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August 14, 2013 11:11 am

American Support for Convict Release Betrays Ulterior Motive

avatar by Dovid Efune

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U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry meets with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in Jerusalem. Photo: Israel GPO.

By cajoling Israel to release 104 convicted Arab terrorists, beginning this week, as a “gesture of goodwill” to the Palestinian Authority as peace talks are set to resume, the United States has revealed that its motive in backing the talks is less about peace and more about placating the Arab states and Israel’s enemies around the globe.

There is no single issue that is more detrimental to the cause of peace than the glorification of terror, and by pushing for the release, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry personally has a hand in the orgy of celebration over the murder of Jews that will necessarily follow.

If it is reconciliation that Kerry is truly seeking, the Americans would have been the first to slap down PA President Abbas’s depraved request as immoral and destructive to the cause of peace.

Of course the Americans claim that because of Abbas’s domestic political weakness, releasing the convicts is a strategy to strengthen his rule, which they argue, is better than the alternative scenario whereby he is ousted by rival terror group Hamas.

But here is the point. Abbas’s weakness is of his own doing. For years ministries and operatives under his command have glorified terrorism and nurtured Palestinian Arab children in the ways of hate and violence.

Abbas has no public mandate for peace talks because he has consistently told the population that lives under his rule that violence is the path to victory. The popular Arab icons and leaders that are immortalized on murals and billboards across Ramallah and Jenin are not men of peace, they are men of war. They are not idols of reconciliation but of death and destruction.

By insisting on the release of 104 popular symbols of Palestinian terror the United States has strengthened the segments of Arab society that see war with Israel as the only option.

When Prime Minister Netanyahu wrote a letter to the Israeli public explaining his decision to back the move he wrote, “At the present time, it seems to me that it is very important for the State of Israel to enter into a diplomatic process. This is important both in order to exhaust the chance of ending the conflict with the Palestinians and in order to establish Israel’s position in the complex international reality around us.”

In plain language what Netanyahu is saying here is that it has reached a point in which the international community led by the United States has applied so much pressure to Israel that it simply must accede.

Basically, the Prime Minister is telling the Israeli public that the United States has ensured that the situation has become such that the cost of not releasing the convicts as per Abbas’s demands, has become greater than the immense price of freeing them.

“The major changes in our region – in Egypt, Syria and in Iran – not only place challenges before the State of Israel but they also create considerable opportunities for us,” the Prime Minister continued in his letter, implying that in order to ensure U.S. support in addressing the greater challenges that Israel faces from Iran and others, the Jewish state had to bend to this demand.

So what motivates the Americans to so aggressively back a path that defies logic, morality and even its own stated objective?

The simple answer is that the U.S. State Department, which is currently driving American Middle East peace policy, ascribes greater importance to the loudest diplomatic noise and is intent on maintaining favorable relationships with the world’s Muslim powers. With a cacophony of voices in the Arab world and beyond calling for Israeli concessionsas a path to the country’s weakening and ultimate destruction, and insisting that solving the Israeli-Arab question will bring resolution to all other Middle East crises, the United States has adopted the demand for Israeli capitulation as its own position.

If America is to act as an honest broker that will bring about true change in the region, it must return to being guided by its founding principles of justice, morality and truth. Absent an about turn it will only continue to serve as an accessory to the attempted lynching of the world’s only Jewish state.

The author is the Editor-in-Chief of The Algemeiner and director of the GJCF and can be e-mailed at

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  • R

    Response to Sophie:

    The US wants the rest of the world to think that it’s always the “good guys” on the side of peace, human decency, the whole shebang. The US holds Israel’s purse-strings. Israel caves in because “Daddy” is waving his dollars at him, which come with a little thing called “compliance” (It’s also known as blackmail.)

    One of these days Israel should tell the US, “keep yer’ ‘goddam money…we’ll do things OUR OWN way!” And when the holds on Israel’s military are free and they flex their muscles, look out, baby, because all of Israel’s enemies will see their military forces and will slink away back into their holes in the ground.

    And while we’re on the subject, don’t be fooled into thinking that Iran is going to demolish Israel. They’re another country that will find out first-hand what it’s like to live in the stone age. They’d better have lots of berries on their trees! They’re going to be busy picking them!

  • R

    Now that terrorists have been legally “pardoned (and set free (to maim and kill again), what has been accomplished? Please name ONE THING that now exists in Israel’s or American’s interests that are better now than before these killers were released from their cells.

    There will be more innocent lives taken, as before. Killers will return to their trade. But this time, when they are caught in the act, they won’t be imprisoned. Know what I mean?

  • Barry

    My question is …. what is worse? The always anti Jew/Anti-Israel US State Department or the Obama Administration?

    The two are not necessarily one and the same. Over the years pro Israel US Presidents have had to deal with the always anti Israel State Department, but perhaps for the first time in history those two stalwarts of the US government are aligned in common cause.

    That is why so much pressure can be brought upon Israel and why there is no one to stand up to these bullies.

    • tom

      you are making meaningless noises. the settlements of gush qatif protected southern israel, as the settlements of judea and samaria today protect tel aviv and jerusalem.

      don’t believe me? 10,000 qassams, since the “disengagement” from gaza, are proof enough for anyone who is not fooled by arab propaganda, or just willfully stupid.

  • Sophie

    This is insane! ARETZ YISTRAEL MUST stand strong! Ystrael must show the world that it doesn’t bend before its enemies.
    Will we here in the United States or in France or anywhere else in the world allow out siders to dictate to us to allow murders, child abusers, rapists,slave traders our of prisons?

  • Plain Talk

    Israel’s policy is not only morally bankrupt but a lesson on how to create the worst possible image to the outside world.
    On one hand, it goes ahead and releases cold blooded murderers and Jew haters as its proof of willingness to compromise towards peace.
    Then in the very same week, it continues its expansion of settlements in the disputed territories.
    What a mixed up foreign policy.
    Never release murderers and
    Stop settlement expansion.
    If you didn’t provoke by expanding settlements to show our compromise towards peace, there would be no need to release murderers.
    For all those who cannot understand English.
    Israel has every legal right to build in those territories. Every legal right. Every legal right.
    I just feel it is the dumbest thing we continue to do. It does nothing but hurt us in the long run!

  • This obscene release of terrorist murders which could only have been done by putting Bibi under intolerable pressure now reveals the true color of HOOSAIN Obama.
    The sheer hypocrisy is just not believable and as for those “supposed ” Jewish Communal leaders who met with Kerry to listen to a burble of non relevant explnations
    shame on them. Oh by the way it seems non of them had the guts to raise the POllard affar formally. Double shame on them

    • Anthony Abela

      Well what do you expect Sam, after all Obama is a MUSLIM, but he forgot to tell the American people. Truely the American people are such gluttons for punishment and so gullible. Obama and his wife will be in the seventh heaven when he finishes his turn in office. Mr. amd mrs. Obama will have a lot of opportunities to look down their nose at their whitie bodyguards as they think anyone who is not black is sub-human. Such morons.

  • gord

    history will not judge the obama regime kindly; his name will appear next to the name chamberlain in the dictionary definition of appeasement as my father would say, he’s a “shtick drek”

  • Uriahh

    The great tragedy in this prisoner-release demand is that it will turn loose, again, a group of convicted murderers with little prospect for peace.
    Abbas is a sad figure trying to maintain his balance against the threat of death from Hamas. Israel is trying to maintain its footing from decent defensive geography.

    Continuous hatred spewed from the Palestinians into the minds of their children will not lead to peace.
    But the USA, with its “reaching out to Muslims” policy will only end up looking a complete fool. Islam will never allow Jews to live in peace in Israel. And the MB will never leave the Copts in peace in Egypt, John Kerry to the contrary not withstanding.

    • Sonia Willats

      USA will not look a fool, it will eventually be seen – beyond the double-talk – for what it has become -a pro-RADICAL Islam state. This is Obama’s agenda, is it not?

      Kerry is merely enacting Obama policy.

      • Plain Talk

        The fact that you could equate the USA to a pro-Radical Islam state is mind boggling! I can only imagine where Israel would be today if it were not for the continued support both financial and otherwise from its best ally in the world.
        Shame on you!

        • tom

          but just sticking to the facts, obama has endorsed (and preserved) Islamist regimes in iran and turkey, and established new ones in yemen, egypt, libya, and tunisia. and meanwhile providing little or no support for traditional american allies like saudi arabia or the uae. and so far, he has failed to condemn attacks on christians anywhere in the middle east. (the palestinian authority, egypt, darfur, or syria, to name just a few. and his reaction to benghazi was so low key as to be practically apologetic.)

          his chief middle east advisors all have connections to the moslem brotherhood, which is no surprise, either.

  • yussi

    I have now lost all confidence in the current US administration. Once a staunch Obama supporter,I must now realize he is selling Israel out to a group of murderers. Shame on the president and Senator Kerry. Jewish blood will be on your hands as will,eventually the blood of innocent americans as these subhuman animals become further emboldened by this astonishing release of convicted murderers. What kind of world are we living in? Jewish blood is no longer cheap and a dire price will be paid for these despicable actions. i am also shocked that Bibi has given in to this pressure.Shameful!!!

  • Bernard Ross

    the americans are double dealing snakes. BB should come clean to israel about the US. Perhaps Israel would be better without these relationships. Better to let the people decide. If there is any possibility of leaving the US/EU axis and refocusing trade and defense alliances with Asia and Russia I think it would be best in the long rung.

    • Plain Talk

      Bernard, please help me out with this ….. What amount exactly does Israel receive from this double dealing snake yearly in financial aid??
      You are really something else, eh?

      • tom

        about the same as egypt, in fact, except that in israel’s case it represents a small portion of the state budget, which israel could easily forgo.

        funnily enough, it is egypt that cannot do without american aid, but you don’t see them sucking up to obama, do you?

        american aid isn’t charity, but a direct subsidy to AMERICAN manufacturers and workers. and it keeps israeli competitors (who can make products a lot cheaper than americans) off the market. israel already manufactures missiles, avionics, tanks and drones for export, when the americans let them.

        israel can and should refuse american aid.

  • Dafna Yee

    By continually sticking to the absurd conviction that Abbas, who remains the terrorist he has always been, is a “peace partner,” as well as pushing for the oxymoronic “two-state solution” which emphasizes the supposed inevitability of an independent Palestinian state, Netanyahu
    has put Israel in the position that she has to do ANYTHING to further the nonexistent “peace process!” This includes the obscene event of releasing terrorists from prison as a “good-will gesture” so that Israel can have “peace talks.” No matter what the Americans threatened, Netanyahu should have finally stood his ground and not crossed that red line!

    Since Netanyahu has also perpetuated the fiction that Israel is “occupying Palestinian lands,” the only bargaining chip that he has left is to give away more of Israel’s land supposedly in exchange for peace. Just like he accepted the “two-state solution,” he has also accepted that “land for peace” is an acceptable bargain even after the disaster of the destruction of Gush Katif and the creation of the terror state of Hamas-controlled Gaza. This was done with American “guarantees” which turned out to be as worthless as Palestinian signatures on the bedamned Oslo Accords.

    What Israel needs desperately is a strong leader like Shamir or Ben Gurion; unfortunately we are stuck with Netanyahu who does not have the spine to say no to Americans or the ability to see that the PA/PLO is NOT more “moderate” than Hamas and they want the exact same thing — Israel’s destruction! America is NOT Israel’s friend and can NOT be relied upon to “guarantee” Israel’s security! We need a miracle!

    • Sonia Willats

      Bibi is not spineless. He was ridiculed and battered and humiliated by the international press and Obama and finally capitulated. He needs to see he has made a terrible mistake by listening to the flattery (of acceptance by Obama) that followed the humiliation and battering.
      What will result by next year is the demand that Israel abandon East Jerusalem, as well as Judea and Samaria. Israel will not. The EU and America and the nations of the world will insist…

      I believe we read in the bible what happens next.

      • Plain Talk

        Perhaps, if you would stop reading the bible and they would stop reading the Koran, there might one day be peace?


        • tom

          the bible doesn’t command us to conquer the world and convert it by force. it doesn’t describe the non-judeo-christian part as the “land of the sword”, or describe non-believers as the sons of pigs and monkeys. nor does it command people to emulate a pedophile, polygamist and ruthless murderer.

          so i can make you a suggestion where to start…

        • Jacobite

          Got to love this idealism, dream on and on and on, there is only one book that explains why and has the answers and solutions to all our problems,.
          Israel gathered back into the land that the world is trying to divide, Egypt at war against itself, Syria Damascus to become a ruinous heap, The old king of the north Syria transitioning to the new Russia, which is at odds with the King of the South Britain & America. The rise of catholic Europe.
          Their is no doubt the Bible is deadly accurate, but if you don’t bother to read it, how can you be critical of it, at the end of the day it will not matter what you think or believe because you are being swept with the tide of change coming upon the earth’s people.
          Christ came with a message of Hope and good will, at least take the time to research exactly what that means in total, when you have done that then you will see who really is in control, peace is a lovely feel good imaginary place right now, real and lasting peace will only come about by one means, that the basis of the Good news preached.

  • carpe diem 36

    this administration is doing things that even they may not be able to explain. on the one hand they send drones to Yemen to kill terrorists, known only to the Regime of Obama. and on the other hand they force israel to release known terrorists with much Jewish blood on their hands. those terrorists are coming home to cheering crowds , and surely they will return to israel to kill and main and terrorize israelis over again. i believe, as does the WSJ, that this is no way to start “peace” talks. these are not going to lead to anything close to peace, but the only reason Israel is giving in is that Mr. Kerry wants to have a feather in his cap. that feather will not represent anything real, there will never be peace with the kind of people the palestinians are, with their only motive is to destroy israel with the help of the obama administration. what a sham and what a shame.

  • ed

    Any Jew that is not for Jerusalem for the captial of the Jews and the Temple are simply Bastard jews!!!!

  • Jonathan Marchant

    Ever since I found out that John Kerry and I share the same birth-date I’ve been working on a time machine.

  • Ep

    We have lost our dignity.. Psycology 101 it is better to play insulted…” how dare you ask us to release murderers ” and walk away.. These insults used so well by the palastenians must be turned against them.. In time it will trickle that israel gets insulted by useless demands that have no bearing on the peace talks..

    • tom

      the arabs grew up in the bartering of the bazaar – they are masters of selling foolish westerners the same flea-infested carpet, over and over again, at ridiculous prices.

      “falestin”, which they swear on their mother’s graves was their ancestral homeland, never existed, 78% of “palestine” was stolen in 1923 to create jordan (as the “arab homeland in palestine”), “refugees from palestine” only had to prove residency since 1946, and now they keep breaking off negotiations, so as to demand ever-greater concessions for just sitting down at the table.

      all this we know – but why has america gone from playing honest broker to shamelessly advocating for their fantasies?

    • Jacobite

      I have to believe that somewhere in the twisted reasoning of America that they are trying to reach some kind of peace deal for the long term good, but it’s methods are rear.
      From my view of the Status Quo that confronts us today for what it’s worth, If Israel is going to turn to any outside power for thief very survival then they should look only the God of Abraham, he is the only one Israel can fully trust.