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August 14, 2013 11:11 am

American Support for Convict Release Betrays Ulterior Motive

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U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry meets with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in Jerusalem. Photo: Israel GPO.

By cajoling Israel to release 104 convicted Arab terrorists, beginning this week, as a “gesture of goodwill” to the Palestinian Authority as peace talks are set to resume, the United States has revealed that its motive in backing the talks is less about peace and more about placating the Arab states and Israel’s enemies around the globe.

There is no single issue that is more detrimental to the cause of peace than the glorification of terror, and by pushing for the release, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry personally has a hand in the orgy of celebration over the murder of Jews that will necessarily follow.

If it is reconciliation that Kerry is truly seeking, the Americans would have been the first to slap down PA President Abbas’s depraved request as immoral and destructive to the cause of peace.

Of course the Americans claim that because of Abbas’s domestic political weakness, releasing the convicts is a strategy to strengthen his rule, which they argue, is better than the alternative scenario whereby he is ousted by rival terror group Hamas.

But here is the point. Abbas’s weakness is of his own doing. For years ministries and operatives under his command have glorified terrorism and nurtured Palestinian Arab children in the ways of hate and violence.

Abbas has no public mandate for peace talks because he has consistently told the population that lives under his rule that violence is the path to victory. The popular Arab icons and leaders that are immortalized on murals and billboards across Ramallah and Jenin are not men of peace, they are men of war. They are not idols of reconciliation but of death and destruction.

By insisting on the release of 104 popular symbols of Palestinian terror the United States has strengthened the segments of Arab society that see war with Israel as the only option.

When Prime Minister Netanyahu wrote a letter to the Israeli public explaining his decision to back the move he wrote, “At the present time, it seems to me that it is very important for the State of Israel to enter into a diplomatic process. This is important both in order to exhaust the chance of ending the conflict with the Palestinians and in order to establish Israel’s position in the complex international reality around us.”

In plain language what Netanyahu is saying here is that it has reached a point in which the international community led by the United States has applied so much pressure to Israel that it simply must accede.

Basically, the Prime Minister is telling the Israeli public that the United States has ensured that the situation has become such that the cost of not releasing the convicts as per Abbas’s demands, has become greater than the immense price of freeing them.

“The major changes in our region – in Egypt, Syria and in Iran – not only place challenges before the State of Israel but they also create considerable opportunities for us,” the Prime Minister continued in his letter, implying that in order to ensure U.S. support in addressing the greater challenges that Israel faces from Iran and others, the Jewish state had to bend to this demand.

So what motivates the Americans to so aggressively back a path that defies logic, morality and even its own stated objective?

The simple answer is that the U.S. State Department, which is currently driving American Middle East peace policy, ascribes greater importance to the loudest diplomatic noise and is intent on maintaining favorable relationships with the world’s Muslim powers. With a cacophony of voices in the Arab world and beyond calling for Israeli concessionsas a path to the country’s weakening and ultimate destruction, and insisting that solving the Israeli-Arab question will bring resolution to all other Middle East crises, the United States has adopted the demand for Israeli capitulation as its own position.

If America is to act as an honest broker that will bring about true change in the region, it must return to being guided by its founding principles of justice, morality and truth. Absent an about turn it will only continue to serve as an accessory to the attempted lynching of the world’s only Jewish state.

The author is the Editor-in-Chief of The Algemeiner and director of the GJCF and can be e-mailed at

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