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August 16, 2013 9:52 am

Putin Knows No Shame or Decency

avatar by David Meyers

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Russian President Vladimir Putin (left) and former Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Photo: Wiki Commons.

Vladimir Putin, looking to stick it to President Obama, has extended  a friendly hand to the Egyptian military. The gesture is supposed to be a provocation. But since Egypt’s military has only killed a few hundred people (as opposed to the 100,000 killed in Syria), Putin’s move doesn’t seem that bad.

Putin has rarely met a dictator, murderer, or criminal he didn’t like (except for the political dissidents he’s jailed on trumped up charges).

Putin’s message is clear: if the international community tries to hold him accountable for his despotism and human rights abuses, he’s going to behave even more aggressively. Good. Let him.

For years, Western leaders have avoided confronting Mr. Putin out of fear that he would lash out on the world stage. What has this strategy achieved? Putin has helped Assad murder 100,000 people in Syria, provided cover for Iran as it rapidly develops a nuclear weapon, supported dictators and thugs in every corner of the world, strengthened his alliance with China, and imprisoned political activists and homosexuals in Russia.

Compared to all of these outrages, Putin’s attempt to influence the Egyptian Army doesn’t seem that drastic. If the Egyptian Army does try to seize control of the country, the U.S. might be forced to cut or drastically reduce ties anyway. And if a civilian government returns to power, America will be able to make a strong case for that government’s allegiance.

And America’s best leverage doesn’t come through our ties to Egypt’s military, but rather through our ties to Arab countries like Saudi Arabia and the UAE, who provide significant financial support to Egypt.

Putin’s effort to influence Egyptian generals is not “punishing” America. It’s just another way that Putin is showing us who he truly is. And, in all likelihood, he probably would have made this move regardless of U.S.-Russian relations.

Putin’s allies in Iran just made a similarly provocative move by seizing an oil tanker bound for India in order to punish New Delhi for cutting back on Iranian oil. Putin and his friends in Iran are bullies and thugs. The only way to stop bullies is to stand up and fight back.

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  • child

    all are blind will the blind lead the blind in death and drank blood of the children of this life yea all are under the spell of blindness and all will be destroyed is the final outcome due to foolishness and deception Power Greed.

  • anders svenson

    So many lies in one article! First of, Assad has not killed 100 000 people, this number is of all the dead since the conflict started. But all this killing could have been stopped a long time ago, if Qatar and Saudi with the backing of west didn´t send Money and weapons to the terrorist who are from all around the World except Syria. Meaning that they are islamist being paid to destroy Syria! If you guys dont know this basic facts then you should start Reading. If you know, then stopp lying to your own people in order to prepare them for a war that the elitist wants! We who uses the internet to get us informaton about everythinh knows that Putin is a much better man than Obama, who respects international law and also respects the law of a countrys sovereignty. Russia has not started any wars the last years while the Us has started more wars than any other country. Even Iran who we call extremists has not started any wars for a very very long time. And u want us to Believe this crap you are Writing here? We are not stupid and will not be lied upon anymore from our leaders and media!

  • Your Mom

    Putin is the man!!! Obama is the dictator and murderer. I would trade Obama for Putin in a heartbeat. America has become the baby killers of the world just to get the oil and a dream of a one world government. At least Putin is protecting his country and countrymen from the world banks that rule America politicians.

  • Vitor Leur

    I am confused. I thought it was the US who still sends billions of dollars to Egyptian generals.

  • Robert Ray

    Iran having a nuclear weapon is simply an insane excuse to do harm to Iran! Who cares if Iran has or has not a nuclear weapon? What difference does it make china and Russia do have nuclear weapons and love Iran! You mess with Iran u mess with china and Russia. The problem with Iran is they confiscate our CIA herione roughly $12,000,000 a day. Iran is in the drug trafficking lane. Putins anti gay law is simply anti propaganda u can’t advertise it in Russia. Putins anti adoption wow wished Americans cared as much about American children. You do know about organ trafficking. Westerners buying children’s organs. You need an organ adopt a child for $60,000. Shameless??? Obama’a 5,000 kills with drones not shameless? Need to learn al Qaeda works for CIA. Tell me how a man listed as CIA asset living 20 years on Langley Virginia flew to Libya and becomes president in one day??? Calling putin shameless is a pot calling a kettle black.

  • Elliot J. Stamler

    What a misguided article. Of course Putin is bad. But his objective vis-a-vis Egypt is to see if he can restore the predominating Russian influence in Egypt that existed before Sadat threw them all out turned toward the west. Our policy toward Egypt should be silent support for the Army–there is no compromising with the Jew-hating and Christian-hating Moslem Brotherhood which is strongly supported by Iran and will if returned to power, inevitably destroy the Egyptian-Israeli Treaty. Rarely have I read anything has inside-out and upside-down as David Meyers’s article-this gentleman has the analytical ability of a Sarah Palin.

  • gord

    putin seems to be the new stalin. the world is quickly becoming scarier.