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August 13, 2013 9:43 am

US House Majority Leader Eric Cantor to Peres: GOP Leaders Came to Show Strength of American Support for Israel

avatar by Joshua Levitt

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House Majority Leader Eric Cantor. Photo: United States Congress.

US Congressional Majority Leader Eric Cantor, the highest-ranking Jew in Congress, led a group of 26 senior House Republicans to meet Israeli President Shimon Peres at his official Jerusalem residence, on Tuesday, according to an official statement.

Cantor opened the meeting by telling President Peres that the delegation had come to Israel to show the strength of American support for Israel and express the support of congress for Israel’s position.

President Peres addressed the resumption of peace talks with the Palestinian Authority due to restart Wednesday and the Iranian nuclear weapons program in his opening remarks.

“You came to Israel at a time when we must make tough decisions. Your presence here is important for us. The United States has both Democrats and Republicans but when it comes to Israel support is bipartisan. Peace between Israel and the Palestinians is not easy for either side – there is a long history and differences in expectation, but the moment requires difficult decision that will shape our future,” Peres said.

President Peres thanked the GOP Representatives for the recent congressional decision to toughen sanctions against Iran’s nuclear program.

“The US Congress has taken a strong stance with regards to Iran – the sanctions are important for the whole world in the struggle against Iran becoming a nuclear armed state and a center for terror. On behalf of the State of Israel, thank you – the support of the United States strengthens Israel on its path for peace,” he said.

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  • M. D. BLOCK

    We want Rep. Cantor to stay in Israel since he has Israel’s best interest at heart, not America’s!

    Eric Cantor betrayed America by telling Israeli PM Netanyahu that he would provide a check on the American president, that he would side, as a policy, with him against the President of the United States of America. This constitutes ‘treason’ and Eric Cantor should go the way of the Rosenbergs who also betrayed America! Rep. Cantor is not the face of the ‘ugly’ American. Rep. Cantor is the face of the ‘ugly’ Jew!

    We Americans are outages that the terrorist/welfare state of Israel receive more American tax dollars per person than American citizens. Ten million American tax dollars are extorted per day for Israel.

    Jews don’t have to stand on a street and beg, they just compel Congress to panhandle for Jews and Israel in our Hallowed Halls of Congress designed for and by Protestants and Deists. Many members of congress steal, lie and murder for Israel because they fear AIPAC, a Jewish lobby that threatens with money and media against those cowardly members of congress who oppose it.


    American Jews “compel Congress to panhandle for Jews and Israel in our Hallowed Halls of Congress designed for and by Protestants and Deists“?

    Seems to me what you’re trying to say is Jews, Protestants, and “Deists,” all those who believe in G-d, a concept so true to Jews that we shy away from even spelling out His name; that all Americans who profess to live according to a shared code of ethics inspired by the revelation that we are all one under this universe, have asked the highest-ranking Jew in the US House of Representatives, in fact, the actual Majority Leader, to make sure that Americans of faith, maybe 100 million of us out of 300 million citizens, have their interests represented, one of those being 100% support for the ability to freely visit our holy land, and that all of our friends and family there are safe from violence, seems about right to me.

    That Cantor told Netanyahu he would speak up for Israel to “check” the POTUS, I have never heard before (please cite your source) but, why not — we’ve just established that millions of Americans don’t want death and destruction in Israel, they want peace and security, including me, and I think Cantor is doing the right thing.

    That Cantor has to do so with the current POTUS makes even more sense. What the first president with a foreign name has set out to do is take every problem faced by his predecessors in the WH or decisions he could revisit unilaterally, and approach each one with the idea that now is his chance to take one stab at correcting them from his unique position. He got the Nobel Peace Prize because he was the first black man elected to run a major country that had black slavery 150 years ago, where black people couldn’t drink from water fountains, 50 years ago, and a population where white people are now the minority but they have most of the money. When he makes a point to always speak up for the minorities in his caucus, he’s speaking to the oppressed, lots of people applaud. When every president goes to Britain, Obama went to Cairo; when every president subsidizes Big Oil, Obama tried to bet on Renewables; when every president speaks highly of Israel, of course Obama tried to defend the other guy. In essence, all very worthy endeavors, but the execution always proves much harder than he thought, probably because being the leader of the free world is a very hard job and he’s never done anything even close to this before. It’s still good for America that he tries to change-it-up by being contrarion and iconoclastic, more power to him, as they say, but it’s Congress’s job to “check” him, that’s what they do.

    The reason why lots of people generally applaud him, including Jews, 70% of whom voted for Democrat Obama in 2012, (but there was noted frustration, as the cohort fell from 78% in 2008), is that Jews like to side with the little guy, too, which is why it’s good to support Israel.

    The parable they are presenting to you now is David versus Goliath, with Israel as the bad guy, which is twisted from the paradigm for how America’s people of faith see it. Same story, but with Israel as the little guy, a tiny Jew, surrounded by a billion oppressed and starving Muslims, living in countries where corrupt and murderous regimes look for outside enemies to blame for their wickedness, where picking a fight with a seemingly vulnerable Jew, always plays great to the crowds. That battle takes place trans-nationally, as all these leaders oppress their people, they all play the same game of finding the scapegoat, everyone got the same memo, meaning trouble for Israel along all of its borders. That their game has also been able to plant a wedge within the country, more borders to defend, from an even smaller and punier David conjured to fight the David we see, who is up against the real nasty Goliath of the story. Morale is defeat the real Goliath, then David and little David could become friends, or, maybe they become friends first, so they can defeat Goliath together, even better.

    The POTUS knows that, too, which is why 4-star US generals visited Israel last week and the two armies work so closely together, and why the Israeli army received a $3 billion arms credit to spend with American defense companies, the most ever, which happens to be from the current POTUS. Not so Israel can have more stuff, but so that all the military hardware the leader of the free world needs to protect the world is already there and installed. This is because the US Army, under control of the POTUS and the US Congress, is very focused on all the countries where political oppression and dictatorships have backfired, where oppression has boiled over. Egypt, Lebanon, Syria and Iraq, which happen to be all of Israel’s neighbors, all now engulfed in some level of civil war, which is exactly when they turn to saber rattling the tiny Jew to distract everyone from the chaos they’ve created at home: “Watch the Jew, so you can please ignore how your corrupt regime of a government just burnt your house down. Enjoy living in the beautiful ashes we created for you! Sorry there’s no food! And, remember: vote for your favorite 1-party dictatorship again next year!” That’s the true Goliath who still plagues our world.

    That “Members of Congress steal, lie and murder,” well, we all know the stories, but the Washington, D.C., cops are really tough, so they catch most of the dirtbags.