uranium,” Netanyahu said.

Rouhani, labeled a relative moderate by some commentators when compared to former President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, insists that he is determined to resolve Iran’s confrontation with the West over its nuclear program. Netanyahu, however, has made it clear he does not believe that Rouhani, who assumed the position of president on Sunday after the eight-year tenure of Ahmadinejad concluded, is serious.

“[Rouhani] says, ‘I talk and I smile and I enrich uranium.’ This is unfortunately going on as we speak. Iran’s work and quest towards the achievement of atomic weapons not only continues, it continues unabated – it’s actually accelerated,” he told the delegation.

The United States has said it would be a “willing partner” if Iran was serious about finding a peaceful resolution to the issue.

Iran’s critics say that it has used previous nuclear negotiations as a delaying tactic while continuing to develop nuclear weapons-related technology. Netanyahu, perhaps the most vocal among them, agreed, telling the delegation, “Iran is determined to get the bomb and we must be even more determined to prevent them from getting it.”

Watch a video of the Prime Minister’s comments below.

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  • Sandy Brown

    I worked in the News for many years and all I have learnt about the Arabs is that they want to annihilate the Jews. When they have been offered peace they do not take it. I think that the people who rule Iran are basically Nutjobs. We should not believe a word that any of them say.

  • Vivienne Leijonhufvud

    I am completely surprised, that so many take the new President of Iran, at face value? A little research into his personal background I have found useful. A recent piece disclosing his behavior staying at the house of a colleague with a young daughter? Israel is fortunate to have a PM, who exercises great diplomacy, and at the same time, takes everything Iran states with a pinch of Salt. I cannot imagine what Obama is hoping to achieve with Iran, by lifting sanctions?

  • HaDaR

    He is just a big talker.
    In the meantime, he went to Poland, where they were discussing to OUTLAW KOSHER SLAUGHTER, and refused to eat the kosher food offered to him and went to eat non kosher, thus PUBLICLY DESECRATING GOD’S NAME since he is Israel’s P.M., and giving the clear message that KOSHER IS NOT SO IMPORTANT.

  • Luigi Rosolin

    PM Benjamin Netanyahu in regard of Iran false talk is perfectly correct. Iran had take by the nose the world for a long time.Iran is a nation where Islam is the controlling power, as Iran is following the Koran that teach to alienate Israel and all who not submit to they religion, they are to be consider a very dangerous treat to all Judea-Christian western country. Not only by to any nation that is not embracing the Islam that is a religion of hate.

  • Samuel Ramos

    Clearly the USA must destroy Iran’s ability to enrich Uranium and build a nuclear weapon. The longer we delay taking action, the greater the risk to world peace and stability in the Middle East!

  • Ten Words
    As the next World War will begin, the people should be distinguished from their Religions and cultures and the Zionists who have manipulated this War must be distinguished from the Jews.

    This distinction is there also not to fall back in a past that never knew how to refrain from pointing the finger always at the Jews, in every major War, and that never knew how to recognize one from the other.

    The conflict should be defined only pro or against Equality.

    The Belief of one “chosen people” is a concept incompatible with peace and Human respect.

    The hope resides in one new Reason.
    …… even if it is not so simple.

    How to find those magic words?
    How to confront the perception of the people to see why one newly discovered transformation from waves to atoms, Wavevolution, also relates to their life and survival?
    A concept like this could be introduced using a thousand words or maybe in a hundred ways, but only ten words and one way can put in perspective such vital perception.

    The conflict should be defined only pro or against Equality.

    • Philly

      waveloser: You are an anti-semitic popinjay.