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August 9, 2013 12:00 pm

Shocking: Video Emerges of Toronto’s ‘Al Quds Day’ Rally Featuring Anti-Israel Rants From Children, Nazi Comparison (VIDEO)

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Child who addressed the Al Quds Day rally with Anti-Zionist hate speech. Photo: Screenshot.

Child who addressed the Al Quds Day rally with Anti-Zionist hate speech. Photo: Screenshot.

Shocking footage of a child and a Muslim woman reading anti-Israel speeches at an “Al Quds Day” protest in Toronto on Saturday drew attention online Friday.

Posting a link to a video of the incident Dexter Van Zile, the Christian Media Analyst for CAMERA, the Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting in America, wrote on Twitter: “It sounds so much more frightening coming from a kid… This is sick.”

Van Zile also highlighted a second clip, referring to it as “Another hate-filled child — this time, a girl who compares #Israel to Hitler.”

Addressing the rally, the child, swathed in a black and white keffiyeh headband and scarf, said: “Zionism preaches corruption and oppression and tyranny and bloodshed around the world.”

The Al Quds Day event drew condemnation from Jewish communal group B’nai Brith Canada because of the use of child proxies. The rally provided “stark evidence that Canadian children are being steeped in anti-Israel and anti-Jewish hatred from infancy,” the group said in a statement.

“Not only were children of all ages used as props for the cameras, but this year they were also given the microphone to spread lies and whip up hatred against the Jewish people,” the organization said on Tuesday.

“Al Quds Day” was established in Iran in 1979, and is now commemorated around the world on the final Friday of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan, to express solidarity with Palestinian Arabs, oppose Zionism and Israel’s presence in Jerusalem, known as al Quds, in Arabic.

The videos were originally uploaded by Canadian blogger Arnie Lemaire. Lemaire, who uses the Twitter handle @Blazingcatfur, called out Elias Hazineh, a Palestinian-Canadian Christian and former head of Palestine House, an anti-Israel group, who was recorded saying: “When somebody tries to rob a bank, the police get in. They don’t negotiate. And we have been negotiating with them for 65 years. We say, ‘Get out or you are dead.’ We give them two minutes and then we start shooting, and that’s the only way they’ll understand.”

Canadian police interrogated Hazineh after the footage was released, The Toronto Star reported on Thursday“In retrospect, one could have used different words, but there is actual frustration,” he said, Justifying his use of aggressive language in an interview with the newspaper. “I don’t think what I said is illegal under Canadian law. I consulted a lawyer who said it doesn’t even come close to breaking the law.”

Another Canadian blogger, Scaramuche, who first flagged Hazineh’s comments, retorted: “Funny, that’s what I say every time zany Khomeini’s Al Quds Day rolls around and hordes of angry Khomeinists assemble en masse at Queen’s Park to seethe and rage about the eee-ville Zionists. ‘Who let these crazy Zion-loathers into Canada?,’ I ask. ‘Enough is enough!'”

Watch the shocking videos, below.

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  • Ehsan

    Those whom rally on alquds day,are not doing it,to escalate the situations worse.the message is peace for all. Palestinian people welcome the existence of Israelies in their land,as long as they are willing not have their own government. ever since 1948,not only that they did not obey that rule there,but instead they pushed farther.
    in this city,there are jewsh people, whom rally with us shoulder to shoulder, for the same reasoninings, in a peaceful manner to get our words across.

  • Ethan Coane

    I must agree with EthanP that we should not be shocked by such a demonstration and disagree with those who side with Vivienne Leijonhufvud if they feel Canadian authorities ought to censor or try to prevent such demonstrations. Free speech is for ALL not just those with whom we agree or sympathize. Better that the world, beyond Arabic speakers, hears for itself the vitriol, hatred and lies they express. It can only make the Israeli situation that much more understandable, reasonable, and sympathetic. Let the Arabs exacerbate their own image problem and let Israel be viewed as an island of courage and reason within a hostile sea.

    • Sasa Levi

      This is ok but I would also like to see pro-Israel relay.

  • Sandy Brown

    That is disgusting that they use the children in that way. That they are teaching them hatred in their young years. We call them Bin Liners over here in the UK. The women wear black rubbish bin liners. They are trying to impose Sharia Law in London too. Or they are using it in some places. We will fight it until the end. And what really annoys me about them is that they are always so offended if anything happens to them. Oh dear we must not offend the Muslims! I was on the bus the other day in London and loads of Muslims got on with their kids and husbands. I think they were off to the Mosque. And not one English person got up and offered any of them a seat. Sometimes a man will offer a lady a seat. Well not in this case. We are just fed up with them being here.

  • Vivienne Leijonhufvud

    Well Canada has changed since I was there in 1994? No wonder Israel has so much to deal with? This kind of propaganda coming from children is as Golda Meir stated during her term of office. Peace talks are bound to fail. These Arabs don’t live under Sharia law, the girls are not bound by law in Canada to wear this black garb, it is all for affect. Canada aught to be clamping down on this kind of shouting in public places. There were a couple of Haredi or Orthodox Jewish men there, behind the boy but I was unable to see their poster.

    • Lynne T

      They were likely idiots from one of the two fringe sects — the Naturei Karta (most likely) or the Satmars — who object to the founding of a secular democratic Jewish state.

  • So long as Muslims are teaching their children to hate as
    they are doing, that’s how long it will take for any kind of
    peace between them and others. What’s worse than a murderer of a child? Perhaps those who teach children to become murderers.

  • Martina Rieffer

    Is making me sick to my stomach seeing and hearing this. The world needs to put their foot down collectively and stop this hatred and anti-Semitism. Nothing good is coming out of it and is only hurtful to the people that already have suffered enough throughout history. :’-(

  • Diane

    Do you really think that repeating the same lies will get you anywhere. Last I checked the torah, the bibile and more than likely your Koran, how can we occupy something that has always been ours.You want to free Palestine, how about you work as hard as the rest of the world to get what you think you are owed. No one is just going to give it away, funny how you keep saying Palestine is occupied, by whom? Yet are you not trying to occupy parts that already belong to Israel. How does some child talk against hatred and makes up certain items about Hitler and then speaks about love towards everyone. You can’t talk out of both sides of your face. I have heard, seen and read about how you turn news around to make yourselves look like the ones oppressed, and the ones constantly being attacked, or my favorite lie that Israeli soldiers attack children.

    You should actually consider yourself lucky that the soldiers DO NOT go after children or the ones that taunt the soldiers while their parents keep telling them to yell more lies your children aren’t arrested for attacking the soldiers, for hitting them, throwing rocks at them, but you claim they attack your children. Maybe one day instead of the hiding the entire truth and just showing the parts that only make you look good. You should show the entire film where your chicken shit soldiers lift up the children to use them as protective shields because you need to create proof to prove your lies, only most of the world is fully aware of the stunts you pull. You are nothing more than jealous, idiots, liars, criminals etc, and nothing you do will force anyone to give you what you don’t own. Oh let us not forget your suicide bombers, doesn’t the koran state not to kill or hate, but you do both and you don’t give a damn who is hurt by suicide bombers. STOP TELLING LIES, STOP BLAMING THE JEWISH PEOPLE FOR YOUR INABILITIES AND REALLY STOP MAKING UP YOUR OWN VERSIONS OF THE NEWS BECAUSE THE REST OF THE WORLD TENDS TO SEE WHAT YOU LEFT OUT. In other words and as rotten as this sounds, there are times when I wish the earth would open up and swallow anyone who continues to tell lies, who are considering to be suicide bombers, and only allow those who are content the way things are to stay above ground, while the rest disappear for ever. Do you know how quiet things would be if that happened????

  • Reuven

    The so-called “Palestinians” have a culture of violence and hate. This was a hate rally. One can not negotiate with fanatics like this.

    • Val Gabriel

      Palestinians? I do not know this ethnicity. Israelies are also Palestinians, arn’t they?! Arabs and Jews live in so called Palestine which is an artificial name introduced by Romans in there effort to eraze the memory of Jews who dared fight them! Palestine has and always had nothing to do with Arabs. Ancient Philistines were of Aegian(most probably Greek) ethnic origin. Arabs came much later. But the world’s, (including Arabs), ignorance and their hatred of Jews impedes their ability to see the truth.

  • R

    In the note above, the writer, Jacqueline, is correct. Canada is a great country, a firm democracy, and partner in peace. Like the USA and other free countries in the world, it is also populated with the mental losers that every such country has to suffer.

    They;re just another form of insect. You spray a little, they go away for a while, and then they’re back. So you spray again. Just because they keep coming back, you don’t stop spraying, do you? Of course, not. Vermin, insects, filth regenerate like most else in the world You just need to have a supply of insecticide and clean rags. You don’t have to succumb to tolerating them. Just keep on wiping!

  • Jacobite

    As a citizen of the democratic free world I agree and support freedom of speech, but to allow the promotion of racist and political hatred and propaganda against any religion, race or country should not be tolerated and should have been shut down. To breed hatred into the minds of children is a disgrace and no religion of any kind can up hold this as correct, it goes against the princable of anything that is good, G-d comes from the word good. He is not evil but these people are.
    Wake up in the West, these same promoters, that realise their ambitions through the promotion of hatred will soon turn on any religion that doesn’t agree with their warped idea of religion and political views.
    Israel should expect the same right of respect as any other country and should be able to live with out fear of attack, Israel does not shy away from promoting peace and looks to resolve its difference through diplomatic means, it is not Israel that does’t recognise the Rights of the Palistinian people to exist, but Palistinians that stubbornly refuse to recognise Israels rights of existence. So why do we allow the spreed of hatred and lies in the west?

    • Vivienne Leijonhufvud

      Fear, above all fear, they have become to powerful and the west has been to politically correct and liberal. They want to move in to a ready made economy, homes, cars etc etc., just look at Saudi.

  • Efram Paul

    I thought that Canada had laws against hate speech. Don’t they persecute those who write about terrorism?

    Those disgraces to Judaism deserve korach. It is one thing to oppose the State of Israel. It is entirely different to ally yourself with those who would murder fellow Jews, and rejoice in Khomeini and any other would be genocidal maniac. How they can practice Judaism, and rejoice at the murder of Jews is unfathomable. I am sure they would stone someone who is not observant to their standards, yet their standards are those of apostates. Making the right prayers at the right times and in the right ways does not absolve a Jew from knowing right from wrong. It is WRONG to wish death on your fellow Jews.

    • Vivienne Leijonhufvud

      We will see how they will fare, according to Isiah?

  • EthanP

    Why be shocked. I’m not. This is standard fair for this ilk. You can only be shocked or surprized if you have had your head in the sand for the last 50 years!

  • jacqueline

    These people are living in a different country taking from Canada and spreading hate. Cockaroaches

    • rick

      What have you got against cockroaches to hate them so much?

      • Vivienne Leijonhufvud

        You agree with this sort of propaganda or more to the point these lies being yelled out by children? Canada is a much nicer place to live than the Middle East unless one lives in Israel. You begrudge the Jewish nation having a land of their own? Yet you live in the comfort and stability of Canada. For your information muslims are frequently referred to as cockroaches because they are garbed in black, appear in hoards everywhere and devastate where ever they breed, whole buildings collapse due to their eating away. Much like Islam is undermining the West and imposing Sharia Law as much as possible. You haven’t heard how many Christians, Buddhists and Hindu’s have been murdered in the near East, Far East and middle east. Enjoy your comfort Rick.