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August 22, 2013 11:30 am

Syrian Rebel Leader Appeals to Israel, US for Help Fighting Assad Regime Following Chemical Attack

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Free Syrian Army rebels cleaning their AK47s in Aleppo, Syria. Photo: VOA News/Wikimedia Commons.

A Syrian rebel leader on Wednesday said his group was desperate for outside intervention by Israel and the US to stop the regime of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, after 1,300 dead bodies were discovered without wounds, according to reports, signifying a chemical attack, which would be the largest such attack since the Syrian civil war began two and a half years ago, Israel’s Ma’ariv daily reported, in an interview with the chairman of the Association of Rebels in Syria, known only by his nom de guerre, Abu Adnan,

“I appeal to Israel and the U.S. – help us stop the crimes and massacres of the Assad operation,” Abu Adnan said in an emotional telephone interview with the newspaper from a refugee camp on the Turkish border.

“We trust [Israel] and the United States know exactly what creative ways can help us overcome Assad,” Abu Adnan said. “We believe they know the weak points of the regime and we look forward to qualitative shelling from Israel, just as it did to Assad’s arms caches at Bksion and Latakia. Any delay on the part of Israel and the United States will only strengthen the radical Islamic forces.”

Conflicting reports in July claimed that Israel targeted Russian-made anti-ship cruise missiles at a depot hidden in Latakia, though Israel has refused to comment on the allegations.

“Iran is helping [Assad] now make these chemical attacks, and Hezbollah is helping him,” Abu Adnan said. “Look the Syrian people in the eye. We just seek freedom, like all people in the world. Turn to peace, and this historic opportunity to achieve peace.”

“The regime began the attack on populated areas at three in the morning.  It shelled about twenty missiles carrying chemical warheads […] Most children were killed in their sleep.” said Abu Adnan. “All this, just when UN inspectors, who came to see if Assad and his people are using chemical weapons, are in the country,” he added.

Ma’ariv cited rebel spokesman, Louis Miqdad,  as saying that the attack took place in ten different locations on the outskirts of Damascus. In contrast, the Assad regime has denied the charges outright, broadcasting on Syrian television: “There are no reports or photographs circulated in the media with any basis in truth.”

Abu Adnan said Syrians have no means of protection from chemical attacks and no awareness of ways to defend themselves against such attacks. “In addition, there’s the drugs and equipment needed to treat victims of an attack,” he added. “We need help at all levels – food, medical supplies and quarters for refugees. [The world] needs to understand that the amount of refugees in Syria is double the amount of refugees fleeing the country.”

Ma’ariv also cited Mendi Safadi, who once served as chief of staff for Israeli Druze politician Ayoob Kara, and now acts as an intermediary between the rebel forces and diplomatic officials in Israel, explaining that in Syria there are about 500 streams of internal opposition to the official Assad regime. The Association of Rebels in Syria got together only a few months ago in an attempt to bridge the gaps between them, and to unite them in an effort to end the civil war.

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  • Ethiopia

    Aren’t the rebels alameda affiliated or in line with the extremist school of thought? Assad is no angel but Atleast he will let you be as long as you don’t threaten his power.How are this “freedom fighters ” going to treat non Muslims and secular Muslims once they hold power? We are indeed living in strange times .Alqaeda asking America and Israel for assistance.

  • AzizaQ

    If the article is correct and the Syrian rebels asked the U.S. and Israel to assist them, then, I am sad to say that, as an American Muslim, I wish not to support the Syrian rebels with even one dime of my tax money. Firstly, if Assad has chemical weapons, then the rebels knew of them before all this warring began. But they had distrust for the U.S., and they had no plan for what to do after they win. So the result would be another Libya or Egypt. Secondly, I know a lot of Syrians, and most of them falsely believe that Zionist Jews control the U.S., and that the U.S. and Israel want to take over their useless country. In effect, a plea for help to the U.S. AND Israel is their indirect way of saying that the U.S. and Israel support Assad. So for my country, there is no political gain or security gain or humanitarian gain to be had from helping the rebels.

  • Jerry G

    The chemical attack might have been a false flag event done by the rebels in order to gain support. Lives mean nothing to Muslim militants. Even the lives of their own supporters. The religion of peace is a religion of death.Don’t meddle with Muslims killing one another.

  • zulu99

    SCREW them and screw syria.

    Israel would do the stupidest mistake if they decide to help them.
    Chemicals were used by “rebels”.
    Syrian gov. wouldn’t take chance to do that when the UN observers are there.

    EGYPT is MUCH more important than syrian crap.
    Let USA do what they want to do, if they know…what and how and when…

  • The Prophet

    Could be a plant. Asad/Hezbollah/Iran are reeling from the adverse impact of the media coverage of the mass gassings in Syria. They figure the best way to discredit the anti-regime forces is to identify them with Israel and the US. The same kind of logic that spawned the fabricated Protocols of the Elders of Zion.

  • Jenny P

    The amazing thing is that Israel probably will help them, because it is the Jewish thing to do. I can’t help but be leery myself. There is so much hatred against Israel. I know that Israel will do whatever it take to protect innocent civilians and prevent as many casualties as possible. I do wonder if there is an ulterior motive on the part of Syria, with the Days of Awe coming up.

  • Joy

    I read not that long ago that Israel was, indeed, offering medical aid to some severely wounded Syrians – but at hospitals in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, and only a few dozen had been so treated. Obviously, negotiations are difficult and passage across the Syrian/Israeli border isn’t a piece of cake. But Israel knows the nature of the leading rebel groups in Syria – and, for the most part, they’re all islamists and life-long foes of Israel.

  • Sandy Brown

    Let them eat cake. They can fight their own wars. Why would Israel wish to be dragged into that. They hate Israel.

  • aall55

    I would not trust that request for a minute . Is it a trick to get Israel dragged in their mess ? Since when are they friends of Israel ???

    • NY Jew

      Since when did the opportunity present itself???

  • William Grubbs

    No independent/direct evidence attack took place. Videos posted to internet done by amateurs. Somethings wrapped supposed to be corpses but people not wearing protective gear. Supposedly makeshift morgue of chemical contaminated bodies but no one wearing protective gear. Timing when UN team is inspecting with Assad’s permission. Opposition are being defeated so they fabricate so they can get help where ever they can. OBTW rebels now in Golan Heights. Rebels not friends of Israel.

  • Le Figaro was talking about this earlier today?

  • Seth Lefkow

    Is he #$%&# kidding? …..creative ways? …..qualitative shelling? Are these the same Syrians who at one time wanted to “drive the Jews into the sea”? Are these the same Syrians who lobbed shells into Israel from the Golan Heights?

    • NY Jew

      Oh, I forgot every american is the same too… Just like Syrians…. Why is every other country the same person to us but when we look at ourselves there are African Americans, Caucasian Americans, Hispanic Americans, Semetic Americans, etc….? Think!!!!

  • ed

    why didn,t they call turkey to help

    • NY Jew

      Self serving equals B.S.!

  • ed

    there jihadist why would israel want to help them Israel would have to be stupid

    • NY Jew

      Really? All or nothing right?

  • Yoel Nitzarim

    Who can the United States and Israel believe? If the Assad regime really murdered 1300 citizens, it would be a horrific tragedy. The use of either chemical or biological weapons must be stopped. President Obama will probably continue to monitor the situation, sit on his hands, shake his head, and do absolutely nothing for fear of being politically incorrect and Islamophobic. Israel, on the other hand, will have to defend her citizens against any and every threat of either chemical or biological warfare. I do not have any doubt that Prime Minister Netanyahu and IDF Chief of Staff Benny Gantz will do what is necessary to thwart such an attack on Israeli citizens. The predicament is very grave at this moment; accordingly, Israel will not and must not falter in her resolve to protect her people.

  • this is not the first time that the Assad regime has used nerve chemical warfare ! we are talking of so called military leader’s who know what these nerve agent’s will do ! even as a last resort it should not be used ! yet London . Washington . did nothing but talk ! now this evil government has used it again ! still London does not want to be involved ! nor Washington ! what on earth are these massive nuclear military power’s doing to help stop these attack’s ! nothing ! NATO what are they doing ! nothing -oh accept test soil !! please don’t treat us as idiot’s ! we look to super power’s to do something –anything !! we went into IRAQ –Afghanistan –so what the hell are we doing watching a nation in 2013 –killing its people !!! I feel so angry that my government in London is doing nothing !! not real men leading !! anymore !

  • Dafna Yee

    I think Israel should stay out of Syria as much as it can.

    • NY Jew

      and that makes us what after WW2?

  • rashid Zaidi

    Good time to befriend and old enemy, Israel has an opportunity to mend fences. Perhaps the other Arab nations will see this as a good gesture. Syria will come out Iran’s orbit that is nothing but good news for the Sunni Arabs and Israel.

    • NY Jew

      Lesser evil is better than complete evil.

  • EthanP

    And of course ‘none’ of the rebels would shoot at the Israeli’s. Israel won’t get involved. And the Syrian rebels are out of luck. Without oil interests, andwith Russian saber ratteling, The jellyfish in the White House won’t raise a finger. Not if gas kills 10,000!

    • NY Jew

      Closest comment to the truth… Egypt pipeline is back online…

  • Gee

    They announce how much they hate Israel and the US and then beg for aid.

    So if they win they can then use that same aid to attack us? Let them fight their own battles and leave the rest of us alone

    • NY Jew